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  1. Work in progress .... I've made 3 different firewalls so far. As I continue to build this out, I find myself changing things as I go. I've done and redone so much ... but enjoyed the creativity of it all. Its linke being in the shop in the winter trying to build the best car you can for the upcoming season. Grass roots racing in 1/25-1/24 scale ?
  2. I know a couple of you are following this and are possibly working on the same kit, so I wanted to update you on my latest work. I have to admit that i am pretty much making it up as I go on this one. I did a rework of the front end, bars, firewall and radiator mount. I'm adding a radiator from an old ASA Camaro kit. as I was looking over the body, I noticed the rear molding to simulate wire mesh above the bumper. I'm going to cut that section out and install real metal mesh. Once I decided to do that I realized that that there would be visibility into the rear area under the trunk, so I decided to put a fuel cell (from the ASA Camaro kit) back there. I'll have images soon to show all of the modifications I've made. Somehow this has transformed from a weekend project into a fairly major scratch build of the chassis and suspension. Thanks for following and feedback!
  3. I've replaced the firewall and front bars, and am adding some detail to the suspension
  4. Im going to leave as is. I don't want to invest the time it would take to fabricate fender parts to close them up Our dirt track cars were always cut out like that anyway; our thought was that the larger the opening lessensthe chance to get sheet metal pushed into a tire while bumping and banging with your buddies ;-).
  5. Yes, the rear wheel well openings are to large, but they came that way in the kit.
  6. Thanks Mike. I think I'll do the same as you to the front bars and firewall. I'm still trying to figure out how to add springs and shocks to the rear.
  7. I picked this one up over the weekend. I have been going to local short tracks since I was a kid in the early 60's. I grew up watching the "Alabama Gang( the Allisons, Bonnett, Red Farmer)" race at dirt and asphalt tracks all over north Alabama. My dad was an engine builder, and was a flagman at a few tracks. I've done some dirt track racing as a driver and crew guy in a previous life, so I thought this would be a fun project. The kit is done pretty well, but there is not a lot of detail under the skin. The roll cage is ok, but the suspension is really lacking in any kind of detail. Soon as I opened the box I knew there would be a problem with the ride height and "massive" drag slicks. I went right to work to get the ride height like the local sportsman cars from the 60's and 70's I am familiar with. It has metal axles, so i used part of the original hubs and after trimming them down I glued them to hubs from an amt nascar kit. I abandoned the rear leaf springs and adapted trailing arms from my parts bin.
  8. Wrapping up final details. This was a fun kit to build. Overall quality and fit is good.
  9. adding some details including Barber Motorsports Museum personalized plate
  10. Testors flat red enamel. after it dried i polished it with a soft cloth to add a slight sheen to it
  11. You were right about the front wheel spacing. I cut the backs off and crafted spacers to get the track corrected. I also lowered the front by 1/16" by relocating the spindles.
  12. It is not our car, but looks exactly the same.
  13. Stared a new project tonight. This was our family car when I was a teenager in the late 60's. Ours was black, with a 390 4 speed. I actually got to take this hot rod out occasionally.
  14. Almost complete. Waiting on photo etched parts and some minor trim work. This one is mostly out of the box, but I did lower teh stance and opened the wheel wells a bit.
  15. finally got some paint on it
  16. Snake that was a very impressive write up on this kit, and what needs to be done to recreate the original. If i can get it close, and create my vision of what I thought it should be when i bought the kit, that's good enough for me. All of my kits go into cases to be stored in a closet in my office/guest bedroom, so i don't have to have "contest or museum quality and accuracy" to get joy form the hobby.
  17. any feedback is welcomed, Interested to hear your tips!
  18. I liked the 67 wheels better. Historical accuracy generally not a big deal on most of my builds, especially on a kit that was poorly represented to begin with.
  19. I've been working on this one for about a week. I've reworked ride height, removed body trim, narrowed front fenders at grille, replaced wheels with similar set from a 67 Chevelle kit. I almost abandoned the kit, but decided to finish it. Still much to be done to
  20. Working out the front snout
  21. I’ll try to post progress reports. So far ive made the following mods ... shortened the chassis 1/8 “ on both ends reworked front bumper mount lowered roll cage by 1/8” or so flattened the body sides trimmed approx 1/8” off lower body Cut top off radiator and lowered hood pins
  22. Stared this one this weekend, not sure how it will turn out yet.
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