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  1. OK I just did a spoon test. Both where done with white primer. The one on the left is Tamiya and the right one is Rustoleum 2X. The paint used is Dupli color Forest Green Pearl BCC0423 (PG8) I let the primers cure for 24 hours. Under a 60 watt LED table lamp is how I took the picture. Neither crazed on me and I put the paint on wet, one coat. The Rustoleum has more gloss as seen by the light.
  2. Just read up on a very recent thread from Scale Auto Magazine forum about using Dupli Color paint. Found quiet a few people who use it and some say Tamiya primer works well with it. Since I have white primer I'm going to try myself. Dupli Color has a dark green metallic for Ford and a dark green pearl also. On the forum I was reading, a person said the pearl has more of a metallic look than pearl. Wish I had real paint chips to compare.
  3. That color is too bright for what I'm looking to do.
  4. Will this paint dull a little when fully dry? Will a gloss coat have to be put on ? Have you compared it to MM fathom Green ? The one on the right looks lighter to me. Thanks
  5. OK I'm back for more questions. I found Testors MM Fathom Green Metallic (p/n 28120) and know that it's Acrylic Lacquer. I also found Testors MM British Green Metallic (p/n 2916) and know that it's just Enamel with no Acrylic. Which do you think is the darker color over white/black primer ? Do you think it's easier to work with a Acrylic Lacquer or straight Enamel as far as curing time and gloss finish ? I understand I can, after the paint cures, use Predge over it. I will be putting either paint over Rust-Oleum 2X primer, which is Acrylic Enamel. Thanks for any advice on this.
  6. Thanks for your information. Going to do a spoon test and see what it looks like.
  7. Yes this is what I would like the color to be. I don't think I can find Ivy Green so I'll roll the dice. Thanks.
  8. Now that I have information on what I can use I'll do a spoon test myself and decide what looks good. I'm building a 1966 Ford Fairlane GT for a friend. His car was dark green metallic. Thanks for that picture.
  9. I just received the answer from Rustoleum Here it is: Hi Richard, Thank you for contacting Rust-Oleum Product Support. Thank you for your interest in our Rust-Oleum products. Because you are using one of the lacquer spray paints a recommendation would be to use the Extreme lacquer in the 3 ounce spray by Testors. It would be the Blazing Black. The part number is 1832MT. We do not have a primer in the lacquer finishes. But you certainly could use the Blazing Black and then apply the Fathom Green Metallic.
  10. Thanks, really good to know. PS DupliColor is made by Rustoleum also.
  11. I just emailed Testors, which I found out it is owned by Rustoleum. I asked them what combo I should use and am waiting for their answer. I will let you know what they say. This is the paint I want to use.
  12. They as in Testors ? Sorry for all these questions. I want to use black primer also.
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