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  1. Windshield frame is done. I ended up using 1mm half round spru to achieve this. I removed the wipers and sanded down what remained of the kit windshield frame. I then in glued the half round in place and then i did each corner over a period of time to allow bending the spru for the corners. Turned out ok. I have just sorted the tailgate out which should be the last of the body mods. Going for a solid non opening tailgate. Get some pics up soon of that. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome. Tom you got me interested and the foose frame would pretty much go under without too much trouble. Just a few adjustments where it joins the running boards. I have another of these kits which i will compare at some point.
  2. Working on the door lines and filling a few other areas at the same time. Body work is coming along. Not looking forward to remarking the windshield frame, will use a drawing compass with two points to get the frame marked out. Started getting the frame together. Springs are attached, giving an idea of ride hit with swapping the axle to on top of the springs. Rear axle is getting a nine inch treatment. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.
  3. Couldn't help it. Photos side by side with the Foose pickup. The 53 roof is pretty much level with the top of the Foose door frame. The bodies don't look that different until you swap over the hoods.
  4. Thanks guys. my80malibu I should get more photos comparing the two but on the first page of this build there is photos comparing this to the Foose pick up. Only thing is the Foose pick up i have sectioned by 2mm. I need to get back onto that project as well. Thanks for looking.
  5. Been busy finishing a few other projects this one interrupted. Little progress. Have marked out the new door lines. Had a little problem with one side not being how i wanted it. I created a plastic template to get the same shape on both sides. Had to fill in the line with plastic and remark. Still need to fill the old panel lines and reshape the door frame to suit the new door lines. Thanks for looking.
  6. Just thought I'd share the ratio i use for mixing paint. Can't claim credit for it but i use it for mixing enamels to airbrush. I mix gloss paints at a ratio of two parts thinner to three parts paint. Flat at a ratio of one part thinners to three parts paint. I use this as a guide and generally works for me. Interested to see if others follow a ratio? I never understood the "milk Consistency" thing. I assume this could be applied to other paint mediums but I suggest doing a test spray first. I use small disposable medicine cups for mixing paint in, they have measurements on the side making mixing to a ratio easy.
  7. 40 Ford "Starlet"

    Great looking custom. Love the colour. The chop looks great too. I have yet to chop the top on one of these, might have to change that i think.
  8. 48 Ford Custom Coupe x 1

    The fadeaway fenders are an option in that kit. So many optional extras in that kit the 48 ford custom coup.
  9. Back to the hobby - 68 dart hemi

    Nicely done. Welcome back.
  10. Beemax BMW M3

    Very nice. Great looking model.
  11. 48 Ford Custom Coupe x 1

    From here color was applied. Engine and chassis are out of the box, no changes. Couple with color. Last two are showing the difference between the matt paint and then with clear over that. I enjoyed this build. Not over the top looking but still you know things have changed. I haven't really mentioned the hood but it was sectioned same amount as the body. These types of builds aren't so scary If you have a plan and start out mild. I've made a few mistakes along the way but in the end they're only models and i do this for enjoyment. Thanks for checking this out.
  12. 48 Ford Custom Coupe x 1

    Major body work done. Remarked the door lines and then Started on the front end with fitting the grill. The headlights are the kits headlight beezel but sanded them down smaller for a frenched look. I used headlight covers from the parts box but can't remember if those smaller lights are from the kit or not. Attached the rear tail lights. I moved the bumpers closer to the body. Meantime i had cut down the interior to fit as well. The firewall also had to be modified.
  13. 48 Ford Custom Coupe x 1

    Next up was the fadeaway fenders. Just got them at the angle i liked which flowed from the front fenders, cut of the bottom of them off and filled the gap between fender and door. Almost ended up with a running board look to the bottom of the fender.
  14. 48 Ford Custom Coupe x 1

    Guy take that plunge. It's only plastic is my motto. Start subtle is my advice and then cut more out next time. Next step is to change the angle of the rear window and change the deck lid. Pics in this step are a little limited so i posted a stock body to show the changes. I cut thhis panel out in one pieace. I did this by cutting just before where the roof starts to slope downwards, I didn't cut all the way across the body. I left the widows as and left the sides of the roof in place. Sounds odd and wish i had a photo of this step but i don't. When I Glued this pieace back in i changed the angle of the rear window and lowered the deck lid height. In a way pie cutting the deck lid. As i moved the window back it created a gap which i filled and added putty to reshape this area. End result in primer
  15. 48 Ford Custom Coupe x 1

    Thought I'd show my work of one of the 48 fords i recently posted in under glass. I started the mods by sectioning the body 3mm. When it came to the rear fenders i only removed 2mm, giving myself a little room to work with. A pic of the end result, then the body mods.