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  1. Well things happen. I wasn't able to finish in time, but it was fun and rekindle my interest in model building. I'll continue to post and continue to finish off the Prostar. We had moved back to Texas from Gainesville, VA (Near DC) after 12 years. We had kept our house in Texas so when moving back we had two households squeezed into one house. We have spent the better part of 9/10 months sorting through stuff, selling off some, other get tossed (never can remember why we kept that), and reorganizing everything so that it all fits. I've moved back into my hobbyspace/trainroom but I have to clean out this area as it was used as a controlled environment storage space for 12 years. My youngest son stayed in the house while we were gone, so he shuffled things around, and we probably told him to stick stuff in the trainroom while we were gone. anyway......Back to the build....more to come.....
  2. June update. Things are progressing. updates to the frame as well as "Dechroming" a few pieces. I decided to dechrome, things like the fuel tank, steps, rims etc. I think this would look better and more realistic painted a steel color. more like a working truck that I see on the road today. Don't know if I'll finish in time, however, I'm having a ball building this kit....
  3. Due to family issues, I've not been able to work much on the truck so the May Update is minimal work. hopefully in the next week or so I'll make some progress and post.
  4. Things are progressing. This is the first kit I've built in a great many years and so far, I'm enjoying the effort. The engine is complete, the frame is probably 50 % complete. I'm in the process of stripping some of the Chrome parts as the air tanks don't need a chrome finish. Silver or aluminum is a better color. I've also thought about plumbing the airlines, however I've not found a good source describing those or where they go on this model, so I'll go back to making this basically a stock build. I'm using both the Mobius instructions and the Revell instructions to build this kit. Anyway, here's April's update with I hope another update in the next week or so....
  5. March update... Things have been a little slow...life get in the way sometimes. but progress is being made. Mainly on the motor. I think we're going for a Knight's Trucking paint scheme. at least that's the way I'm leaning now. Was also able to pick up some PE for both the chassis and the interior. (Probably won't use the Chassis one, save it for the Lonestar kit) also picked up some "glad hands". So progress is being made...slow but sure and enjoying the build.
  6. Here's some photos of today's MCMA Showdown in Dallas, TX... https://photos.app.goo.gl/y6YvmpuqVaQvFENw5
  7. Here's the 2/8/19 Update..... Started on the Frame and the Engine as you can see in the attached photo. So progress is being made.....
  8. Well here's the kit on the bench. investigating adding working lights to straight kit build...We'll See.
  9. I have never built a big rig model....so this is the challenge...never entered a build before...another challenge.... I'd like to add this build to build off!!
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