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  1. I am just quoting a news article I read and that is what they said
  2. I just want to point out The cyber truck is not street legal It doesn’t have a wing mirrors the LEDs headlights would not be legal and there are no visible crumple zones
  3. I know you said you don’t want resin so have you thought of 3d printing instead? On shapeways.com look up 3d model specialties they have really nice dominators that are better looking than almost any resin pice and 100% better than any kit carb
  4. Dose any body know if this will be a limited release? Because my local hobby store had a hard time getting the Dyno Don Comet and they told me that because it was a limited release they had to use a different distributor I’m in Canada I’m not sure if it’s different for people in the US
  5. Glad to hear he’s getting better i real wanted some of his stuff for the revell 83 hurst olds
  6. I read an interview with the stunt coordinator And he said the GT 40s were superformance GT 40s And that “in the era of moviemaking we are in we used very little CGI” Which means they used a lot of CGI but not an extreme amount
  7. All the gt-40s we’re superformance continuation cars They are a small company licensed by Ford to re-create gt-40s but are street legal
  8. Nice I might have to get me one of these when is this supposed to be released?
  9. Thanks for the responses guys it’s really helpful
  10. Does any company makes Straight 6 engine for a AMC gremlin? I want to re-create my uncles first car which was a 74 gremlin but the AMT kit only has a V-8 and his had a straight 6 thanks in advance for any help
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