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  1. AMT 1966/65 McLaren-Elva Curbside

    What i would like most is the dummy spare tire section from under the windscreen but the more, the merrier if it makes things easier. PM please.
  2. 79 Camaro Z28

    Very Nice Work! If you're as old as me, you remember seeing these cars all the time! Now, not very much.
  3. 1963 Corvette Z06 "Tanker"

    AH! Thank You so much! Big Tank Midyear Corvettes are badass. In the same league as L89 427s (aluminum heads), IMHO. The Big Tank, Tanker, Corvette NO3 Fuel Tank Option was available 1963-67 model years. Some ordered as race cars. Some ordered as long distance road/touring cars. TRULY a remarkable sports car. 36 gallons of High-Test leaded gasoline Less than 200 units TOTAL built in all 5 years!
  4. 1963 Corvette Z06 "Tanker"

    I'm looking real hard and i can't see the (RPO N03) big tank cover in the interior.
  5. The Sun EB-9A Tachometer Transmitter on the inner fender is highly interesting
  6. Freightliner COE

    Very Nice Work!
  7. Sizing Images for Decals

    Then all i have left to say is: When the Print Properties box pops up after you click the Print Button, you click on the Properties tab and change the Color selection to Greyscale as someone else suggested. When printing B&W images, the danged printer usually makes a mess of things by attempting to blend edges with colored inks. Good Luck!
  8. Sizing Images for Decals

    Might it work to insert it into a MS Word or LibreOffice document then click on the corner of the image box and shrink it, then print the shrunken image? I tried resampling it in Corel and that didn't work but shrinking it in Word and Libre seemed to retain the detail.
  9. 1970 corvette stingray

    I 😍 Orange Corvettes!
  10. MPC 1967 #40 Indy Turbine Car 1/20 Scale

    Nope, I'm gonna use the Goodyear tires that AFX showed. As stated: " Yours are the same tires i'm gonna use to build the 1/20 Turbine Car. Ya, the name on them will be wrong but they will be the proper width. " I don't use resin except for red taillights and that is all. Personal preference, i expect you understand. Thank You for your input!
  11. MPC 1967 #40 Indy Turbine Car 1/20 Scale

    The real Turbine race car wore Firestone tires. The Turbine Car KIT tires are Firestones and are wider than yours. However, the kit tires are too wide and the tires you pictured are much closer to the real correct width than the Turbine KIT tires. Unfortunately, MPC (afaik) never molded Firestones in this narrower width for any kits. Your Goodyear Speedway tires were found in many 1974-81 MPC 1/20 Corvettes and possibly other 1/20 kits. Yours are the same tires i'm gonna use to build the 1/20 Turbine Car. Ya, the name on them will be wrong but they will be the proper width.
  12. MPC 1967 #40 Indy Turbine Car 1/20 Scale

    I'm looking for some missing parts for the 1/20 Turbine AND i have parts to trade from a gluey bomb of the same kit. WOO HOO!
  13. I'm looking for a few bits and have a beater that i can part out. LMK if we can help each other out.
  14. Oops! That would be an LS5 Pontiac 265" V8 available in 1980 & 81. Low decks same as 301