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  1. That looks great, Bill. Thanks for sharing your thought process on this.
  2. That's not 100% true. Lychee can be used as the slicer for all Creality Halot printers. I haven't tried Chitubox for my Halot One. Creality's Halot Box slicer works extremely well for Halot machines. I actually like it better than Lychee for what I do.
  3. Great looking Vette, Mike. Well done.
  4. Based on what I see on my daily commute, I would say that autonomous vehicles are already on par with the average driver.
  5. Good stuff. Thanks for making these available.
  6. I have cleaned my Master airbrush in an ultrasonic cleaner. It had dried up Stynylrez primer that I couldn't clean off of the needle and other parts. I used deionized water and after 30 minutes everything was clean.
  7. I ordered mine directly from Green Stuff World. Took less than a month from order placement to get from wherever they are in Europe to the east coast of the U.S. I haven't used it yet so I don't have advice for give.
  8. This is a great video testing different products to strip different types/brands of hobby paint. The only commonly used product, that I can think of, that wasn't tested is brake fluid. https://youtu.be/cKYh_fV5lhc
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