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  1. I have one of these. I guess it's just measure the dimensions and ask people to do the same with their parts. I thought there was a modeling tire size chart or something along those lines to compare different ones.
  2. I'm trying to get my build going and have a rear set of slicks that are big for my application. Was thinking of widening the fenders but think it's better if I find something that will fit (K.I.S.S.) I don't have anything else to choose from so when I go on the want page to ask for tires/wheels I know what size I can tell someone. It's a Revell 41 Willys with the tubbed floor pan. I bought the pan off of Ebay and no tires or wheels came with it. I had the body already. Thanks
  3. I'm using the floor pan from the 41 Willys street rod. It is tubed and has a narrow rear.
  4. I'm starting to build a 41 Willys drag car. I need to extended the rear fenders to accept the tires I have. Should I cut the fenders off at the body and add a filler strip ? This is what I'm trying to build. Or am I thinking too deep into it ? I'm using tires/wheels I believe came from a Top Fuel car. The more I look at this picture the arc of the fender is opened up and the tire sits inside the fender lip.
  5. Tom Thanks for the link but I'm sure this is the same stuff people use from a refill bottle in their air brushes.
  6. Mike thanks for your reply
  7. I have a tube of this and to me it's on the dry side. Can I add a couple of drops of water in the tube to loosen the mix up a little ?
  8. From my understanding Molotow is lacquer. There is no true rattle can chrome. If ceramic chrome paint was made I'd use that. Used ceramic paint on my calipers and engine and it's holding up well.
  9. Steve Thanks for your reply. I had contacted Molotow and they said the same thing but wanted to know if someone found an answer to spraying over it. I want to spray a clear ceramic or poly over it so it won't chip. Having it look like aluminum is OK as long as it bright compared to a dull finish.
  10. Hi This isn't a modeling question. I want to use Molotow on a new ABS grill for my car. My question is. If I sprayed clear ceramic over it would it look like aluminium? Thanks
  11. The man still is a frontrunner in my eyes. He lost part of the foot due to a clutch explosion, forgot which one, forgive me. This was great. He didn't calculate how much fuel was in the front of the car when he left the line, so it got light.. It got airborne, did a parawet and he tried drove back towards the start line.
  12. '60 Impala lowrider

    All I can say is WOW.
  13. Revell 68 Dodge Charger R/T in Flame Red

    Or crank down on the torsion bars.