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  1. Funny I should find this thread, in those pictures of the car at MCACN, there's a model of the car sitting on the hood scoop. That's my model! I had built it to display alongside the car at the show, and I even got it signed by Shirley while she was there. I built mine off of a promo model, so the details are a little lacking. I'm very excited to see how yours comes out. If you're interested, I think I still have the files from printing the decals. I printed them on clear decal paper with a normal inkjet printer.
  2. That is a mighty fine promo, but its not a 70. That's a 68. Different hood, grille, and tail lights.
  3. That's nuts dude. I've seen them go at least double that on ebay consistently. Unbuilt ones with boxes sell way higher too.
  4. That looks fantastic! A 70 Javelin is basically my holy grail kit because I own a 1:1 one that's white with black stripes. I'm very curious how much you paid for the model you used. Whenever I see them they are certainly not going for cheap. I also LOVE the addition of the airfoil spoiler that they put on the Trans Am cars.
  5. @Classicgas I don't fully remember where the engine came from, but this kit was originally the Shirley Shahan AMX, so I do believe it had the proper engine, instead of the other 69 AMX Johan kit where they put a 67 AMC engine in it instead. I'll get some more pictures of the engine and underside when I get the chance to. @Snake45 The paint is actually from a spray can of Testors Metallic Green enamel. Its probably the nicest paint job I've ever done and I don't think I could do it again.
  6. I've been looking around here and I've been loving all the awesome models I've been seeing. I also don't see many AMC's other than the occasional gremlin. So I decided to share one of mine with you all. (I build a lot of AMC's....)
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