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    Porsche GT1 EVO

    Thanks first one in 5 years just trying to get back into it.
  2. CAL

    Porsche GT1 EVO

    Thanks Yes there was all kinds of issues with this kit. The decals did not fit well and were very brittle and broke up a bit. One of the hardest build I did ever.
  3. I am building same kit and was on the down side and ran Into an bunch of fitment issues too
  4. +1 DREMEL polishing bits but they do polish up very nice.
  5. this is what that common install became but let me see what else i can find
  6. I can see what I can dig up and I am not sure I can find the specific Martini car the kit is supposed to represent. I am however pretty sure all the 935s had a flipped trans. I also believe in flipping the trans in a real 911 it can be done without extensive tunnel mods. It might not be worth doing on the kit but it would be kind of cool and unique because it would be different then all those other ones out there, not that you would see it really.
  7. Porsche cut out the floor and redid it with a bunch of dezus fastened sheets.
  8. I always liked this kit for some reason. I think I have 6 of them including a first run with gold cup. They did get pretty horrible towards the end when Seville was trying to revive them.
  9. Yeah he is an interesting dude for sure, Mr. Tamiya. The other interesting thing he said about the large Porsche models is they "didn't look right" at perfect scale and had to change them so it looked right built. So it is a case of out of scale in certain areas intentionally so it looked right.
  10. Somewhat off topic but a good read on drive these beasties http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a4576/porsche-934-vs-porsche-935-track-drive/
  11. Not sure how it was mounted but it's why the shift rod ended up above the tunnel. They did other creative stuff for the 935 like raise the floor all in an attempt to getting it as low as possible. The inverted trans is still a common practice to this day for low race 911s
  12. I guess the big question now is do you flip the transmission upside down like in the real car?
  13. I have a bunch of the Ferrari EM and a couple Lambo EM kits. The Dino... 243 parts... ??? I know right crazy
  14. We used to take care of a 962 which had the distinction of the last factory 962 before fabcar took over 962 production and a camel light Porsche, before unfortunately they were lost in a warehouse fire. Yeah I always had a soft spot for 917s and perhaps considered the most dominate sportscar ever produced 956/962 which had more than a decade of race victories.
  15. Oh I am not at all surprised at the money they are asking for ti axles with the crazy prices of all old air cooled Porsches. I have a couple old Ti valves and a bunch of Ti hardware from hear and there. Its cool stuff. Me and my brother had a 917 empty case at one time, and Porsche wanted $19000.00 for a crank. However you could still get one 30 years after it rolled out of the factory. I am just a Porsche guy. Worked on them for 30 years and have a 964 so I am always interested in the Porsche stuff that turns up.
  16. I would rather have a regular motor instead of the Carrera motor for it but. Still looks like a nice little kit.
  17. Likely delivered with one big rubber mat that covered both foot wells over the tunnel and half way up the fire wall. PITA to take in and out. What you have done looks like a reasonable representation of what it was. Fuel tanks were generally grey unless replace am. I have one of these to build someday. Looks good.
  18. $75000.00 of titanium 935 halfshafts. I would like to have one of those update kits for my 934 kit.
  19. Actually here is the story on the Protar kit, it was modeled off a car that was hit in the rear and the people that put the car back together used some liberties to rebuild the car to improve rear down force by reshaping the rear. The reality is there isn't any 2 250s that are exactly the same and there is maybe only 1 that is unmolested as it came out of the factory.
  20. Yeah that is a converted slot car kit so you will find a few weird things about it the 956 was a model always.
  21. Yes those old Tamiya Slot car kits are pretty easy straightforward easy peasy
  22. Yes sometimes i use the kit glass as a buck and I have an old modified Mattel vacuum former. or yes a wood buck would work too.. i have used clay and wood too.
  23. I think I would just vacuum form up a new glass. I usually do vacuum form glass anyways
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