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  1. I found one and the guy wanted 65$ it has the motor but the box is a little trashed. I didn’t want to get it to resell but didn’t want to get beat on it. It’s been along time since I tried to look up something on the web and not found much.
  2. Looking for info about maybe how much this would go for! In terms of $$. I can not find any info online about it at all. Thanks.
  3. Is that Dio on this forum? That engine looks awesome on that pallet and that cuckoo is cuckoo. the lighting, dust.........just wow.
  4. Whoo this is one bad ride. Love how it's random stuff for "aftermarket" parts. Well done sir. Definitely inspires me.
  5. Whoo bumb this old dog. That is a cool model.
  6. Don't know if you read his post jantrix but he's only been at it for 6 months. It's not real rust he painted it on its a model. And he is getting very good at it. Great build.
  7. my first build its going okay. Its fun but I'm a little sloppy. Any input is fine by me. im still working the body and will get pics of that up with a proper camera my fire talks louse photos. Yup just kinda freestyle. Tan\black interior flat black exterior gloss bed liner. might try to put mud on it. Working some panel lines now. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hello and thanks for reading. New to this and just got started on a amt hardbody nisssn which is going well also have a mustang convertible (revell) that I'm going to try some weathering on and kind of post apocalyptic ish. in just rattle can right now but will be exploring airbrush being that I have compressor and lines for those set ups. Also scored a amt 67 shelby i will be trying to do light custom realistically. I'm a big fan of trains (life size freight) and art that goes with them have been for 15+ years. Looks to me like you have a nice community here and I'm very excited to get involved in scale model already having some much fun with it. Will be posting pics in the proper places and I will see you out there. Thanks Brent... Breezy.
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