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  1. Thats awesome. I thought it was a speaker at first sight.
  2. Im not getting any photos just to let you know.
  3. This is too cool. That fly rod and case are great. Very inspirational.
  4. Great truck. That tailgate came out great. Awesome model.
  5. Your buddy is going to be siked! Awesome Porsche. Great pics.
  6. Wow. Those are so well done. Very cool.
  7. Lookin good. That compressor looks amazing with the dust on it. Love all the tools around the shop. How big is this?
  8. Awesome build. Great job on the weathering the faded logo is spot on.
  9. An inspirational model for sure. Super cool. Thanks for the very detailed description.
  10. Cool. Let me tell you somthin about how i doit.............. But for real well done and great photos.
  11. I used 10w30 But You cant latch the hood correctly if you dont take the can out you no selling waste of space. I swear to god your worthless. Great job. Very cool idea. A prehistoric forest dio would be tight!!
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