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  1. I`d be proud to put that one on my shelf any day!
  2. Hi all. I`d like some opinions on which 1964 GTO kit to use for Arnie Beswick`s "Mystery Tornado" drag car. I know the Polar Lights kit has body proportion issues and I`m thinking that might not really be a problem as it`s going to be a race car. I would prefer to keep the scale to 1/25th. The Monogram kit is 1/24th. What do you people think?
  3. Ride height is perfect Well done!
  4. Well done! Dare to be different I always say!
  5. Nicely done. I like it!
  6. Great build so far. I had the pleasure of watching Don Kohut lay a woopin` on Don Prudhomme back in the day in this car. I have a set of decals for this car as well. My building skills are not up to your caliber though.
  7. Are you kidding me? WOW!
  8. THAT is exactly what I want to do! Very good work indeed!
  9. Sits real nice! I like it!
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