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  1. I also masked and painted the sides with white gold and did a couple of stripes on the roof. These look a bit obvious now, but there's going to be lace panels and fingerprint sections covering some of it and under red candy, it should give a nice effect.
  2. Ok, so after a bit of thought, I decided the control arms I made were pony. So I relocated them and made them a bit better. Now it looks more workable:
  3. Thanks for taking the time to show me how you did yours. I found that I needed to completely remove the tops of the arches or the tyres hit them. The wheels came with big n little tyres, but it would probably have been better to get all four in the smaller size. It would've made life easier, but fat rears look so much better, I reckon. The 3D printed cooler had more surface lines than I had hoped for, but the plastic is quite hard (much harder than styrene) and responds well to files and 1200 grit wet n dry. ps I like the tiny nuts n bolts on your front suspension. It looks like it operates 😉
  4. Cheers Espo I've got a parts box driveshaft with extra universal joints that can get around the driveshaft issue. The ride height is going to be 'parked in the weeds', so suspension travel isn't an issue here.
  5. The rear of the chassis needed some work to get the tail properly low. Some of the inner arches needed cutting away and clearance was required for the rear axle differential. more tweaking needed but this is it so far:
  6. I love the shape of these cars and this Galaxie Ltd. kit is lovely to work with. got a swamp cooler 3D printed by Shapeways in the Netherlands, artillery wheels from The Parts Box, in Australia. Roof n fenders will be candy red and the hood and sides will be white gold.
  7. Nice one I've seen plenty as grubby as this! I like the repairs and weathering, too
  8. Thanks Yeah, they're totally nuts, but I really admire the creativity, finish and mechanics of them. I've only seen them on YouTube and they make me chuckle when they bounce them, especially gas hopping and 3-wheeling. Crazy.
  9. That is so cool. I agree with everyone else. That bare metal effect is superb. inspires me to build one.. 🙂
  10. Looks like you wrestled a fine looking build outta that kit. Thanks for the headlight UV glue tip.
  11. 1st class build. You nailed it. The stance is perfect.
  12. Crikey! I wish I could get that many done! Really nice builds and your paint looks brilliant!
  13. Ditto! The daylight makes your excellent build look 1:1
  14. 100% bang-on! super clean build. Very classy 👍
  15. And the interior...., in case you're interested
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