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  1. looking good. Nice work going on here. Nothing like cutting them up and putting them back together.
  2. nice to see some aussie models on here. i've got one of the hk sedans in my stash. I too need to get some projects finished. Some nice work going on here
  3. Thanks everyone. Really enjoyed building this one. Zippi, I looked at the covering o bought at my local hardware store and it had no branding on it unfortunetely. I took a chance on it and it was lucky it in scale for my needs.
  4. Nicely done. Weathering looks realky good. I like it.
  5. Nice build. Looks good. Fun being able to build your pickup in scale. Well done.
  6. Finally this one is completed. There is a wip in progress that details this build under the same name, details my work. Not much hasn't been modified. I'm calling it a traditional custom. Axles were swapped to top of the springs to lower the ride. Chassis was modified too. Cab was sectioned 6mm. Hood sectooned 4mm Bed sectioned 4mm and was shortened and i believe the 57 chevy fenders used from the kit. Wood is fake wood, well a hardware store found covering for furniture but seemed to work here. Like bare metal foil but wood. Chop top was 2mm but then i cut it again between the drip rail and and the roof another 2mm, so top came down by about 4mm. Created my own windshield frame but rear window was left stock height. Grill is parts from 48 ford custom grill and kit lights. Kit rear light. Interior is custum with my own door cards made up. Dash is 56 Victoria. Custom steering wheel from kit. Couple picks comparing to my foose kit which i sectioned also. Other pick is a hood from a 50 ford pickup im building. Tooke too long to complete but realky happy with it. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome
  7. Well finally this is nearly finished. I believe radiator hose and it's finished. Will get some better pics. Didn't want to move, to make sure wheels stay where they should. Thanks for looking. Three years in the build but life has been a little intense but good to be pretty much finished. I'm really happy with end result. Had fun building it which is the whole idea. Comments welcome.
  8. Bit more progress here. Came across issue of tailshaft fitting. Due to lowering the tailshaft was hitting part of the frame. Solved this by adding a piece of cut down tubing to allow fittment of the tailshaft. Frame and engine has been attached. Just working on the exhaust system. Getting closer to completion. Thanks for looking
  9. Nice project. Gets me motivated to get back on the custom one I'm building.
  10. This is some great building here. Well done. Love how you did the control arms.
  11. Paul Payne, thanks for your input. I've a modified foose 56 kit in progress. As per your suggestions,which i welcome, i did contemplate moving the front wheel fenders but decided against. I understand the reason for moving them this wasn't the build for that.... I'd never done the headlights on the angle so that was the choice. I do see some room for improvement in the grill but I'm also happy with it, so it's staying as is. I welcome your feedback but things are in final stages of completion. Took kind bout the body work. I build what i like. I still make mistakes but you learn from them and your skills improve. My 50 Ford puckup I'm building makes this look mild. Front wheel opening is definitely not stock there. Might start a build thread on that soon. It's getting modern buld theme but has 49 merc parts blended into it. If someone else is encouraged to start cutting kits up I'm happy.
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