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  1. DRH_97

    Buick GSX

    And thanks a bunch for all the nice feedback!
  2. DRH_97

    Buick GSX

    Regarding the wheels, I found them in one of my parts bins, they were chrome and I and brush painted them with testors flat steel. No idea what kit they came with.
  3. DRH_97

    Buick GSX

    It didnt turn out as well as i had hoped, but it is still one of my all-time favorite muscle cars !
  4. This project started out as an MPC Rat Trap Vega, and somehow morphed into a modified similar to what might have raced at Bowman Gray Stadium. The body was constructed from .030 and .40 sheet styrene. I reworked the front clip, added a different radiator and shocks. Construction images have been posted to the Workbench forum.
  5. All of the colors on the body were airbrushed, from white through the shades of grey to black, and orange. Finished up with a top coat of gloss.
  6. It’s been several years since I built the Lumina but yes, I believe you are correct.
  7. Bill Elliott, Neil Bonnett, Jimmy Means
  8. Thanks for the tip Randy! Your feedback has been very informative. Now I'm looking forward to building one from the ASA kits. I'm pretty pleased with the way my "prototype" ha come together. Even though this one has been a bit rough around the edges, it sure has been fun to build. I've really enjoyed the creativity.
  9. Getting closer. Thanks to everyone for your feedback. I've replace the tires with a set of Goodyear's from one of my defunct NASCAR kits.
  10. Thanks for the positive feedback! I was inspired to try this after watching the Race Night at Bowman Gray series on the Discovery Channel. Frankly I've been more or less making up as i go. I've learned from some mistakes. I think Im going to try to do one using one of the ASA chassis next, and I want to build the Ridge Runner Pinto at some point.
  11. starting to add some color... now time to start the details
  12. Here's what I am attempting using the Rat Trap Vega kit ...
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