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  1. Hi Chief: If you want more clamping force you make the holddowns longer. LONG Aluminum holddowns will not survive very well. So you make the holddowns out of steel and then use little pieces of aluminum between the holddown and the workpiece.Ready-made steel holddowns are dirt cheap on eBay. If you clamping onto iron or steel, a pre 1984 copper penny is plenty soft for you needs. Brass is harder than copper. Avoid. Copper and aluminum readily deforms.That is what you want. Sandpaper in vise jaws helps traction. Don't get hurt! Shattering a hardened endmill will put your eye out.
  2. Ummmmmmmmmm. No There was NO annual 'tool' and a different Craftsman 'tool'. I have the annuals AND the Craftsman kits. They are the same body mold. I worked in a PIM shop. The only people who call molds 'tools' are lay people.
  3. Lulz! If it is uncatalyzed enamel it can take a few YEARS to set up! How can you tell? Fingernail test. I still say you thinned the clearcoat with something that did not want to mix with the clear. Water, WD-40, wrong thinner, whatever.
  4. Daddy Mack

    the dodge

    I bet you're breaking a lot of hearts with these old models and promos that nobody else can seem to find. Keep up the good work!
  5. ALL of the MPC 1967 Corvette reissues have the 1964 interior tub (wrong door panels, console) and the 1964 chassis with fixed front control arms, minus the exhaust system which was eliminated from the mold for the reissues. Am thinking that the real MPC 1965-1967 Corvette annual chassis ended up in the Casper Turbo Shark and who knows where it went from there.
  6. Are these in the late 80s-90s AMT Corvette kits?
  7. Sheesh! Looks like water or incompatible thinner mixed in with the clear.
  8. Someone needs to post a pic of a real 1963 Impala SS with an engine-turned aluminum rear panel. Or just a 1963 Impala engine-turned rear panel made out of ANY material. Please! The Craftsman release has separate, clear red taillights. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Whew. Somebody reworked the rocker panels (or more) on the AMT body. That is shocking! That mold had been polished so many times that the bottom sides had more waves than the Atlantic Ocean. The mold inserts to run the separate hood were never found after they ran the Craftsman kit. That's why the reissues have a different hood than the annuals. Am almost tempted to buy one just to see if they cut some new body sections (or more) to fix the sea storm along the rocker panels!
  9. Clearly, there are modelers here with way more ambition that mine. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Great Job!
  10. All i did was look at the pictures. That said, Your father is/was an artiste'.
  11. Probably the majority of modelers are perfectionists, and that is fine. But it takes some confidence to post pictures of your little mistakes. I LOVE PEARL WHITE paint jobs. Okay, you made an unforced error on the hood decals but , that is still a respectable model and no matter what your critics say, that's a real nice job.
  12. Very Nice Work! If you're as old as me, you remember seeing these cars all the time! Now, not very much.
  13. AH! Thank You so much! Big Tank Midyear Corvettes are badass. In the same league as L89 427s (aluminum heads), IMHO. The Big Tank, Tanker, Corvette NO3 Fuel Tank Option was available 1963-67 model years. Some ordered as race cars. Some ordered as long distance road/touring cars. TRULY a remarkable sports car. 36 gallons of High-Test leaded gasoline Less than 200 units TOTAL built in all 5 years!
  14. I'm looking real hard and i can't see the (RPO N03) big tank cover in the interior.
  15. The Sun EB-9A Tachometer Transmitter on the inner fender is highly interesting
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