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  1. chris coffey added a post in a topic John Lucas   

    John Lucas, or John Loukas, the vintage drag racer??The John Loukas i know of is in Illinois, used to run a red and silver A/gas fuel dragster
  2. chris coffey added a post in a topic Opening Models   

    i have heard the old saying " alcohol is fer drinkin, gas is fer warshin' parts, and nitro is fer racin".... i say do whatcha want!!! i have 2 reletively ( well 1 now) rare kits that i paid top coin for, and promptly opened them. I thought the seller was gunna ###### his skivvies!! One is the old AMT 1962 Mercury Meteor custom series, and the other was the origional MPC L.A. Dart. I plan to build the Mercury sometime before i die, and right now, i really don't have immediate plans for the L.A. dart.
  3. chris coffey added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Auto Boat Speed Show Model Car Expo 2008
    Our model car contest is in conjunction with the ledgendary Spokane Auto Boat Speed Show, an ISCA show car stop, March 28-30, 2008 at the Spokane Fair & Expo center (formally the interstate fairgrounds. Entries will be accepted until Saturday, March 29th at noon. Awards presentation will be at 2:30. All Classes, including kids and Juniors. We are working on a special award pick for the shows special guest Jimmy Shine. We will also be hosting a "Make & Take" for the kids on saturday and sunday at 12:00!! Please, no mail in entries!! Please contact Chris Coffey @ 509-292-9695, or contact me at- thecoffeygang@netzero.net
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  4. chris coffey added a post in a topic Model King Challenger F/c   

    i just took a gander at mine too, and didn't find any issues. Maybe a bad batch?? might see if Model King Dave is aware of this, and maybe see about getting a replacement body??
  5. chris coffey added a post in a topic W.i.p. 40 Ford Pro-streeter   

    I wanted to get this model done in a hurry before i lost interest,(which is frequent for me!!)hence the lack of plumbing and wiring. I really wanted to do all that, but it would have added another MONTH to the build. Sometimes, simpler is better for me. I did however, have to shoehorn that Hemi in there!!! Thanks for the compliments!!!!
  6. chris coffey added a post in a topic W.i.p. 40 Ford Pro-streeter   

    Raul- the chassis is the perverbial "weak link" with this car, and on that note, most all my models. It is all flat black. Frame, front & rear ends, suspension. Besides, i still need to complete the exaust, not much to see under this toilet!!!
  7. chris coffey added a post in a topic Hasegawa '58 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa!!!!!   

    Beings a "closet" Ferrari fanatic, this will be a MUST for my collection!!!! My son and I built the diecast Bburago kit, and it is a bit "clunky". Can't wait!!!! thanks much for the heads up!!!!
  8. chris coffey added a post in a topic Amt 1958 Impala Vs Revell 1958 Impala   

    I haven't had the oppertunity to purchase one of the Revell '58's, and from what i heard from my buddy, might be a long shot if i do. As many contankerous kits that AMT ever made, i still to this day, really enjoy building the AMT '58. With a tiny bit of finesse, the AMT '58 builds into a really sweet car, IMHO.
  9. chris coffey added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Nova SS   

    i would be lying if i didn't say i am as giddy as a school girl about the Nova!! i have fond but sad memories of my brother's 69 SS396 he had. It was Steel Cities grey, had Crager 5 hole slots. He grenaded the 396 in it, so he and my dad threw a 350 in it. 7 months later, he fell asleep comming home from work and rolled it 2 times over an embankment. My dad nearly knocked his teeth down his throat!!! he parted it out and had a sledgehammer party for the remaining hulk. As for a Ventura or an Apollo.... strange versions, but i'd buy one of each!!!
  10. chris coffey added a post in a topic Trumpeter 1/12 scale Ford GT40   

    the way i look at it is kinda a 50-50. I don't really do much with anything but 1/24-25, but if this kit really turns out to be a knock out, i just might shell out the coin. I did build the '60 Bonneville, and it really was not as bad as some say it is. I do have one of the Nova SS, and have heard equal reviews on that. I got turned off of Trumpeter with the 78 M/C. (no offense to those who like this car) The breaking point of this model to me and alot of other builders is going to be how accurate it is going to be. My best friend has a 1:1 Superformance Cobra Daytona Coupe, and he also has a couple Gunze-Sanyo C.D.C. kits, and he also has one of the model Factory-Hiro Coupes, and both of them are terribly innacurate. I have also poured over Superformance's GT-40 they produced, so i can go into this upcoming kit with some knowledge of accuracy. The one thing i did see with the Trumpeter kits that scared away alot of buyers is the price. $30-$35 bucks for the Bonny, Nova, & MC, i almost am shaky about what the price may be on this GT-40. Like i say, it will depend on the accuracy, and from what i am reading, it may not be worth the funds..
  11. chris coffey added a post in a topic W.i.p. 40 Ford Pro-streeter   

    aaawww jeez... must be the 2' of snow we just got hit with.. got me all delerious!! here they are!!!

  12. chris coffey added a post in a topic Arnie Bestwick's 69 Gt Funny Car   

    If you really was feeling "frisky", you could pick up or use one of the MK "2 much" twin engine FED, scrap the twin V-8's, and slam that Allison in it!!!! SCHA-WING!!!
  13. chris coffey added a post in a topic Het Sean!!! Any "tidbits" On '08 Drag Kit Releases??   

    speaking of the 220" cars. aren't those 1320 die cast kits that are out currently 220" cars?? I gotta side with Mr. Pentcost, BRING EM ON!!!!!!!
  14. chris coffey added a topic in On The Workbench   

    W.i.p. 40 Ford Pro-streeter
    this is the revell 40 ford standard coupe on the 41 willys pro-street chassis. i had to stretch the front end, and the front spindles have been scratch built. I also dropped the rear end. The motor is the Willys hemi, with the injector set up from the monogram sprint car kit. The color is a HOK platnum pearl base, with Razberry pearl bieng shot over that. I was trying to make this a quick build, but it got stretched out to a little over a month!!
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  15. chris coffey added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Ok, Found Problems, Here Are Pictures!!!
    ok, here we go, had picture issues.
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