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  1. 3011 and 3012 were both used in it i have read
  2. This Cobra Was One Out 2 Cobras Used In Elvis Presley's Spinout Awesome Job!
  3. awesome! the stance is just perfect! 👌
  4. This has to be my favorite general lee build it looks so good!
  5. thanks i have my dads johan 72 torino i need to find another for a parts car on that too that would be cool
  6. So for Christmas I thought What Would Be A Good Gift So I Decided To Restore One Of His Models So I Chose The Fairlane Because it was the kit easiest to find as a parts kit so first i started by taking it apart then wait for the parts kit which i needed a lot of parts from. so here it is finally complete i still have to clean some glue marks off but thats it.
  7. Now i have the chassis done and in paint the hardest part for me was making the red stripes which i was hoping too do, im glad its over now that was the scarest part of the build so far. The chassis phot will come soon
  8. thats awesome one of dream cars is a 74 dodge monaco there so hard to find though
  9. i saw the movie twice it has become one of my favorite movies my grandpa bought a GT-40 Replica like 2 years before i was born and my dad built a factory 5 cobra we still have both
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