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  1. It's just currently sitting together right now. I'm thinking of lowering it a little more and giving it a little more of a rake.
  2. Slow progress, decided agenst the supercharger idea.
  3. Im considering making a supercharger (sorta like a belt driven turbo) for the engine here, got the parts to do it but im not totally sure i want to do it
  4. Then to get back on track, here is a Bond Minicar. Strange due to the engine and the front wheel turns together.
  5. Lol I have a old fashioned tractor seat I have to weld to it yet.. My neighbours love me...
  6. I WA-need one of these one day
  7. I guess that not everything here is exactly a car, I guess I feel safe to share a backyard project of mine... And yes it's a snowblower welded to a mini bike, with a bicycle wheel mounted on the front. Maybe one day it could pass safety...
  8. I'm currently doing one of these, though i have not come across anything negative. yours is looking great!
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