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  1. I did something stupid. I wasn't thinking properly when I used rattle can Matt clear over the Tamiya acrylic paint. It started to create tiny holes in the paint. I quickly blew it with some air to dry it before the damage got worse. Then had to remask areas and repaint the affected areas. Luckily it wasn't too bad and you can't see it now. The Tamiya matt clear with X-20A thinner worked perfectly. I flocked the carpets and added a tachometer. The flocking turned out to be a good colour match 😉👍
  2. Couldn't resist a quick mock up, to see if it matches the image in my mind's eye. Glad to say, it does. This shot was taken pre- sanding. Rattle can clear is hard to beat.
  3. These one-piece interiors take a fair bit of masking. This one took about 90 minutes to tape up. it looks a bit shiny, but I'll knock that down with some matt clear. then molotow pen on the dash, seat buttons and door trim.
  4. Thanks Espo I'm glad you like it. Cheers Eric give it a go, mate. It's great fun! Thanks buddy got another week or two left in this.
  5. Fantastic custom kitbash LSD trip of a build, David.! I love it. are you going to rivet some panels? Archer fine transfers, do 3D waterslide strips of rivets, welds and louvres (but you probably know that already)
  6. Yeah, that floorpan/chassis looks great in multi-tone black. I'm a big fan of Impalas. Not built a 65 yet. Looking forward to seeing yours done. Especially the interior..
  7. Man! That worked out sweet! utterly unique and cool
  8. Looking good, Pete! This is going to look great on your shelf 👍
  9. Top quality work. I always enjoy watching your builds progress. Such excellent attention to detail. I love it.
  10. That looks great! I love the shade of purple and those old school caps suit it well. Stance looks good, too.
  11. Yeah, it is. I normally stick tape to my inside forearm before I apply it, to reduce the tackiness. Looks like I forgot in a few places. No worries, it'll be super shiny, soon!
  12. Nice one mate. I appreciate it. couldn't resist removing the tape before bed, tonight...glad I did. I'm happy with the results. The lilac body goes well with the purple roof.
  13. Thanks David please post your Electra build. I'd like to see it 👍
  14. Got the purple candy on. I think it worked out ok.
  15. Thanks Espo, I'm glad your digging it! Yes, the lace and the stars are nail art decals. £1.25 a sheet on eBay. Just search 'nail art decals' I've got a bunch of them now.. hibiscus flowers, skulls, roses, tartan, zebra.. The lace pattern decals seem to be mainly black, but there are some white ones around. They behave well, respond to setting solutions and don't seem to react to clearcoat. Thanks for your generous comments, everyone. It means a lot.
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