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  1. '60 Impala lowrider

    Sorry but I don't know the brand. Nothing printed on the cardboard ring to give me a clue. I've had it for literally decades! But it's still very sticky. I also use this tape to mount small parts on wooden lolly sticks to paint them.
  2. '60 Impala lowrider

    Finished the interior. Separate window cranks are a nice touch in this kit πŸ‘ Flocked carpet applied with double sided tape. Works better than pva white glue.
  3. '60 Impala lowrider

    Thanks, got the floor carpeted and the door handles on the interior last night. I'll post pics later when I get home from work. No need to thin it. Shot it at about 12psi over a gloss black base, although I forgot to paint some small parts black, so shot the chrome paint over bare styrene. The results were very similar.
  4. Revell Datsun 510 ( tuner or drift car)

    Awesome! that paint looks WET! I'm impressed by the shine you got on it. You made the right choice with the wheels. Black would be good, but a dark gold would contrast well with the body colour. Or a gunmetal with a hint of gold. engine etc. look spot on
  5. '60 Impala lowrider

    I've found some nice cruiser skirts for it. I also sprayed the clear and added some iridescent nail polish to give it a prismatic effect on the silver..
  6. '60 Impala lowrider

    It's difficult to accurately account for time spent on this. I do a little bit whenever I can. But the fingerprint pattern, for example, took a day. I needed frequent breaks! thanks for the kind words and interest, guys. I'm glad you like watching the progress of this build. I finished the running gear and chassis this weekend. Molotow chrome used extensively!
  7. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    What can I say that hasn't already been said? It's very interesting to watch the progress of your builds, Dann. Your attention to detail is a real benchmark for most of us here, I would guess. Those seats, by the way, really do look like alcantara. Bravo mate! Keep showing us your incredible work
  8. '60 Impala lowrider

    ☺️ Thanks chaps I'm itching to get the clearcoat on and polish it up. I think the colours will look much better, then. I'll set the body aside for a few days and get on with the rest of it. I bought a bottle of Molotow chrome paint, which I intend to airbrush onto the engine, suspension and rear axle. I'll have to be careful how I handle the parts, as the chrome can show up fingerprints. I'll do extensive test fittings, so the chromed parts just drop into place, during final assembly 🀞
  9. 64 Impala lowrider (photo update 8/8/17)

    Here's my second attempt:
  10. 64 Impala lowrider (photo update 8/8/17)

    Thanks this was my first attempt at a lowrider paint job. Before I discovered dual blades and an airbrush. It's a lot harder with rattle cans...!
  11. Flintstone Flyer Too....x3

    What an awesome build! Very unique and well executed. Looks like great fun, too.
  12. '60 Impala lowrider

    Thanks again for taking the time to leave such nice comments, guys. I really appreciate it. got a lot done today. Changed my mind about what to do on top of the fins. I found some self adhesive border pattern (for greeting card hobbyists). Some careful placement rendered a nice lace-style pattern. I used the same in the centre line. I added shading to the twirling ribbon and finally shot raspberry glitter nail polish over the remaining silver areas. when the tape came off, I'm glad to say it looked as it did in my mind's eye πŸ‘ I was going to go for mica white with silver pinstripes on the sides, but I like the way the silver pinstripes in the red areas tie in with the sides. Kinda makes the whole design more cohesive, I reckon.
  13. '60 Impala lowrider

    Cheers Anthony! I'm glad you like what I'm attempting here . just finished painting the pattern with silver and red flake. The red flake particles didn't seem to come out of the airbrush and kinda collected in the bottom of the cup. As a result I got something more like a raspberry candy, which is fine, cos I can add flake to the topcoat if it isn't sparkly enough. I've removed some more tape. The patterns are starting to gain clarity and I can see if it's anything like I imagined... glad to say it is πŸ‘
  14. '60 Impala lowrider

    Thanks guys just finished the fingerprint pattern. Going to have a cuppa and think about what colour to spray through this pattern. I'm considering silver, for a higher contrast, to make the background colour look like it's about a foot below the silver. πŸ€”
  15. '60 Impala lowrider

    That's right, David. Each strip is put in place with tweezers and my fingertip. I stick about 12" of tape down, then cut it into strips. When I'm doing shorter lines, I cut the tape in half. That way you can keep your flow and don't have to stop to cut more tape. oh, and on tighter radius curves, burnish the tape down, or it tries to lift. Also, when doing tight curves, make sure you're working on a shiny surface. Metallic paint needs sealing with clear before tape is applied, or the microscopic roughness of the surface will reduce the adhesion of the tape.