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  1. I know, Tom! Was a little surprised, but he seemed sincere. The model nearly rolled off its 4-foot high perch during the show right before I looked at it. Had it hit the deck, it would have busted into 100 pieces! Seeing recent E-bay sales of '62 Jo-han models, I did ok.
  2. Thanks, I'll have to post a photo of the '64 Coupe de Ville I did a while back, and there's the '59 Eldorado hardtop to be done.
  3. There are a couple Jo-han '62s on E-bay right now. They're normally very scarce.
  4. Jean-Phillippe's outstanding '62 Cadillac inspired me to get one done myself. I found the Jo-han '62 Fleetwood at the recent Atlanta show and swap meet, and when the seller said that he'd bought it as a kid from a five and dime store in 1962, I didn't try talking him down from his $110 price! The gold leaf lacquer came off pretty nicely with Purple Power. I painted it like our two-tone family car from '67-'73, which was actually a Park Avenue Town Sedan 4-door hardtop. The chrome on the model has yellowed a bit, but I can live with it. Tires from Modelhaus. 1962 Ohio plates were maroon and white, so I used those (wife lived in Toledo then). I got very little response from Page Resin, so this is the route I took, and am pretty satisfied with it.
  5. Making progress on the Fleetwood restoration. The chrome on the front & rear bumpers is sort of yellowish, but I think I'll just leave it. The 3-spoke steering wheel is wrong, but the one from AMT's '62 Pontiac will work nicely, plus it has a separate chrome horn ring. Two inside mirrors were provided with that kit. Windshield may work from that kit as well, but the Jo-han glass is ok. Revell's '62 Impala may supply the outside mirror. I'll post some pics when it's done.
  6. Jean-Phillipe, I found a nice Jo-Han '62 Fleetwood with good chrome and glass today at the Atlanta swap meet from its original owner! The body and interior are going into the purple pool very soon. I never heard back from Page Resin after he said that he didn't have any more 4-doors, and gave up on him quite a while ago. I'll paint the model maroon/cream two-tone with a cream-colored interior. The styrene was originally cream or off-white.
  7. Pedro answered me about six weeks ago that he may have a Sedan de Ville in a couple weeks. I'm giving up on him; too bad, as a '62 Cadillac would be nice, but I've accumulated over 60 kits to build.
  8. Fabulous! I bought this sealed, old Monogram kit from a local hobby shop last week for $18, and this morning decided I was tired of the M2 Machines 1/24 die cast on the shelf so stripped it for some parts. My build won't be anywhere near as incredible as yours, but it'll be fun. It's always a blast to see and hear these cars actually race at Road Atlanta's Mitty vintage races.
  9. Tiger89

    Give aways

    Yesterday, I gave the '64 Galaxie to Allen who described his real one as a "jixed car." Bought on a Tuesday brand-new in '64, and his wife drove off the road the following Friday hitting a guardrail. It was wrecked and repaired three times by early '66, so was driven straight from the body shop after the third repair and traded in for a new Ford pickup. I'll be giving them a completed Monogram '58 T-Bird convertible in the same colors as the '59 he bought used in '63 the year they were married and still own. Also working on a Monogram '65 Mustang convertible to give to a long-time friend replicating the car he bought in '75 when I was with him, and recently won bronze in the concours driven class of Mustang Club of America's Grand National event.
  10. Tiger89

    Give aways

    Thanks, guys. Jack received the Mustang fastback yesterday and said it was spot on, except maybe the license plate numbers and the spinners on the hub caps. I gave a replica of a triple black '96 Mustang Cobra convertible last year to the guy who did our pre-marital counseling, replicating his real car that has about 11,000 miles on it.
  11. Tiger89

    Give aways

    A couple models completed last week and to be given away. My wife's brother bought a Wimbledon White '65 Fastback when the car was four months old and traded into Bob Eddy Buick, Toledo when their father was sales manager there. 1965 Ohio plates. A local couple bought their first new car, a Guardsman Blue Galaxie 500 XL in 1964 from a local dealership that's still in business. The model has '64 South Carolina plates. They still own and drive the '59 Thunderbird convertible they bought used in '63, the year they were married. I've begun a '65 Mustang convertible to be given to a long-time friend who says I was with him when he bought his car in '75. That same car recently won bronze for concours driven class at Mustang Club of America's Grand National event.
  12. Curtis, it's a Tamiya Deep Blue metallic. I'd recommend leaving the rear bumper off and painting it separately until final assembly. The engine has to fit completely into the chassis, the hose had to be repositioned to get the hood to completely close, and make sure the dashboard fits completely into the door cards. It's a nice kit, but a little challenging. I have a Tamiya 2015 ND on order, and will build it right-hand-drive in Soul Red using the female driver figure.
  13. Just completed the Fujimi 2005-08 Mazda Roadster aka MX-5 Miata that was last re-released in 2014. It's a nice kit with great engine detail, but a bit tough to get the body over the chassis, and thankfully I didn't botch up the windshield too badly. The working suspension and steering actually don't work that well despite careful assembly, and I had to glue the rear wheels in place. I finished the Tamiya Eunos Roadster from the mid '90s last year, and have the 2015 with the female driver figure on order, and I'll be building that one right-hand drive.
  14. Fabulous, that TS-11 Maroon looks just like Ford's Vintage Burgundy. I finished that kit recently after grabbing it at Hobby Lobby's $7.49 sale.
  15. I sent Pedro (Page Resin) a message on Facebook and an e-mail, no responses. Does anyone know if he's still around and in business?
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