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  1. Yes crazyjim you could say the hood flames are backwards. Does that help make up your mind if you like it or not? I don't mind if you don't? It was my intention to have them that way. I like the look of it. Glad you like the build though. Have some of the flame mask left over which I'm shortly going to use on a 60 chevy impala.
  2. Couple more pics. These show the flames on the roof. Thanks for looking.
  3. This is the Aoshima 80 hilux high rider kit. This has been built out of the box but using some of the custom options included. I enjoyed this build and was really happy with the end result. Color is enamel, in the order of gold base, Turn Signal Amber Metallic (Model Master), Clear coat mixed with pearl powder Solar Gold, Metallic red Flames and lastly Clear. Flames are a mask i bought and adapted to use on this. I also like how the steering wheel is on the right side, not too many kits i build have a right hand drive build option. Thanks for looking.
  4. Weathered look i was trying for but changed my mind. Before and after body mods, have another of these to build. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.
  5. Thanks guys. Funny thing bout the photobucket image blury, looking at the forum on my mobile phone they aren't there. I hate it and have now changed to Imgur from now on.
  6. Been a while since an update here. Things have progressed to getting color on. Nearly went the rusty weathered look but decided against that. This is a Torquoise base and will be a light blue metallic finale color. Everything is slowly coming together. Thanks for looking
  7. Thanks guys. Finally getting some up dates. Windshield frame was a slow process of gluing one corner at a time and allowing it to set before moving on to the next. For my first attempt at this it turned out ok. Tailgate has been sorted out. Decided to mould in the tailgate. This pretty much completes the body work. Just a little tidying up of a few areas and I should start painting soon. Work on chassis is coming along. Nine inch swap is complete. I had to move the shock mounts which allowed me to use the same shocks. Changing the axles to on top of the springs has required a few changes. Dash has had a modification too. I believe its from a 56 ford victoria, it was left over part from a right hand drive conversion using a resin dash. Sometimes my projects evolve as they come along. Thanks for looking. Comments always welcome.
  8. I can't say about effects on plastic but i mix all my enamels including humbrol, with hardware bought enamel thinners. Works fine for me. Stopped using hobby brand thinners a long time ago.
  9. Thanks for that. I did do some sanding on a piece i have already cut out and noticed the thinning of material. Think i've decided to leave in place the body line. Means a little more body work but thats ok. Thanks Patrick
  10. Hi all. Bout to embark on a custom 65 impala, being inspired by the Foose Imposter. I'm thinking of smoothing the side of the body by removing that body lines( if thats the correct name for it?) that runs from front to rear? Hopefully that makes sense. I imagine it's something that could be done but not sure if i"ve ever seen it done? Will be doing a lot of cutting and i think trying to keep that in place will be difficult. Will be cutting length out and id rather line up body panels than that body line. I do things how i want but, opinions or advice welcome here. Donner kit for this project will be a 2013 Camaro zl1. Thanks for any advice or opinions.
  11. Windshield frame is done. I ended up using 1mm half round spru to achieve this. I removed the wipers and sanded down what remained of the kit windshield frame. I then in glued the half round in place and then i did each corner over a period of time to allow bending the spru for the corners. Turned out ok. I have just sorted the tailgate out which should be the last of the body mods. Going for a solid non opening tailgate. Get some pics up soon of that. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome. Tom you got me interested and the foose frame would pretty much go under without too much trouble. Just a few adjustments where it joins the running boards. I have another of these kits which i will compare at some point.
  12. Working on the door lines and filling a few other areas at the same time. Body work is coming along. Not looking forward to remarking the windshield frame, will use a drawing compass with two points to get the frame marked out. Started getting the frame together. Springs are attached, giving an idea of ride hit with swapping the axle to on top of the springs. Rear axle is getting a nine inch treatment. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.
  13. Couldn't help it. Photos side by side with the Foose pickup. The 53 roof is pretty much level with the top of the Foose door frame. The bodies don't look that different until you swap over the hoods.
  14. Thanks guys. my80malibu I should get more photos comparing the two but on the first page of this build there is photos comparing this to the Foose pick up. Only thing is the Foose pick up i have sectioned by 2mm. I need to get back onto that project as well. Thanks for looking.
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