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  1. Update still needs sanding and a second coat of blue, no fish eyes this time, I think the rubbing alcohol did the trick
  2. Update. Did some painting, gasser body hase some crazy fish eyes going on... just like I remember! From what I recall of my original, there's alot of brutal sanding, stripping, and painting ahead... hood on the truck turned out fine though.
  3. Yeah that's exactly the body style, when you said nomad for some reason the 57 nomad came into my mind. I appreciate the effort and I'll have to reach out to him.
  4. Dragster chassis is complete, truck chassis is complete, its getting there.
  5. Thanks! It's clearly better than the original so far. Just got the rear end together too. Also just finished prepping the bodysuit for paint and primer.
  6. It would be a christmas gift for my dad. He's a superfan of the 59 brookwood, being the only real dream car of his he hasn't been able to own. It may not exactly have to be a brookwood, rather a 59 chevy delivery would work too.
  7. Christmas is approaching, and I figured I'd start on this now as it may take some time to track down. I'm currently in search of a 1/25 1959 Chevy Brookwood (at least one with big eye tail lights) resin that would fit over the 1/25 AMT El Camino kit chassis.
  8. Thanks! I wish I could get all the decals I wanted on there, but I'll definently make another update the day I make them! For now though, its complete.
  9. Thanks! Stay tuned when I win the lottery and build a real 1:1 scale!
  10. That's super cool! I saw one about a late 2000s SS impala both a 5.3l upfront and one where the rear seats yous to be making it a double engine AWD SS impala. Thought it was pretty neat, ang perhaps gave me some ideas for future projects.
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