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  1. Great stance! Love the grime too!
  2. Outstanding! Wish mine turned out as nice.
  3. I have to say although I`m not a Pro Mod fan, THAT is one fine model! Well done!
  4. Great build! Cool paint as well!
  5. When I was growing up my next door neighbor`s son used that same material for the interior of one of his model cars. Major flashback there! Very neat!
  6. Excellent build! Great paint AND the fit and finish are outstanding!
  7. Nice work especially the engine bay. Add a full roll cage, AFB carb and you have a contemporary Super Stock! Great model!
  8. Love the tail panel and headlight bucket treatment (contrasting finishes). That`s the way they are supposed to look. Well done!
  9. Very clean and nice paint!
  10. You are correct on the exhaust system. The thing with old race car models is you try to make it as accurate as you can to the best of your ability and research. You`ve done a fine job on this one!
  11. Nicely done! What did you use for the roof color?
  12. Keep goin on this one! Gives me inspiration to start a salt flats build myself!
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