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  1. Hi I was wondering if anybody here knew What is kitchen table resins reputation is? I like there 1957 Chevy straight 6 air cleaner and there Buick straight 8 engine but I was wondering if anyone here had ordered from them and if so what was your experience? I emailed them on August 12th but I haven’t got a reply yet so I’m wondering if they have long response times? Are there castings good quality? (Not a lot of sink marks pinholes etc.) and overall how your customer service was dealing with him? Thanks in advance for your replies
  2. Thanks for correcting me. I don’t like to be the guy who accidentally spreads misinformation.
  3. I love old school drag racing corvettes. You have done some amazing work. Looking forward to more progress. Also i’m not sure if you have seen this picture but it is a fibreglass Corvette with a Chevy 409 in it. I found it on George Klass remembers website under modified sports cars. As you have stated and as the caption states these bodies were not always accurate replicas.
  4. I agree that it looks better then a pro mod but it’s still too yellow. There isn’t much steel left on that 57. the only original parts are the roof and the cowl. it has reproduction quarter panels and it is closer to a pro mod then a original 1957 Chevy because it has a custom tube chassis and a 540 cube inch engine with massive twin 88 mm turbos
  5. I vote for the Oldsmobile rally 350 because it’s a cool entry level muscle car and every one always builds top of the line cars so this is something different
  6. Those wheels look like ones from speed city resin. Here is a picture from there website
  7. Yes, grate movie mind you any thing with John candy is a great movie one more: “ludicrous speed”
  8. I live in Saskatoon Canada and yesterday it was the coldest place in the entire world at -53 Celsius or -64 Fahrenheit which got me thinking if I am the coldest person on this form who is the warmest?
  9. the 1960 Chevy with the go kart is a AMT kit I know because my hobby shop (in Canada) has 4 or 5 of them
  10. I would set that as my New Years resalotion but I like to set Achebe goals
  11. Thanks for the compliments guys Mr. obsessive thanks for that tip I’ll make sure to do that on the next one
  12. here it is everybody. it is a revel 1968 dodge dart GSS painted Tamiya chrome silver. it has a wired distributer and the trim is the Molotow crome pen. it didn't turn out as good as I wanted but oh well its all a learning experience and the next one will be better. what do you think?
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