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  1. You knocked it outta the park! Really great finish. You did this old kit real justice 👍👍
  2. Thanks man yeah, I wanted to try and keep it sophisticated without looking like a fairground ride. I kept thinking I should add this or that, but I'm pleased that I stopped when I did.
  3. Thanks for the collective thumbs-up, guys. I'm glad you approve. 🙂
  4. Curbside, so no engine in this one
  5. This is the Model King re-pop. I don't know how the latest re-issue compares, but this was a nice easy build, with no major fit issues. I wanted to represent a Watson style paint job. And it was good airbrush practice. The foil was quite time consuming, but worth the effort, I think. anyway, I hope you like it.. feel free to give it a critique if you like
  6. Thanks for following the progress, everyone. It's now Under Glass 🙂
  7. Got most of the foil done couldn't resist doing a mockup to see how it all looks
  8. Thanks Espo yes, the upholstery decals are from Scale Motorsports. I was going to use nail decals for zebra stripes, but they weren't quite right. Luckily these were the correct colour 😉
  9. Got the interior done today. parts box steering wheel had the same two tone divisions as the original. Which was lucky. Added a dash mounted mirror, and the foiled dash was given a coat of matt clear. carpets added using ds tape and embossing powder
  10. 😂 that sums it up nicely, Tom. Cheers!
  11. You're right mate. The decals are good and went down well, but like you say, don't keep mucking about with them once they're on. Let the decal solution do the work. Come back later to get the bubbles out and they'll be easier to deal with.
  12. I had to rethink the seat fabric. The zebra decals weren't big enough to do the job. Then I remembered some decals in my stash, from Scale Motorsport. Perfect match to the exterior and they look kinda period correct.
  13. Thanks! I'm glad you approve of the colour scheme. I'd seen some early 60's customs that had patterns in muted colours. As this isn't a lowrider, I decided to use fewer colours. As it is, this is still quite colourful, as one of the colours flip flops into a rich purple 🙂 looking forward to seeing your LeBaron completed 👍
  14. Finish it! You know you want to! Not enough of these posted, by far! I see you opened the hood on yours. What chassis/interior did you use?
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