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  1. The USPS finally delivered my issue today here in VA. I gave it a quick glance and I like what I see. Someone mentioned, either on this thread or another one, that they would like to see higher quality paper be used. I am fine with the paper within the mag, but would like to see a little better paper for the front and rear covers. That is a very small nit to pick, though. I have nothing but praise for the contents of this issue. Great job to all involved.
  2. The Truxmore Gran Torino is one of my all-time favorite NASCAR racers. Great set of cars.
  3. I'm hopeful that the USPS will get issue 208 to me before 209 goes out.
  4. I know my package is going to take a while if I see that it's been routed through PA.
  5. BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, I never even knew they were available. I was waiting for some sort of news regarding it's availability.
  6. I happened to be watching that movie recently and remember laughing at that line.
  7. I don't have any progress pics at the moment, but I did get some parts that I have been waiting for. FiTech EFI and tires from Fireball Modelworks for my Thunderbolt station wagon.
  8. All of you guys are doing a great job. I envy those of you that have the time to work on stuff. I don't have anything far enough along to be able to post any progress pics.
  9. I find that to be the most frustrating thing about the Shapeways website. That and some of the parts have no description whatsoever.
  10. I use scalehobbyist a lot. They are always the first place I look for something.
  11. That is a good one. Went completely over my head.
  12. Ooh, nice. I will buy at least 2.
  13. I visited the new HL near me that's been open about 2 weeks. Very limited model car shelf space. Not much in the way of paint either.
  14. I made the mistake of trying to paint the engine for my Thunderbolt 2 door wagon with a spray can that I had never used before. Of course I didn't do a test spray beforehand, what could possibly go wrong? I think the whole can emptied out with 1 squirt. The engine is now soaking in Super Clean. I guess that's what I get for being too lazy to get the airbrush and compressor out.
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