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  1. Thank you Bruce! This is the current status of my project. Don't blame me for the seatbelts, I took them from a Renault RE20 kit many years ago, when I was young and dumb. Today I am old and dumb. Unfortunately the blue #20 is not available any more, it says "soon back in stock". I would like to make the '77 version again, so I guess I have to wait. All I have is the decal set from Indycals for the '78 version which is also sold out now ... Mm.
  2. Fantastic stuff, love your work. As I told some weeks ago, I am also trying to rebuild an old WR1 model, and I would like to show you how I did the sidepod painting. Here are the pre-painted parts. Then I put some gold paint on the sidepods. Here are the maskings, printed on self-adhesive paper and cut out by hand. Fixed them on the sidepods. Primer again. Blue color. Result. It's not perfect, but not as bad as I suspected. I am unsure whether or not to put clear coat on top. Thanks for your help in this forum. Mm.
  3. Hello everybody, hello Bruce, I just found this thread and registered to the forum because right now I am restoring the very same model which I built some 30 years ago. I am highly impressed by your work, Bruce, this is really good stuff. I have the same problem you are encountering because I want to paint the side parts of the bodywork. And I do not have the decals anymore to make a scan. So my question is: If you have the decals, and if you do make a scan, would it be possible for you to share a copy with me? Then I could make some masks for the paint work ... Thank you and greetings from Germany Magnus (but everybody calls me Mold)
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