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  1. 1989 was the first year for the IRS. I had an '88 with the 5.0. It was a nice enough car, but nowhere near as nice as the '90 Super Coupe that replaced it. The ride and handling was night and day different between the solid rear axle '88 and the IRS '90.
  2. I pre-ordered the Logano kit. Supposed to ship some time in February.
  3. Summit Racing has a pretty nice selection of Duplicolor. Shipping cost was $11.99 to the middle of Virginia for 3 cans of various sized spray paint.
  4. You have an Anycubic printer, right? If so, check your UV power percentage. The UV power can be adjusted and maybe your power was set low from the factory.
  5. You guys at the mag are killing it with the covers.
  6. As Dennis says above, you should be able to carefully pop that off of the fep. What is the temperature in the area that you are printing? A lot of resins are sensitive to low temps.
  7. The kits are already available in the states, though the supply seems to be limited at the moment. I got mine from HobbyNut Models.
  8. 0.05 is more than good enough for parts in 1/24 and 1/25 scale. I've stopped trying to print below 0.05 microns. Siraya Tech (the only brand of resin I use anymore) recommends not to go below 0.025 with their resin. They say that you will still be exposing the previously cured layers if your layers are too thin. The thinner the layer the more critical the exposure time. Over and under exposing can change the dimensions of the part dramatically. Play around with the AA and blur to combat visible later lines. How the parts are oriented on the build plate also plays a big role. Here is a great video about getting a smooth surface using angles and AA.
  9. I apologize that I missed the part where you said you tried reinstalling with no change. Chitubox has a free version. I've used it several times with no problems. Did your printer come with a slicer on the included thumb drive?
  10. Have you tried to reinstall Lychee? If you have a Facebook account you can check out the Lychee Facebook group. Lots of knowledgeable people there. Lychee has never crashed on me so I don't have any first hand knowledge of what to do.
  11. I forgot to set my DVR to record the Phillies/Braves game.
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