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  1. Tiger89

    AMT 69 Cougar

  2. Tiger89

    AMT 69 Cougar

    Nice job. I've built quite a few '67-'69 AMT Cougars, including a couple '69s without spoilers. There were 111 purple "Rocky Mountain Cougars" given away by the Rocky Mountain Insurance Co. in western Canada in 1969. 15 of them are known to still exist.
  3. Nice, I painted mine British Racing Green with a saddle interior to replicate a real right-hand-drive Japan import car that was at our Cars & Coffee a couple years ago.
  4. Nice job on the promo. I've built a couple Monogram '94 kits, and am working on an AMT '94 now. It's hard to pick a favorite of the two - they're both good.
  5. Looks great, and yes, my real white '94 has the chassis in that light grey primer you used. This inspires me to get busy and build the AMT kit with a window sticker to replicate how mine looked when it came in after the order.
  6. Tiger89

    Mazda RX-7

    Nice, this Revell kit was a Hobby Lobby $7.49 clearance item a couple years ago. I built the race version, using Firey Orange to simulate the bronze on the box art.
  7. When I was completing this, I opened a sealed Revell '66 GTO to see that its chassis and engine bay could easily be joined to this old AMT body. The kit version I got was the last before the body mold was turned into the modified stocker.
  8. I looked through your entire link. Really like the '66 Buick Skylark which I also recently completed.
  9. Fabulous. I have this old kit in my stash. In reality, Packards in that era were pretty much all custom-ordered, so just about anything goes color and trim wise.
  10. In Greenville, SC yesterday, they had over a dozen Hurst Olds, even more of KW cabovers and pumpers, nothing else. I just came home with one of the Olds. I bought the plated tank trailer there a year ago. Yeah, we can expect to see these listed on E-bay and Model Car Marketplace.
  11. Built from the AMT "Mexicali Mudlark" kit that was a curbside. I carefully cut the hood open, used the engine and wheels from the newly-re-released Wildcat, radiator support, firewall, and windshield came from another newly-released '65 El Camino. The body was painted Tamiya light metallic blue.
  12. There seems to have been a craze lately over the old Jo-han Mavericks and Comets, so this is a stock build I came up with. I used a Pro-stock Comet kit that was still sealed from the '70s, AMT '67 Mustang/GT350 chassis slightly shortened, wheels, mirrors, hood scoop and engine from AMT's '69 Cougar Eliminator, seats from an AMT Torino. Grabber Lime paint was supplied by MCW, and decals by Keith Marks. I'll be keeping the 429 engine from the Comet kit for something else.
  13. Mike, I like your N-scale train videos. I have an 11x4 -foot layout 99% completed.
  14. Thanks, I was wondering about that top, not included in the '60 kit of course.
  15. Nice, it looks better than Monogram's version.
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