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  1. Mike, I like your N-scale train videos. I have an 11x4 -foot layout 99% completed.
  2. Thanks, I was wondering about that top, not included in the '60 kit of course.
  3. Nice, it looks better than Monogram's version.
  4. Tom, I like the styling much better than the angry-faced bizarre-o '59s.
  5. Yes, I believe they were Fred Cady decals. No telling how old, so I sprayed them with Decal Bonder and they were fine.
  6. Beautiful! Did you find this on E-bay like the '60 Buick I recently bought?
  7. This fun little project took about a week. Right after I ordered paint from MCW, I found a can locally of Model Master Honduras Maroon lacquer, which has been discontinued. That's the same color as Buick Tatian Red, seen on the beauty I photographed at Charlotte's Auto Fair a couple years ago. The custom tail lights from AMT's '50 Ford were perfect, and I suspect the uptop may have been from the '62 Buick.
  8. Yeah, Dave, wishful thinking! I got the AMT 1973 Cougar street machine kit in today's mail mainly for the convertible top boot, and a surprise inside was a fuel cell piece. Sanded it down a tad and will use it on that AMT '69 Cougar chassis I used.
  9. He said it was Testor's Guards Red right from the spray can, no primer or clear. He did a good job foiling too. Early 90s build. Seat insert decals were from the latest hardtop re-release.
  10. The 2004 re-release should be able to be found for less than $30. The '63s are much rarer and hard to find.
  11. The builder used the Kelsey Hayes wire wheels from the '65 Riv. I'll use those for something else - I thought these chrome reverse wheels were very period-correct, remembering the J.C. Whitney catalogs.
  12. My attempt at one of the Cougars built at Bud Moore's shop in Spartanburg about 50 minutes up the road. It's not perfect, but looks ok on the shelf. I used a lower-quality resin body, which was brittle around the windows, which is why the roof edges were sanded off. AMT '69 Cougar chassis and glass (windshield didn't fit well), roll cage modified from the one in the '64 Mercury, 289 engine used from an AMT '67 GT-350. All you see in die cast is Gurney's #98, so i I thought I'd do something different.
  13. I bought this off E-bay last week, and spent a day cleaning it up, repainting engine bay and chassis, and adding some details. What's crazy is that the guy who initially built this almost 30 years ago lives locally, and said that it had changed hands a couple times since he finished it. I have an empty AMT box coming for this kit.
  14. I had fun with this old kit, having done the re-release from the mid 90s in the old-style box. It's since been out one more time around 2004 or so. It had a lot of useful extra parts, like a stock car roll cage which I used for another project.
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