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  1. I have the first issue with the motor and driver figure, probably from the '80s, and it's the oldest surviving built model car I have.
  2. One reason I chose black was I didn't feel like hand-painting all of the black trim.
  3. Thanks for the complements. David, in 1982, I was admiring a new black Supra at a Toyota dealer on the Westbank in New Orleans. At almost $14k, I couldn't afford that, but drove home in a silver blue Celica GT liftback with a power sliding sunroof and a whopping 100 horsepower, which was my first new car. Check out Bring a Trailer auctions to see how much the '82-'85 Supras are selling for now.
  4. This MPC kit dates from 1983. It was re-boxed again with both MPC and Airfix brands, but never re-released since '85. The motorized, steerable curbside 1/24 Tamiya kit I've kept since the '80s is shown for comparison. I warped the hood on the MPC, so had to make a replacement. Interior, engine, and chassis detail was all good, and it went together well. The wheels look wobbly, but they all spin. I had to try applying the windshield decal, and it didn't fall apart!
  5. Fabulous! I've done one '64, a '63 convertible, and recently bought a mint '63 Marauder hardtop which will get built eventually. I love these '63 and '64 Mercury kits, and the chassis on them doesn't bother me.
  6. Looks great, still waiting patiently for Revell's release.
  7. Thanks, Tim. I noticed your name all over that decal sheet.
  8. Yeah, David, I have the '67 Comet in my stash to do. You never know, it could get released again.
  9. Bob, a couple more of the Falcon on the shelf. I left the radiator off and the fuel tank is mounted in its place behind the grill. Didn't do any wiring or plumbing - no steering detail in those kits - they were pretty basic. I did use the plastic tires, just painted with Duplicolor black primer. David is right, the best part of this whole box is the car trailer.
  10. Thanks, David. There's a couple in my AACA club, she's the secretary, he's the treasurer. When they told me that their first new car was a Guardsman Blue/blue interior '64 Galaxie 500 2-door hardtop, I had to make and give them that model. When they got it, he laughed, saying that real car was jinxed. It was wrecked and repaired three times, and finally traded in for a new '66 Ford pickup.
  11. This was the all-blue '64 Galaxie that I gave away a couple years ago. Round 2 will be re-releasing this Craftsman kit soon.
  12. Yes, Bob - I still have plenty of that paint left over. Starting the Moebius '71 Ranger pickup which will have the white/orange two-tone.
  13. https://www.motortrend.com/features/1811-carrying-on-family-tradition-georgia-shaker-iii/ John, at first I thought the Falcon was horrible, but it's not all that bad. Someone commented that they saw this run at one of the nostalgic gasser meets a couple years ago.
  14. Outstanding! I have built two of these, fun kits, but I had problems with the trunk (not engine cover) hinges breaking on both of them.
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