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  1. Finally completed. This model theme is 80' movie car. St. Regis is not used in LAPD. but My image is the black and white St. Regis in the movie.
  2. It is a material like ABS. Processing is difficult. Body painting is complete.
  3. Yes.it was shapeways. But this body needs some modification. I'm making interior now.
  4. Thanks for coment! The story of St. Regis at CHP is famous. I learned this car in 80s american movie. And i like police cars of the 70's and 80's and have been making them since ancient times.
  5. thank you. I'm making little by little. Next step making dash.
  6. Thanks all. It was 3D printer.(body only) but as it is bad shape as it is, I modified some places. roof.pillar.hood.and more.
  7. Hello.my next project 79〜81 dodge st regis. I plan to finish it as a police car.
  8. thanks.Completion was very difficult.
  9. 4 door body made with putty and plaque. Window made incision and made arch
  10. Completion finally 1980 plymouth volare SFPD
  11. Next step black&white paint. Add overrider to front and rear bumper. I also hollowed out the headlight.
  12. I am looking forward to completing this❗️
  13. thank you for the advice. I will refer to you👍
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