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  1. Yes, they make a PE upgrade set as well as a decal set.
  2. Shame you couldn't do a "full" version instead of just curbside. . . Would be wicked cool to have a front-engined front wheel drive car AND a mid engine rear drive car, all in the same (I guess technically, it'd be an AWD??) That aside, this is certainly a unique build and looking pretty good so far.
  3. I personally Use Microset/Microsol, and one thing I've found on super bendy/rounded shapes with multiple angles/curves is that it can take 3-4 applications of micro sol with lots of drying time in between. Love the car, love Porsche in general, and I can't wait to see what weathering pictures are to come.
  4. Took this photo at the M-B museum in Stuttgart and I think that this may be one of my favorite street/road cars of all time. For racing cars, I've always had a (not so) soft spot for Porsche enduro cars, such as the 917, 956, and 962s. This picture was taken on likely the same day, at the Porsche museum right across the street in Stuttgart
  5. I love DTM cars, and this is a great example of one. Love the work you did and how it came out.
  6. No pics as of yet (as they aren't done yet) . . . but I think the oldest kits in my collection, by manufacturing date would have to be the Jo-Hann Mercedez-Benz 500k, or the Heller Bentley 4.5L "Blower" Le Mans racer (the Bentley has been redone, however my copy of the kit has the decal sheet for car #8 which raced at Le Mans, all the repops I've seen are car #18)
  7. My wife bought this kit for me for father's day. . . I'm holding off on starting it till I can buy the photo-etch (which I will likely get the PE parts for the Audi Quattro S1 E1 as the same time). Will be watching this with interest.
  8. I have more of a soft spot for Tamiya's Tom's JGTC Supra, but that kit looks great as well
  9. I guess one would hope they get close to the level of accuracy/correctness that 'Rush' had when it came out. . . In terms of that, Niki Lauda, when asked about how accurate the movie was, said "about 80%" but in his usual fashion wouldn't really divulge much beyond that. My hope as a Le Mans fan is that this movie isn't "just" a film where Americans bash on Ferrari as some BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH car, the story of the GT40's birth and eventual dominance is remarkable enough without over the top silliness such as that.
  10. Thanks all, I'll have to check for these armor forums and other resources.
  11. Hello all, I'll try to be brief here so that there's more room/time for answering questions. On my "to-do" pile is a growing number of endurance racers, and for some of them I want to do that certain weathering that they all have at the end of a 24 hour race (those that survive). The noses of the Audi and 'Vette are what I'm on about. For the length of the race they are just getting pummeled, and collect up all those bugs and marbles and general grit. And that's what I'm asking y'all about today. I have a bunch of AK Interactive weathering stuff, and they have been great for things like dust/mud/smoke but I'm not sure what general techniques/products to use for the nose bits on the car.
  12. I honestly didn't see this till just now. . . the old Group B cars are seriously my faves. Yours looks quite nice, especially considering you saying you had to restore/rescue some of the decals. I've built the Heller version of this same car, and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. This is one I wish they'd repop for us.
  13. Well "got" today depends on definition of getting. . . In the mail, I finally got the Photo etch upgrades and decals for a Ferrari 250 GTO, and the PE upgrades for a 68 Ford GT40
  14. Thanks for the link, looks like they are sold out as well
  15. Beautiful build. . . I just ordered one of these kits online myself, however the PE up-detail kits were out of stock there. Could you post up a link for where you got your photo-etch?
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