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  1. Oh yeah and here's a picture of the bike before and after
  2. 4.5 years ago (I was 13) I saved up enough money to purchase myself a vintage 1982 Suzuki Rm125 off of some hermit up in Timbuktu. The original hobby was to completely restore the thing. After restoring it to its former glory now was the time to beat the hell out of it. The current hobby is to keep the thing running and to stop yelling at it, yes I understand that it's a inanamate object, but I swear what bike only starts up if I drill Sargent it for an hour.
  3. Actually this is my exact idea for my 75 datsun pickup build
  4. I listen to anything related to or is rock music+blues music, regardless whether new or classic. Though when I'm building I tend to listen to my "no effort involved" vynil collection
  5. Wow this blows anything I can do right out of the water!
  6. wow looks fantastic! i was thinking of just making the I4 modded but i like your clean idea alot as well. current progress on rollcage
  7. i think someone moved this post to the wrong spot by accident. First opened it today, seems a little far from complete to me? Oh well, guess ill stick the plastic trees in the display cabinet.
  8. i like your idea, but i cant bring myself to buy a complete $50-80 model car, only for me to use the engine out of it... though i believe I have a V6 somewhere.
  9. Anybody got any weird suggestions for strange looking engines, for this funky looking truck?
  10. Holy wow, looks great!
  11. Wow looks cool! How did you manage to do the terminals on the battery?
  12. Well here i am again, starting another model. I happen to be a fan of strange/uncommon cars and engines, which makes this build super interesting for me! The plans are to lower the truck, add some cool fender flares, and some killer wheels. But you cant have a ridiculous truck without a ridiculous engine, i'm currently torn between four engine choices (1994 Corvette Ls, 1968-73 Corvette engine, adding a supercharger to the stock 4 banger) I'm now out of school working full time, so progress may be slow but hopefully I can keep progress onthis one.
  13. Gumball

    1/8 scale T Tub

    yeah no problem, sorry about the wait there.
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