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  1. kerc added a post in a topic MPC Chevy Beretta...once again!   

    Thanks for the nice words, guys! I'm now waiting for a time slot to start priming/painting parts. Between work and family I haven't been able to do zilch.
  2. kerc added a topic in On The Workbench   

    MPC Chevy Beretta...once again!
    I've restarted this project for the winter...After building a few hot rods, I want to build a couple of unusual subjects. This is one of them, an MPC Chevy Beretta. This is the initial mockup:

    It won't have much customizations done other than wheels, tires, brakes, and a lowered suspension. Planned colors are white, burgundy interiors, and black wheels.

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  3. kerc added a post in a topic '34 Ford Racer   

    WOW. Amazing!
  4. kerc added a post in a topic 1923 Ford 'T' Carny Wagon   

    Great build! It's fun trying to figure out what kind of person lived in there.
  5. kerc added a post in a topic 70 Chevelle   

    Wow. Amazing paint. Looks very real. Love the stance, and the understated elegance.
  6. kerc added a post in a topic 1925 Ford Model "T" stock.......... pretty much   

    That is cute.
  7. kerc added a post in a topic '32 Ford roadster gluebomb rework. April 26: back on track   

    This is not just a build diary, this is a friggin' how-to article! Love this! Excellent work. I'm learning a LOT. Thank you!
  8. kerc added a post in a topic 1965 Buick Riviera   

    Those cars had truckload of style. A real American classic. You capture the elegance perfectly. Great job!
  9. kerc added a post in a topic HARD TIMES!   

    Keep it and finish it!
  10. kerc added a post in a topic Corvette 1997 AMT 1/24   

    That paint is so deep..!
  11. kerc added a post in a topic '28 Ford "Daily Driver Rat" rod   

    Ah, here's a pic.
  12. kerc added a post in a topic mk1 golf   

    Love this. Pretty much a badass build!
  13. kerc added a post in a topic '28 Ford "Daily Driver Rat" rod   

    Good tip about the wheels. Luckily I hadn't glued them to the backing, so I pulled the outer rims out, sanded them flat, and now they fit flush. Also put in the Texas plates. Now I'm done! Pics tomorrow from the show.
  14. kerc added a post in a topic `83 Trans Am   

    Love it! So squeaky clean.
  15. kerc added a topic in Under Glass   

    '28 Ford "Daily Driver Rat" rod
    Hey guys!

    Recently completed this model to compete in a local contest tomorrow! It's the '28 rat rod kit. I decided to build it as a "daily driver" rat, meaning that it had to be driveable and not slammed to the ground. The kit is basically stock except for the engine and driveline; they come from the AMT International Scout II kit. That's one huge 345 V8! Of course, it's not built as 4WD. Due to the engine size, I had to move back the cab and bed. Rear wheels come from the Scout, while the front wheels and tires come from the 1988 Revell VW Golf kit (?!). It has been properly weathered and dirties but not to the extreme.

    Only thing missing completion is the custom Texas license plate that I printed today.


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