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  1. The color is fine. The photos of back in the day tend to fade over time so it`s difficult to get the color right. That said you take your best shot and you did great! Nice models!

  2. First, I was not a member on this forum when the above mentioned kit came out so I don`t know if this has been mentioned before but does anyone else besides myself think that the body dimensions are off on this kit? I`m speaking of the front end. It just doesn`t look right to me. Specifically, the front fender area. I compared the Lindberg kit to my Johan version and the Johan looks way closer to the real thing. Opinions?

  3. First off, GREAT builds of both cars! You totally captured the look of those early S/S cars! My only other comment is (and in no way a criticism) the lettering on the "engine by", "Cone", "tuned by", and "S&S" lettering should be yellow. Again, no fault of yours at all. Slixx are you listening?

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