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  1. Ford Model T 1/16 scale by Revell

    Thank you, gentlemen.
  2. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C by Revell. 1/24

    I am surprised at how the paint went down and stayed dust free, I have no booth and painted/dried in an unprotected area. Light sanding and polishing obviously helps overcome the inevitable specks. I think the most important aspect of dust-free paint is quick drying and zero human/animal movement in the paint area during paint and curing
  3. Porsche 959 camera car

    Fascinating. I am a professional movie camera Grip, the guy who fixes the camera to where it needs to be fixed. Quite often to moving motor vehicles.... I can’t imagine nowadays the camera operator would willingly ‘hang out’ of such a track racer. It is a very interesting project, but now you need a realistically harnessed-in operator with a big Panavision or Arri camera for that close-up high speed racing action! Good colour choice too - camera tracking vehicles are almost always finished in matt black to prevent unwanted reflections. Great stuff, thank you
  4. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C by Revell. 1/24

    Picked up again, during my one day weekends... not too much progress, but I’m in no rush as you may have guessed. Another AB misting and wet coat of tamiya x-22 clear 50:50 with their lacquer thinners. Great results with minimal wet sanding to 12000, finished with tamiya polishing compound and Kiwi black parade gloss boot polish. Chassis, motor and interior test fitting in the background. Thanks for looking
  5. Ford Model T 1/16 scale by Revell

    Thanks. I was quite surprised when I was experimenting with the painted wood technique, using basic acrylic paints. I must admit it would be more difficult or impossible to achieve on smaller sculpted surfaces, using just one’s finger. I’m sure there must exist something to use as a finer tool for such a circumstance. A small child’s finger? 👇
  6. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C by Revell. 1/24

    I’m itching to get on, but a month-long work project begins, so everything else stops.. But I’ll be bumping this thread again soon enough. Looking forward to seeing those other Cobra WIPs... Thanks for looking.
  7. Mini Cooper

    That reminds me; I have three different versions of Tamiya’s Cooper to build... Detailing that teeny weeny A series engine is inded tricky. Almost like working on a 1:32 compared to the detroit iron around here! Good job
  8. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C by Revell. 1/24

    Going to be a short pause, work coming up... yeah.
  9. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C by Revell. 1/24

    Dammit. found the missing part. Too late. The gremlin appears to be me.
  10. Ford Model T 1/16 scale by Revell

    Thanks! I should really get on with the final touches and get this under glass!
  11. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C by Revell. 1/24

    Been hard at it today, yesterday’s clear coat got some minimal Micro Mesh 2500 and 6000 wet sanding plus some Tamiya polishing compound, followed by a dab of black Kiwi Parade Gloss shoe polish. As an additional note I have to say that Tamiya’s X-22 gloss mixed 50/50 with their own lacquer thinners creates a really easy to AB and quick drying clear. Highly recommended. thanks for looking
  12. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C by Revell. 1/24

    Speaking of cabling, there is no way to employ the kit dizzy. Time to experiment with styrene tube, tiny weeny wire sleeving and guitar string. The guitar string is 0.333mm diameter, giving a 1:1 cable dia of 8mm, roughly 1/4”, which is pretty much spot on. The red cable boots look a bit fat, but as long as the cables do not look like hosepipe I am happy. The other benefit of guitar string is that it can be permanently bent into position for elbows and scale ‘cable sag’. 🤞 I have no carpet, and the piece is relatively large, but gremlins ate suspension part #12, So I had to scratch one, coil springs and all.
  13. Hi Petesky you ard right, the paint is not gloss, but I have luckily escaped without any silvering. No decal serting solution applied, just distilled water. Indeed, a good moist wipe has left the surface ready for clear coats. Thank you all for your input
  14. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C by Revell. 1/24

    I think it will be inevitable, some added cabling and plumbing will just set the engine bay off. 👍
  15. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C by Revell. 1/24

    Whilst the body work builds up some clear coats, I can get on with some other parts. Test fit chassis, tub and engine: I lopped off those unrealistic concave exhaust tips and replaced them with some styrene tube: Thanks for looking.