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  1. My Cobra R is coming along slowly. No pictures at this point but I should easily finish before the deadline.
  2. Very nice. I like the clean, nothing fancy look.
  3. Here is a build of the 83 vert to see if it has the air cleaner you are looking for
  4. I am a diehard Mustang fan, but that is one badass looking Camaro.
  5. Very nice. I want to drive it.
  6. Looks great. I especially like the color and wheel/tire combination. That's my favorite Trans Am body style.
  7. My Volt Racing decals from Indycals are supposed to be delivered today. I will post a picture after checking them out.
  8. Seems like it's not exactly as good as it looks: https://www.amazon.com/Craney-Mirror-Polish-Plating-Stainless/dp/B077YRHXQ8#customerReviews I tried to find reviews and this is all I could find. Of course I don't exactly know what the go-to sites are for nail polish.
  9. I bought a few items from him and I agree that he has good stuff. Shipped fast also. Shoot him an email. He responded to me pretty quickly considering the few hour time difference.
  10. More photos for those that are interested. http://www.mustangandfords.com/featured-vehicles/1804-trans-am-racing-ford-performance-race-car-gt4-mustang/photo-gallery/#/
  11. My wife has a 2012 Compass. I feel like I've found an Easter egg everytime that pos actually starts.
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