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  1. That is a good point and something I should have thought of before really we need more model companies like slavinos JR. that are smaller and focus on accuracy in a Specific subject of cars
  2. I think a new accurate kit Of something that is missing in the modelling world would sell better than a re-issued kit with a lot of flaws that lots of people have already
  3. I remember A few months ago an armour kit released that had 16 Lugnuts instead of 32 people in The armour modelling world went crazy and acted as if the world was about to end The reason round to re-issues these Kits and gets away with the poor quality is they know modellers won’t put up a fight The only way to get better kits it’s for all of us to stop buying the kits out now and each and everyone of us email the companies and complain now I know this won’t happen but it’s the only way I see a change
  4. That’s really interesting because I’ve read multiple drag racing magazine articles about the origins of the roots blowers and all of them said it was a random number picked for no reason but I guess there is a reason what is the difference between a 16-149 and a 16-71? The magazine articles I read said that there was only a #-71 no #-149 I guess there is only a #-71 in drag racing but other sizes exist
  5. There is this pro sportsman kit but it has a mildly altered body nothing like a pro mod but not quite stock ether
  6. Because the NHRA wanted drag racing to be an amateur sport but lots of the drag racers wanted to go professional and the local drag strips would pay lots of money to the big names to race each other
  7. It’s true I was reading a book called match race madness About 60’s match racing and I believe it was TV tommy ivo who made over $250,000 in 2016 dollars in 1966 just match racing
  8. 6-71 and 8-71 blowers are the same width. the pictures are a 6-71 blower because it has 3 ribs on the side of the case. correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think 8-71 blowers where around in the mid sixties because those style of blowers where from GMC Diesel trucks and as far as I know there was only a 4-71 and a 6-71 hope this can help I really like your work
  9. Today I bought a moebius Dyno Don Comet and as I was looking through the instructions I noticed a couple of typos 1.The fuel pump is labeled feul pump 2. In the final assembly stage it says Arnie Beswick 1965 A/FX comet has anyone else noticed this?
  10. I got my parts from Ken on Friday and they don’t look to bad I’m impressed with how quickly I received them I placed my order on Aug. 27 and I got them on September 6 and keep in mind I live in Canada and he is in the U.S. so shipping usually takes awhile here are some pictures
  11. A few years ago I got to go for a ride in a 32 roadster it had a flat head and fuel injection. I think it has the perfect stands and the rear wheels aren’t too wide like a lot of the street rods I see the only thing I would change is slightly less rake on the windshield
  12. Wow sounds amazing these events should be live streamed on you tube for those of us who can’t attend in person
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