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  1. ... and here's a bit of fun with the same model in a composite done today.
  2. Didn't go overboard with the details, but it's all there! Apologies, these are iphone pics.
  3. These are the kit wheels and tires. The kit is the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C. Engine photos request to be honoured presently... Thank you all for your comments.
  4. I think it is as it came out of the box, but also I set the suspension with the wheels-side-up. It is standing on a soft surface too, so it sinks a little.
  5. Yep, should be green and white with loads of decals, but I like 'em in black.
  6. Three years in the making xD
  7. Hello all! Well only THREE years later (!) I got around to finishing some details on this little stunner. So many projects to get on with, but as I was doing some photography I thought I should show this little beast in all its glory. Enjoy.
  8. Have not been here for over a year, other projects on the go, but I thought I would drop another picture now that I am itching to get back to the bench. Thanks!
  9. Wow what a special piece. Well done, it is beautiful to look at
  10. Beautiful MR2. Really great to see one of these on the forum. Thanks
  11. Digging that colour- and the tint on the windscreen.
  12. Utterly mint build, very eye catching!
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