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  1. I love everything about this the stance the colour combo it’s perfect a great way to combine 2 iconic kits and get something completely different and unique
  2. I think a white roof would look good because I’m my mind these bodys are to flat and bulky and need something to beak it up a bit also How did you cut the hole in the back of the body and keep an even radius to the curve? it looks great so far can’t wait to see more
  3. Supper neat can’t wait for updates what kit did you get the chassis from?
  4. Nice and clean it just flows so smoothly I actually thought the black and white pictures were a real car you based the model off of for a minute
  5. I think low profile full sump oil pans where used on a lot of dragsters no matter the engine milodon was founded in 1957 so aftermarket oil pans did exist also speed city resin offers a timing cover valve covers and a hillborn fuel injection manifold
  6. Thanks for sharing I will have to try that on my 57
  7. That’s really cool I’ve never been a fan of the flames in this issue of this kit if you don’t mind me asking how did you lower the front and rear suspension i think revell should reissue all of the kits in this series with the original graphics I know the 55 ford was reissued not to long ago but I really want more of the other ones with out paying ridiculous amounts of money on eBay
  8. when can we expect to see the 1968 conversation kit?
  9. Speed city resin makes a correct Mr. Unswitchable for anyone interested I have ordered from him before and his products are top notch
  10. Sorry I just saw the thread below I guess Ken has closed Kitchen table resin
  11. Ken kitchen from kitchen table resin has some straight six ford engines I’d check out his fokti page he’s a member here too I think
  12. I am just quoting a news article I read and that is what they said
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