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  1. Austin Mini V-Tec rear engine

    And a quick wheel pose, just to see how it's going to look. Luckily, the O/D of the tyres, is the same as the kit tyres, so no arch adjustment required.
  2. Austin Mini V-Tec rear engine

    I mocked up the engine with white glue, to see how it fits. Plenty of room in there, allowing for the cage, too.
  3. Austin Mini V-Tec rear engine

    I'll make a fuel cell to go where the fwd engine was. The floorpan will be cut away at the back and I'll need to fabricate a frame/roll cage to mount the engine etc. I've seen online videos of this type of engine swap, and these cars accelerate like lightning. Even faster with an R1 or Hyabusa motorcycle engine. 0-60 in 3 seconds, easy!
  4. Austin Mini V-Tec rear engine

    I got the Tamiya kit from eBay for about £20. The Honda B-18 engine is by Studio 81, the seat, photo etched fuel caps, fire extinguishers and wheels came from ScaleProduction.de. I'm very impressed with the wheels. They're really well made and the tyres are good.
  5. I saw a Mini in a yard and had to get a closer look. Couldn't believe it had a Volvo 2L turbo engine stuffed into the rear. I decided on the spot, that I'd have to try and build one.
  6. 1959 "Wild Cad" Custom

    Blimey, John! Absolutely beautiful. If I can get even halfway to your level of skill, I'll die a happy man.
  7. Tamiya Mini Cooper 1275S Rally

    Well done! I'm about to start the racing version of this kit. Considering this is one of your first car builds, you're getting some nice results. Mistakes teach you. Learning new skills, is half the fun. Keep at it!
  8. El Camino!

    Came out well. Deserves the '!' Looks great. Front end looks aggressive.
  9. Ollies buyout '61 Impala Convertible

    That's really cool! I've wondered about Lindberg kits, for quality. But it seems they're pretty good, now I've seen yours 👍
  10. Stanced Mk1 VW Golf gti

    Good tip, Pat. Anyone wanting to do this, remember to seal the printed decal paper with some clear. Or the ink will blur when you dip it in water 😉
  11. Stanced Mk1 VW Golf gti

    Thanks, Will. I spent a fair bit of time on google images, researching the look I was going for. Nice to know a VW addict gives it the thumbs up 👍 I suspect the camber makes them handle a bit strange, but I think it looks cool!
  12. Stanced Mk1 VW Golf gti

    Thanks for the positive comments, guys! Janne, the stickerbomb decal came from modelcars.de (eBay) I think it was about €10. I've just checked and they don't seem to have any in stock, but it's worth a look anyway. They've got some unusual decal sheets, which could spark a few ideas 👍
  13. 1960 Pontiac Bonneville

    Nice detail work and the colour combo works well. Looks authentic. I'm no expert in these cars, but I reckon an Elkie style custom would really suit it 😉
  14. Custom ‘64 Mercury Marauder

    Awesome! The whole colour combo works well. Sits nicely on those wheels, too. The hood scoops look good as well 👍
  15. Stanced Mk1 VW Golf gti

    As a break from 50's chrome, I decided to build this after I saw a slammed, stanced VW. This kit is nice to build and goes together well. The rear lights went in without glue 👍. I flared the arches and gave the driver an aftermarket seat and plumbed the fuel injection system. The number plate on the dashboard, seems to be a typical feature on these kind of cars in the U.K. At least, it is in West London. I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I embrace the whole spectrum of car culture. It's all about personal expression through vehicles, in my book. anyway, I hope you like it