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  1. The color is fine. The photos of back in the day tend to fade over time so it`s difficult to get the color right. That said you take your best shot and you did great! Nice models!
  2. I really like your build! It sits right too! Well done!
  3. First, I was not a member on this forum when the above mentioned kit came out so I don`t know if this has been mentioned before but does anyone else besides myself think that the body dimensions are off on this kit? I`m speaking of the front end. It just doesn`t look right to me. Specifically, the front fender area. I compared the Lindberg kit to my Johan version and the Johan looks way closer to the real thing. Opinions?
  4. I know what you mean by old age and patience! Nice model.
  5. WOW! Excellent build Ian! Wish I had the patience to turn out that kind of work. Or should I say CRAFTSMANSHIP!
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