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  1. Sten

    Tamiya 1/12 Scale

    How about just the 1/12 Tamiya Mclarn 4/6 model kit without the super detail kits
  2. Looking to trade Petebilt 359 Wrecker 1/24 and Peterbilt 359 1/16 scale for Tamiya 1/12 Mclarn 4/6 Honda series 26 with Honda super detail up for Tamiya Senna Berger if any body is untested, let me know I'll send pics both kits are factory sealed
  3. Thanks Steve I'll get some more out there, I think I have a better camera
  4. Looking to trade some 1/24 1/25 scale for a Tamiya Texco Marlboro M23 1/12 formula one model kit or any of the 1/12 scale Formula, My first time trying this is some would like to walk me thru it
  5. Thanks for the nice comments I need to get a better camera
  6. Thanks yes I'm on ebay , 1/16 and 1/25 if I could get them, I'll have to look haven't seen them yet
  7. Any other way I'm not on FB
  8. No sir ,it's the shooting stars sorry for the confusion, but thanks for the help
  9. Looking for a set of Mongoose Stars and Stripes decals, I'm new to this so if any one could help how all this works?
  10. I'm not on face book any other way to order these
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