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  1. I like that version better than the Mark Wahlberg/Edward Norton remake.
  2. Got a Qidi Tech I-box mono 3d printer. I've had a Creality Halot One for a few months, but the small build plate was frustrating me. The 8.9 inch screen on the I-box seems huge compared to the 6 inch screen on the Halot One.
  3. I bought one for my 3 year old son that loves Hot Wheels and monster trucks, but it's just going to sit until he is old enough to build it with me. It's a heavy box. HPi Guy has a build up on his youtube channel. Looks decent to me.
  4. I don't have any idea which issue it was, I just remember that the album had a black label with the dog and the gramophone.
  5. As a child growing up in the late 70s, I would dig out my parents Elvis Presley Christmas album. It's not Christmas until I've heard Blue Christmas. I need to find that album again.
  6. Which Elegoo printer is that? I impulse purchased a Creality Halot One a few months ago. One of the few impulse buys that I didn't immediately regret. I'm already looking to upgrade to a model with a bigger build plate.
  7. I'm shooting for a look close to the Pure Vision Black Ops Fairlane
  8. Well, I'm going to give this a try again for 2022. Didn't make it to the starting line this year. I thought 11 months was enough time for what I was trying to do for 2021. I thought wrong. Decided to go with the AMT 66 Ford Fairlane 427.
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