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  1. Ferrari 250 gto fujimi

    Thanks for the link, looks like they are sold out as well
  2. Ferrari 250 gto fujimi

    Beautiful build. . . I just ordered one of these kits online myself, however the PE up-detail kits were out of stock there. Could you post up a link for where you got your photo-etch?
  3. Articles or sourcing

    Ohh this one is pretty good, looks well researched and admits their own limitations. Thanks
  4. Articles or sourcing

    Hello all, I am a historian by degree, and obviously love cars. . . There's a book or article that I'm after that I have not been able to find to this point. Long and short of it is, I'm wanting something that goes into the details on the how's and why's of the old, old racing colors. As most of us know cars were largely assigned colors based on their country of manufacture. . . So, I'm after a book/article/documentary video or something that really digs into that.
  5. Sauber-Mercedes C9 # 61 1989 Le Mans

    Have you taken a look at spotmodel.com ?? Ive found them pretty good for finding a ton of kits, and optional add-ons to kits.
  6. GT-40

    Just how did you get that Arctic Blue Metallic to come out looking like that!? I've been trying to spray the body of a 53 Ford pickup, and I'm bout to probably have to start again cuz of spray issues. Overall that is one sexy build.
  7. Audi Sport Quattro

    The weathering is quite nice. Watched this build from the workbench thread, and the contrast between the weathering on the inside and outside is quite big, but nice.
  8. Airfix Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7

    Looks great. . . with the cracked windshield, its literally the PERFECT time to mess around with weathering!
  9. Cars made under licence overseas

    Near the tail end of their lifespan, British Layland was building licensed Hondas under their own badging (according to James May's Cars of the People) Not quite the same thing but NUMI in California saw Chevy and Toyota "jointly" building early camry and corollas (which if I recall were badged as the Cavalier and something else for Chevy). . . of course, only one marque had decent reliable cars out of that venture.
  10. Heller Talbot Lago GP

    After having built another Heller kit, I've been right put off them permanently. . . I'm glad you're taking even more steps on this kit to make it look good than I did on my own project (I started a WIP thread here, but largely abandoned it as I finished the kit. . . 3/4ths of the car are in weathering pigment now ) This is looking quite good with all the extra work you're putting into it.
  11. 1969 Lincoln Continental sedan

    Great job. . . thing that astounds me is how the body is longer than the actual box. How were the pieces presented prior to the build??
  12. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 2/2/19

    Thing I've noticed in working one some other Group B cars and going to The Google for example photos, it really does seem that the cars changed appearance so often that it's little wonder our kit makers have so many variations/differences in decals
  13. Heller's Peugeot 205 EV 2

    Some progress over the weekend, got the cabin mostly done. . . Strangely, the kit is made with doors that nominally can open, yet it did not come with the three pedal setup that most kits do for the drivers' side. . . . Ultimately, I cannibalized the pedal setup from the PE upgrade kit I bought for my Lancia 037 build, as those doors do not open (nor does the interior appear to be overly visible). Additional 'bummer' moments with this kit include the fact that there are no decals for the setabelts, door interior is incomplete (will be attempting to copy the door liner bit from the Lancia kit again, it may not technically be correct, but it will look better than a hollow void in the door area). There are even further areas where proper detail is lacking, namely in the wheel arches/well area. . . Essentially when you build the cabin, you have a blocky front/rear panel, and when you attach the body, there are massive intentional gaps/holes that are not covered even when the wheel and tire assembly is installed, so, this kit is turning more and more into some early scratch building efforts on my part, and I hope that they come out pretty well to at least mask the lack of detail in the actual kit.
  14. Heller's Peugeot 205 EV 2

    Short-ish update, got basically "step 1" of the instructions done. . . this is the bottom tray of the car, the engine block and transmission/wishbones on the rear: To answer a few previous questions: I have no idea how related to the Tamiya kit this one is, but I suspect they are not related at all. . . This is due to how Tamiya typically sets up the attachment points for wheels (ya know, inner wheel spikes, with a rubber washer that goes into the brakes to allow builders to have rolling wheels). . . .The mold isn't the most crisp and clean I've seen, plenty of mold lines to clean up on most everything I've clipped so far, dry fitting can be a "pain" because how tight the contact posts are with their matching holes. . . However with that tightness, once you get glue in there, things slide together quite nicely.
  15. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 2/2/19

    Looking absolutely solid so far, decals are usually the part I hate doing the most, but get the most satisfaction when the come out right