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  1. Sten

    Mongoose 1/16 Scale

    few more update
  2. Thanks yes I'm on ebay , 1/16 and 1/25 if I could get them, I'll have to look haven't seen them yet
  3. Any other way I'm not on FB
  4. No sir ,it's the shooting stars sorry for the confusion, but thanks for the help
  5. Looking for a set of Mongoose Stars and Stripes decals, I'm new to this so if any one could help how all this works?
  6. I'm not on face book any other way to order these
  7. Great job, if I could ask about the decals, can a person still get these, big Mongoose fan
  8. Thanks, I'm going to try some out
  9. I'll get some pic's and post them on under the glass
  10. Sten

    Mongoose 1/16 Scale

    I know I need a better camera, working on that
  11. Starting some mod work on the body, getting a lot of help reading from this forum, if any one has some old pic's of the Mongoose would help
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