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  1. Based on what I see on my daily commute, I would say that autonomous vehicles are already on par with the average driver.
  2. I have cleaned my Master airbrush in an ultrasonic cleaner. It had dried up Stynylrez primer that I couldn't clean off of the needle and other parts. I used deionized water and after 30 minutes everything was clean.
  3. I ordered mine directly from Green Stuff World. Took less than a month from order placement to get from wherever they are in Europe to the east coast of the U.S. I haven't used it yet so I don't have advice for give.
  4. This is a great video testing different products to strip different types/brands of hobby paint. The only commonly used product, that I can think of, that wasn't tested is brake fluid. https://youtu.be/cKYh_fV5lhc
  5. I was thinking Kenny Powers, but upon closer inspection, I agree with you.
  6. An LX notch with Draglites is the quintessential Fox body look. I don't know if I would have been able to sell that car.
  7. I would say to go with the bigger printer. I bought a Creality Halot One for my first printer. It has a 6 inch screen. I like it but I can't get very much on the build plate. It's just slightly smaller than the Mars 3. Four months after buying the Halot One I ended up buying a Qidi i-Box Mono with an 8.9 inch screen because I needed more print volume. While it's only 2.9 inches longer diagonally, it offers more than twice the print area. A wash and cure station is convenient, but not a necessity. As far as resin goes, the water washable is good but brittle. It's also a little harder to clean up before curing. I now only use the non water washable, mostly Siraya Tech Fast, and clean with denatured alcohol. Different resins have different strengths of odor. Also, some printers do a better job of filtering the fumes than others. My Qidi does a better job than my Halot One. I said all that just to say I would recommend buying the biggest one that fits your budget. Besides, you will probably end up buying the bigger one anyway if you buy the smaller one first.
  8. @MrObsessive Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (I'm not sure about Windows 11) have 3D Builder built in. You can split the body that way. I tried it myself and it works, though I haven't tried to print the split body yet. Here is a quick tutorial
  9. Check out this YouTube channel: Barbatos Rex <--- link If anyone has tried it, it would be him. Lots of great videos on airbrushing different kinds of paint.
  10. I've had no luck thus far with tires and this resin. I had one fail where the tires separated from the supports. I think that was a support and exposure time problem. My fault. Then I had another where nothing adhered to the build plate. For that I think I didn't have my room and resin warm enough. Back to the drawing board.
  11. Tire files are the #1 thing that I have been searching for since I bought my resin printer a few months ago. Unfortunately, it seems like wheel files outnumber tire files about 500-1.
  12. Queensryche with Suicidal Tendencies 1991. Building Empires Tour. They played their album Operation Mindcrime in its entirety. Ozzfest '97, '99, '00, '01, and '03
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