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  1. Thank you, RamFins59, Tom Geiger, MrObsessive, Lovefordgalaxie, and Ich_Will. Sadly the availability of kits and materials used for this hobby are far and inbetween. There's only one hobby shop and that too is good 7-8 hours away from where I live. Despite that we have a few modelers arround. People mostly are into planes but there are a few of us who are into car kits. I mostly rely on international buyers, either through Facebook pages or eBay, provided people do want to ship abroad. Occasionally I've been lucky to score a good stash off people locally who had either lost interest in the hobby or life got too busy for them (last stash was of 18 kits off someone who was hoarder and didn't have time to give the hobby). Materials wise also we either make do with what we can find or find alternates to what's available to you guys. My new best buddies are the local car body works specialists from whom I get my primers and paints etc. There are some guys who are good with whipping up paints etc so we help each other out. Because of the lack of availability of materials and kits, the hobby is obviously not as flourishing as internationally. People are more into RC kits nowadays for reasons beyond my understanding 😏
  2. Thanks GeeBee. Can only learn from the best
  3. Hello everyone. I'm Noman and I live in Peshawar, Pakistan. I've been building kits since 1987 but initially only planes. Got busy with life in the middle somewhere and now restarted building. I enjoy building pretty much everything I can get my hands on and have recently started building more and more car kits. So far I've loved every bit of it and amassed a good collection of kits too. Hope to see everyone's work and learn from all of you. Peace and Love.
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