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  1. I've used Mr. Hobby without a problem. I will happily use whichever one is available to me.
  2. All my cans have Rust-oleum on them. I only started using it about a year ago so I don't have anything to compare it to.
  3. There were no marked down Testors paints at my nearest HL either. I was able to get 3 cans of aluminum plate buffing metalizer. No other metalizers though.
  4. Createx has great videos explaining how to thin, mix, and spray their various products. Good stuff. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS5HUc0LJfMrBTawXRLibzg
  5. Great work. I like everything about it, especially the paint job.
  6. Man, I would love to have some of that snow instead of the ice that we've been getting. We are on our third ice storm over the last 8 days.
  7. Dominion Energy. Our power has been out for 3 days due to an ice storm. That's not Dominion's fault, so that's not why they irked me. What irked me is that their outage status update showed that our power would be restored today only for them to change it to tomorrow. This happened about an hour before the estimated time of restoration that they gave for today. I know these things happen but it's still a kick in the stomach.
  8. We saw Dunkirk on an IMAX screen. The theater was packed and completely silent from beginning to end.
  9. This is my niece's cat. I don't remember his name but he is part Maine Coon. He is a big one. Sorry he is slightly out of focus. He didn't seem to like having his picture taken.
  10. They seem to be turning into "lifestyle" magazines. I guess there is no money in pursuing enthusiasts anymore.
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