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  1. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    Thanks Espo yeah, at first I thought I'd ruined it. But the purple went on a bit velvety and I figured the clear would sort it out and bring the patterns out. True.. I lost some colour. But it's a nice effect, with parts of the design being more visible from certain directions. I'm glad I left some lines silver. They really pop in the sun 😎
  2. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    Thanks for the nice comments. I know this sort of thing isn't to everyone's taste! Getting the symmetry right can be tricky. I probably pull up and re-position the tape half a dozen times before I get it looking where I want it. I try to use body lines and edges as reference points to gauge distances. For bends and curves, use a longer piece of tape than you actually need and sweep it in an arc, while pressing the tape down where you want it. Even Tamiya flexible tape doesn't like tight radius curves. It puckers and lifts, so I use 3M blue tape, cut to 1mm strips. Then block out whichever side of the line, if you need to, with bits of wider tape. I stick used tape to the edge of my bench to tear up into bits for masking around a curve.
  3. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    I liked the variation in colour on the different panels, but it was always my intention to use purple candy. The design feels a bit more cohesive now. I think it looks classy, too. I hope you agree. He candy is a bit matt, so I reckon the patterns will stand out more after clearcoat. i left some fine line tape on before the candy, to make it pop a bit more
  4. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    Got the wheels drilled out to fit the axles and couldn't resist a mock-up.. 🙂
  5. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    I didn't like the blue fades on the sides, so I covered them with some blue/purple. that looked too plain, so I masked it with some self adhesive foil border pattern for card making. Some chrome pink was shot over this. Just waiting for some purple candy to arrive in the mail and I can finish it off.
  6. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    A bit more paint done...
  7. 61 Impala build

    Thanks for the info. I've used double sided tape, with good results. allowing everything to dry properly is probably where I've been going wrong. I tend to tap off the excess flocking too soon. Then it looks lumpy. Tape is smoother 😉
  8. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    Then laid down tape in a sunray pattern, before shooting some chrome pink over the tape edges..
  9. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    I got a bit more done today. Got through a fair amount of tape, too. first, added shadow with a bit of black
  10. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    Wow! I love it! Definitely worth finishing 😉
  11. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    Thanks! yeah, you've gotta seal it. Either clear or candy, depending on how the pattern is going. Although, subsequent tape layers are reduced in tackiness, by laying the tape on my inner forearm, before applying it to the model. This helps prevent lifting of the tape underneath when I remove top layers.
  12. 1969 Cadillac DeVille Convertible

    Blimey! that's really nice! You did an amazing resurrection on it
  13. 61 Impala build

    Well worth the effort. it looks great! how did you get the flocked carpet to look so nice?
  14. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    Got the first colour on. Really cheap 'chrome' purple nail polish. Came out lovely for £2 a bottle then added some lace nail art decals to a few panels
  15. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    Now to cut some fine line tape and get creative with the paint!