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  1. So just a bit of an update. I'm starting to think that perhaps the border not opening up is the meaning behind me not getting any mail. Regardless just a little update on the chassis, and I finally got to sanding the cracked paint on the body. Like I said before aboth the red and black was water based as well as the clear coat, just kinda strange that it crinkled. Once again solder saved the day I guess when I made some front springs. I yet need to make a transmission so comming soon. Woodlight headlights are comming along, I'm attempting to mold my own but iv only started on the fist positive which is just a lump of Jb weld.
  2. Dropped in a new engine in my truck the other day. I was exited to start putting all the rest of the engine all back together again and finally start driving it by Monday, but my excitement was soon crushed when I discovered that the transmission was loose in the rear end. On closer inspection I found out that something cast aluminum snapped, and it wasn't the transmission mount. And then it started to rain, literally.
  3. Awesome! sounds good keep in touch! I agree, looks good, that was until the clear coat crinkled all across the black... not the red even though both the black, red, and clear coat are water based. hopefully I will be able to sand it and straighten it out without taking off any of the paint under the clear coat.
  4. Looks like a way you can hot rod yours!
  5. What in the? Clearly im building this wrong, now that's how you build a luxury car!
  6. Painted one silver trim. I'm starting to like this car more and more! Pretty soon I'll start speaking German! I'm also considering throwing in some old woodlight headlights for that extra "je ne sais quoi" but that will all come down to whether or not I can scratch make some. It will look good non the less!
  7. Two tone is now done! Now just for the silver stripping to separate the two colours! I'm probably like 80% complete on the paint now. Also started to get the front end more together, a little more like the original now.
  8. That sounds cool! I was going to suggest a Rolls grill, but stock is cool to... ill still be watching!
  9. Touched up the paint, still about 50% done. Going to need a good clear coat. And yes its going to be another 2 tone... I just love the 2 tone.
  10. Believe it or not i use solder for a lot of things now not just exhaust, for example the throttle return spring on the gasser engine is just a piece of solder wrapped around a needle. Another example is the turbo I built for the 75 Datsun pickup, the idea came from the tips and tricks page (which I cant find anymore probably buried) the solder is nice to work with, but your better off bending the stuff by hand as using pliers marks up the solder.
  11. Or just a little poster of his face
  12. Now that's a cool idea, whats the plans for this? stock? hot rod?
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