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  1. My parent's 1960 VW Beetle

    Or no people at all, lol. Could tell you how we carrier a Corvair engine in the back seat but that's a different story.
  2. Notification Help

    Still not getting notifications. I even use the button on the bottom of the reply page. It turns green but never get anything to notify me.
  3. My parent's 1960 VW Beetle

    My friend's 57 had the battery never tied down. The thing slid forward and the positive post connected to the front seat brace. That was fun.
  4. My parent's 1960 VW Beetle

    Here is a wiring diagram. Large red wire from generator goes to large positive starter post. Positive battery cable also goes to the same place.
  5. Tried DAP Rapid Fuse?

    Can you use acetone as a releasing agent on it ?
  6. Help finishing my first spray booth

    I would think any Acrylic clear spray paint would work. If the wood is dry it will take a few coats to seal the grain. Building with the good side in would be a plus. Or some cheap roll on paint from a big box store.
  7. Pro Mod -63 Corvette

    Rickard I'll repeat with other people have stated, great build ! As a model master I have to ask you a question that only people like you know. I glued my finger to my forehead. Do I use a hammer to break them apart?
  8. I have a 2010 Chevy HHR SS with a grill like this. What I want to do is use the Molotow chrome pen on the crosshatch. Is there a UV clear I could put over the Molotow and not dull it ? I was thinking of Pledge as it is a UV product.
  9. I agree with color difference. The flat looks a little darker but why isn't it flat ? Do both need a gray or black primer ? I forgot to mention, this is from the bottle.
  10. I bought Testors enamel silver aluminium and flat steel. I painted both on a white plastic spoon with no primer under them. The silver aluminium is dull and the flat steel has a shine. Ideas on this ?
  11. I am no longer able to post

    Yes I got that when I tried to answer a question this morning about 3 am EST.
  12. Photo Help

    I have Chrome and Windows 10. All pictures that I copy from web sites or are downloaded from my camera go into Cloud onedrive. I move them over to my pictures and then use "choose files" at bottom of reply screen. Hope this helps.
  13. Maybe getting back into models-recommendations?

    Go for it. Me, I'm waiting for a 69 Chevelle SS to be released Had two 1:1 wish I had them now. Sorry if I might have hijacked your thread.
  14. Notification Help

    Just posted something new and no notifications. If a mod is reading this I would like to correct the problem. Thanks
  15. This looks like a fun build

    I'm on Pinterest and the site sent me this picture.