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  1. 3rd body prototype ... time for cleanup and base coat paint
  2. Rat Trap is morphing into an updated modified...
  3. I always enjoy seeing what people build from their own imagination. Model cars are in so many ways an expression of creativity. I appreciate those who choose to not be bound be some arbitrary set of "rules". Nice work! Having said that I also have a keen respect for the recreation of historic race cars of significance, and have done several over the years.
  4. yep, thanks for the tip. These were just quick shots with an iphone. I'll be working on them in Photoshop later ;-)
  5. Yes it is the 1/20 Tamiya kit
  6. A kit I built back in the late 70's or early 80's ... complete tear down, repaint/restoration using fresh DecalPool decal set. Markings not an exact reproduction of the car James Hunt drove, but close enough to capture the essence of the famous M23.
  7. Thanks for the comments. The screen was cut from a kitchen strainer.
  8. I’m obviously a newb who is clueless.
  9. 67 Chevelle on a late 80’s NASCAR chassis
  10. New to the forum, just started building again after a 30 year break. Have a closet shelf full of older kits from the 80's & 90's that I'm working through. My interest is mostly cool cars,ca, muscle cars, sports cars and race cars of significance.
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