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  1. Thanks! The chassis is from the MPC Rat Trap Vega
  2. This one has been on the shelf for several years,. I started considering a build out on the Shelby Cobra 427 S?C chassis, but that didn't pan out. Since I had it on the bench i decided to proceed out of the box. I've done a few mods .. the fram was lowered 2mm, and the body has been lowered on the frame by 4mm. That required removing 4mm from the interior tub height. All parts being used are straight from the kit except maybe the tires?
  3. Very nice! I am considering a 32 ford 3 window coupe hot rod mounted on the Monogram cobra 427 chassis
  4. Thanks for you compliments! Both are street bodies grafted onto nascar chassis.
  5. rmurry ... post some pics. I would like to see what you've done.
  6. Thanks! I used a Tamiya black line accent color wash on them to darken the chrome and fill the lines in the spokes.
  7. Thanks for all of your kind comments. This one was a fun build. The fit and finish was good on the kit. It is box stock other that being lowered a bit, some mid engine mods (carburetor, air cleaner and valve covers), and wheels/tires/brake rotors and calipers that think came from a Revell 67 Chevelle Street Burner kit.
  8. Thanks Geno. The wheels and tires are from the Revell 67 Chevelle Street Burner kit.
  9. This one is getting close. Still have chrome trim to add and a bit of work on the engine bay.
  10. color added - Titanium Silver/White. Went more toward Bel Air scheme rather than the Del Ray
  11. The further I go with this one, the more pleased I am with the overall quality and fit of the kit.
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