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  1. Thanks man painting has become my favourite part! I love playing with colours. I guess it's also the endless learning curve...it took me years to take the plunge and get an airbrush. I used to think I'd need a PhD in painting. Now I actually enjoy experimenting with it. It's final assembly I hate. Very stressful.
  2. Ah, the sun. I remember seeing that. Bright thing. Lives in the sky. yeah, these colours go wild under good light. The camera never seems to pick up the subtleties that the naked eye can see.
  3. 😂 don't worry. No offence taken buddy! glad you all dig the paint! suspension and some engine parts are now gloss black, awaiting some Molotow chrome. Chassis now orange. Interior and engine, today. And some more clear on the body.
  4. Got the ride height sorted today. I had to cut away a little bit of chassis and grind out the transmission tunnel, and shorten the shock absorbers. But it was an easy job. Drilled out the Pegasus wheels to fit onto the kit axles. Easy. got the tail-dragging look I was after.
  5. Finished the paint today. Gave it a couple of clearcoat and the colours really pop, especially the flake. It'll need a wet sanding but it's not too bad.
  6. I cut the tape into 1mm strips and curve it as I lay it down. I've got a bit quicker at it, now. If a line goes astray, just lift it and reapply. I like to paint as soon as the tape's done. If I leave it too long, some tighter curves want to lift.
  7. Thanks Espo I'll definitely use that technique. been doing a bit more painting today. The sides are about to get done, too.
  8. Hi Bill I'm going to drop the tail and keep the front at stock ride height, for a tail dragging stance. This will probably involve trimming the coil springs and possibly making new control arms. I haven't looked at it yet. I do that part of the build while the body dries and gasses-out.
  9. Sweet ride, man! I doubt I could get that parked at my house, without hanging over the pavement/sidewalk.. Nice body lines on these Montes. I love the long hood. anyway, got some more tape down last night. Thought about it all day at work. Decided it was no good. Came home, took it off and started again. I really like fingerprint patterns on lowriders, but they're a bit fiddly and so it took all evening and I forgot to eat. gave it a subtle fade around the edges. More colours to come. I haven't started the sides yet.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to consider this, Espo. No offence taken, buddy. Yes, it's kinda deliberate. I basically use body lines to help orientate the pattern. The widening of the lines is an extension of the diverging lines on the hood. Once the lines are painted and look separate, I'm confident the pattern will make more sense. At the end of the day, it's all freestyle and a bit of a gamble, but I enjoy surprises!
  11. 2 years?! Lol! I know what you mean. Hardest part is knowing when to stop!
  12. All I planned was that it will be mainly orange. nice body on this kit. Mold lines were well positioned and feint. here's the tape so far
  13. That's really cool, Steve! I like the cf on the mufflers. Very tidy. These are great little kits, aren't they? Only 22 parts or thereabouts and some nice details. Good tyres, too. Could be made into a street fighter, with a bit of a tweak.
  14. Thank you very much everyone. I'm glad you approve. here's a couple of engine shots that I forgot to add.
  15. Well, little Kenny doesn't want to sit on his bike properly, so I'll decapitate him and just use the helmet. Shame, because those decals were a proper bugger to get on. anyway, here's some better finished photos:
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