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  1. That`s how I like em, clean and not over done! NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi all. REALLY need this decal sheet to finish my model. Not sure of the sheet number. I messed up the one I have. Thanks.
  3. VERY NICE! Love the paint!
  4. I noticed you got rid of the mold seams on the front and rear bumpers. Did you use Little Motor Kar Co. to redo the replating as well as the wheel rims?
  5. THAT is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I first thought the model was a pic of the real thing!
  6. WELL DONE! As a fanatical Stock Eliminator fan, I`m glad to see modelers paying attention to this race car category. A lot of people don`t understand how complicated and sophisticated these cars actually are. Most people think it`s nothing more than "bracket racing". I can assure you it`s not! Check it out at the next NHRA race that you attend. Sorry for the rant, I love your model!
  7. Nice and clean! Very well done!
  8. Keep going. I like It! So is this car of the type that was raced in the Can Am series? I don`t know that much about sports car racing.
  9. Nitrobarry

    Cars in Songs

    On the "Rocket 88" tune, if you listen REAL close to the electric guitar on the track, you`ll hear one of the first instances of distorted guitar if not the first ever recorded.
  10. Hi all! Lost my Johan 1963 Plymouth Fury steering wheel. Anybody have an extra? Thanks.
  11. Keep going! Really like this one!
  12. I agree with Mark but at least you showed us how to do it right!
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