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  1. Great job! I believe this kit is becoming somewhat rare now. Absolutely amazing detail work.
  2. Nice! I use an Iphone as well. It takes surprisingly good close-ups.
  3. The slambo looks great! i enjoyed the zoomed in photos. Iphone? I find many modelers avoid the close-ups but i think they show confidence in once work and attention to detail.
  4. looks phenomenal! I love modern GT race cars as 1/24 models.
  5. Looks fantastic!! great work on the color finish. I like a little darker panel lines, but that is just personal preference.
  6. I like it, and I think my kids would love it! Very creative.
  7. Ahajmano

    Jaguar XJ 220

    Great color choice! So many vivid lines
  8. Thanks for the kind words everyone! If you have the kit, I would still recommend building it! The challenge is very rewarding! The fit is superb so when you do get all the paint right, it can all go together in a day or two. I would love to see others tackle the Takata and raybrig liveries as well! I am going to take a break for a while but I may do so in a few months.
  9. I’m finally done! This was the most difficult kit I have ever built. I purchased the Tamiya PE set along with the kit. Tons of amazing details, and the kit went together like a dream. The difficulty on the two-tone paint, decals and masking was something I struggled with for two months. I destroyed one body on account of a failed primer adhesion, and repainted countless times to get it right. Had to get a whole new kit to replace parts and decals that had failed along the way. My kids recently have becomes obsessed with the “slug bug” VW beetle, so that will be next hope you enjoy! Have not seen anyone else do this kit or it’s sisters on the forum.
  10. I feel you! I have been working on a bear as well. You will get on the other side of this! I finally got my clear coat on and looking at the other side of it. Here is my pain if you want to share paint-destruction experiences. Had to buy a whole additional kit just to make up for my mistakes.
  11. Ahajmano


    Looks really fantastic!
  12. Finally ready for clear coat. All the decals are on and completed all touch-ups.
  13. I’m getting the same error message. What does it mean? What is the maximum file size you can upload?
  14. I clearly have a bias, as I always buy the Tamiya kit when available. Since I find the good-removal process annoying (fingerprints), I’m pretty happy with just curbside kids for the most part. I build enough kits with a full engine detail to get my fill. The more I struggle with pour molds, the more my preference for quality increases. with that said, I feel the Original author is doing a great job.
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