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  1. i need some advice should i use the original chassis or use the new one from the new kit? I don't know how to get the pieces of shocks out
  2. don't give yourself trouble it looks great!
  3. thats awesome might have to get myself one.
  4. thats an awesome build bill love these still datsuns got a 78 280z myself
  5. i totally agree with you Steve
  6. if you wanted a more detailed 66 coupe use the GT-350 H chassis and maybe engine. otherwise can't wait to see it
  7. i also been working on the same kit i just need to strip the black because the stripes didn't turn out good and i want to paint it blue now anyway
  8. awesome gtx looks great
  9. i hope so people are gonna disagree with me,but i love galaxies and i know this is just the simple old promo kit but sometimes you need a quick build or a cool build that you use a diffrent kit for parts.
  10. awesome birds they look fantastic
  11. i love mustangs so i can't wait to see this!
  12. thank you i hope he will im not amazing at building models but im getting better
  13. looks awesome im starting to restore my dads that he built at my age
  14. Well i got the grille and bumpers off and now ive taken the engine apart now im gonna stripe the paint off.
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