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  1. I just play it safe and dont comment over there any more.
  2. Depends mainly on if it was instock or not. If it is in stock I get stuff from Kevin in a week and a half or so. However, I did have wait 5 weeks or so on my last order. But Kevin is a good guy and you will get whatever you ordred.
  3. I got a set of those still unopened in my tool box along with a set of Neico #61~#80
  4. I was talking internally between the companies like the other VW family not the product or technology sharing because Porsche was doing that even when they were still an Indy.
  5. They (Porsche) have been asked to help on projects. Nope! Moving foward not really what you think. As far as companies. There is a lot of administration crossover from VW to Audi To Lambo To Bentley just not Porsche. Even being a Bentely employee he has no special privilages when it comes to Porsche like the other VW family makes. Porsche will rebadge Audi SUVs but will not be involved in the development any longer that includes sedans, likewise with Audi no more development of sports cars, however didn't mention if they would rebadge any Porscehes. Porsche is specfically going to concentrate on sports cars. They don't want to overlap resources. There is still even the possiblity VW wont fully take-over Porsche or even at all. Dr Porsche never wanted VW and Porsche to intergrate he always felt it would weaken the brand, and he was probably right.
  6. They are not going to intergrate. My brother who works for Bentely Motors said Porsche is still treated as it's own complany and there is no crossover like VW/AUDI/BENTLEY/LAMBORGHINI has. They also said Porsche was not going to do any more Sport Untilites and Audi was not going to do any more sports cars.
  7. Not true, many of these car were offered to the GP or were the same car that you could buy off the show room floor. Even today if you want to buy a Porsche GT3 RSR you can.
  8. 64000 individual victories major victories Makes and Team World Championship 14 Long Distance World Championship 8 IMSA Supercar-Series 3 German Racing Championship 6 European Hill Climbing Championship 20 Formula 1 Driver-World Championship (McLaren with the engine designed and built by Porsche for TAG) 3 Formula 1 victories (McLaren with the engine designed and built by Porsche for TAG) 25 Formula 1 victories (together with the victory in Rouen in 1962) 26 Daytona (24 Hour Race) 20 IMSA Supercar-Race (USA) 15 Le Mans (24 Hour Race) 16 Sebring (12 Hour Race) 18 Targa Florio 11 Rallye Monte Carlo 4 Paris-Dakar Rallye 2 says you are wrong.
  9. Yeah, just try and tell Porsche that
  10. Ford and Mazda have gone their ways. But the Mazda 6 was always on the Ford Fusion platform, not on a Mazda plate form and the Escape was on the same basic platform as the Fusion. I don't know of any recent Ford using a Mazda platform. Volvo was using the Mazda 3 platform.
  11. Do we want to them to do any model cars? They did okay, just okay, with airplanes but that was only after everyone under the sun beat them up about them.
  12. I guess an iconic car would be a single car that stood as the symbol or "icon" of a group of cars.
  13. Even Going way back to the Ford Escort RS2000 Cosworth They say Ford EU is really treated like an entirely different company and really has no relationship to Ford Motor Company.
  14. Interesting. Most people don't even know who Kelly Moss Racing even is. I do personally, it was what my dad's shop spawned into, he planted the seeds for it anyway, and I know Kathy Kelly and Richard Moskalik. I don't think they are involved anymore but they did get the Stone brothers going. I have heard about this car, the Green Hornet, they call it. I have been waiting for this kit for awhile.
  15. that is because the must not have got the memo and used Indian Red rather than Lamp Black.
  16. Ford Motor Company developed Zinc Chromate (which really wasn't a paint or color but rather a chemical raction that just came out yellow). and later lamp black as an indicator to distinguish first coat from second and aluminum past was added as a UV protection which was green also called Zinc Chromate Green which was partly the black but the aluminum accelerated the natural tendancy of Zinc Chromate to age with a green tint.
  17. Yeah, we never got no 5 cylinder turbocharged 300hp RS Focus like they did across the pond.
  18. Actually it could have been one or the other. Natural pearls were done with a complicated process done from Herring or Sardine scales. However some pearls were done with metal flakes or metal oxides.
  19. Yeah, I know about the Slixx girl. They put her in jail and she was making illegal decals on work release. That didn't go over so well with the authorities.
  20. I think every Testors kit I own has either a Fujimi or MPC kit inside the box.
  21. How is 60mph.... SIX! car lengths going to work? Here people will take a car length and a couple inches without even batting an eye. It's annoying. Most driver on the road are annoying. Especially people in SUVs. Ride your butt and make daring dashes around you just go 5 miles slower in front of you. I hate those friggen things, because now you are stuck behind some big piece of junk you can't see around. They should just ban them all or make a new law that says the taller the vehicle the further back in the cue you go. I have noticed an interesting thing, that people seem to be much more courtious when I drive my Porsche.
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