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  1. Yup totaled another car, I hope Rocky is ok.
  2. wow that was a scary moment. I hope they all did I saw in the slowmo a couple were knocked down by derbis. just amazing
  3. 1 2 Audi Sport Team Joest M. Fassler / A. Lotterer / B. Treluyer Audi R18 TDI LM P1 M 3:25.738 73 85 - - 238.5 2 1 Audi Sport Team Joest T. Bernhard / R. Dumas / M. Rockenfeller Audi R18 TDI LM P1 M 3:25.799 35 57 +0.061 +0.061 238.4 3 9 Team Peugeot Total P. Lamy / S. Bourdais / S. Pagenaud Peugeot 908 LM P1 M 3:26.010 78 81 +0.272 +0.211 238.2 4 8 Peugeot Sport Total F. Montagny / S. Sarrazin / N. Minassian Peugeot 908 LM P1 M 3:26.156 44 59 +0.418 +0.146 238.0 5 3 Audi Sport North America R. Capello / T. Kristensen / A. McNish Audi R18 TDI LM P1 M 3:26.165 81 86 +0.427 +0.009 238.0 6 7 Peugeot Sport Total M. Gene / A. Wurz / A. Davidson Peugeot 908 LM P1 M 3:26.272 46 68 +0.534 +0.107 237.9 Does speak volumes
  4. So did Audi, maybe they are trying to be more like Audi. The Pugs are preparing for battle, they even scrub in wets during Q3.
  5. I agree on the chrome trees The other thing that is nearly a universal problem is all the ride hights are too high. +1 on glass, They should just do vacu formed glass.
  6. I guess it shows just how hard Audi is pushing, and neither were no small crashes. IIRC the Pugs had that much over the Audis alone. This ought to be interesting. Audi doesn't seem quite as well oiled as past years: wrecked two cars had that PS leaking into the cockpit, first year in long time running a closed cockpit. The Pugs did flat spot some tires. It does make you wonder if they were holding back just a bit at the cost of pole position. I guess will see what kind of race it's going to be the first couple laps.
  7. That was kind of amazing. I was listening to Stirling Moss live when said he was hanging it up. Sounds like he scared himself.
  8. Audi takes Pole! #2 Audi #3 Audi #9 Pug #8 Pug #1 Audi which crashed again last lap and is all deranged once more. #7 Pug #10 Pug Barring problems should be a great race only 6 tenths of a second seperate the 6 works cars.
  9. The sole Ford has had a number of it's own problems but is out and running last I heard.
  10. 10 MIN Q3 PROVISIONAL POLE AUDI PUG PUG AUDI AUDI PUG PUG AUID #1 Has had continual problems after yesterdays crash.
  11. Live Q2 on now RLM http://radiolemans.0157.org/node# Live Timing and Scoring http://www.lemans.org/en/races/24h-du-mans/live-2011/live-timing.html Live streaming http://www.justin.tv/rampageturke2#/w/1313488096
  12. Radiolemans is great. I listen to them and watch speed.
  13. It is the greatest motor sport event on the planet, period. It draws a bigger crowd that any other, period. Bigger than Daytona, bigger than Indy. There is an estimated 1.3 billion people that watch all or part of the 24 Hrs of Le Mans broadcast from 63 countries. That is more than the Super Bowl or World Cup - probably combined.
  14. Here is the Pug seemingly passing the Audis at will. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrMHvIQnJds Here is the very odd collision with the Audi and Aston. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr3W9hfF2bQ
  15. How perfect is that. The 20 year anniversery of the 787B win at LeMans and the car is there this year for an on track Demo.
  16. Pretty much the entire 24 will be on Speed TV or streeming at Speed TV.com
  17. and there is Q2 and Q3 to go tomorrow. Although there are probably at least 3 cars that are not going to make Q2.
  18. Grand Am... Different series. I think one of the Mazdas caught fire.
  19. Pugs draw first blood and take provisional pole in Q1 #8 3.27:033 The are fast averaging + 1 second and can do 12 lap stints on fuel. Only one Audi did 11 otherwise they were doing 10 lap stints. Audi #1 heavily damaged T-boning an Aston A Covette catches fire A Porsche catches fire Imsa Performance Matmut has a huge shunt and there has been a couple other significant crashes. Ford GT out with a major engine problem Level 5 has had all kinds of problems It's been quite exciting already... more to come.
  20. Gillet Vertigo Hillman Imp Lancia Fulvia TRV Griffith Daimler (Hemi) Dart Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Bentely Speed 8 EVO
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