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  1. This is a pain, I'm just going to make my own decal and put one on.
  2. I know the fake Moroso on the cylinder heads, as well as the cylinder heads looks cheap, but I'm planning on adding enough detail (with exhaust and engine bay stuff) to kinda hide the fact that the engines are low on detail. In my defense I had to make the cylender heads the way they are due to the limited size in the engine bay. The cheap looking Moroso was done with a fine tip sharpie, as I am super low on 1/24-25th scale sponsor decals. I think the "Moroso" at least looks adequate for now, but weel have to see how I feel about it in the future.
  3. Some small progress, mostly paint. Got rid of the 3" dia spark plug wires. Engine still needs alot of work, hopefully soon I can get my hands on some proper Moroso decals for the cylinder head covers.
  4. Yeah im considering cutting them out and using something thinner, i just dont have any wires thinner then that right now.
  5. Im going to start calling this "cant see squat" and yes still needs work, paint still drying as of posting this.
  6. just some updates, found some matching superchargers, and the engine still needs alot of work.
  7. Still needs a whole heck of alot of work, and paint touch ups, far from what i would like to see as the final product. However it is starting to take some shape. hopefully i can find some matching superchargers, or matching tunnel ram intakes and really start to get this show on the road!
  8. Small update. These engines happen to be Chevy engines out of a AMT dragster kit, however these engines are poorly detailed and in this case should pass as ford blocks.
  9. This is another kit i picked up at the beginning of this year. I couldn't get my hands on the Maverick, but this is just as cool regardless. i swear this kit was complete, but seems to be missing one of the cylinder heads. So what do you do with a relatively rare kit (from what i hear) missing a detrimental part? My answer is to replace the original with something better, in this case putting two engines side by side, between the front wheels. Im not sure yet if Im going to completely scratch build the two engines from polystyrene, or use some of my old miscellaneous engines, however im unsure if id be able to find anything ford related.
  10. Thanks! I seem to be delving deep into mismatched body panels, and multiple tone paint jobs for the past few projects now. I really do enjoy doing them up with multiple colours, it really makes them pop with an added realism to it. I dont put any of my kits in any shows, let alone see any multi coloured stuff at shows either, so i guess you can call me the odd one out!
  11. I also have some progress already on the front body work, however it seems really off. Im thinking i should make the front less flat and more pointy, however if that doesn't fix it, ill be redoing much of what iv already completed with the grill and everything. Im just thinking its looks a little too American.
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