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  1. Very nice, I like it
  2. Completed that's funny, I think I have more started than finished. So on to finished, I have 32, 26 on display in cases the rest packed away. I finished my 1925 T yesterday.
  3. very nice, good job
  4. 1955chevy

    1971 Duster

    Great job Jim, I also like the wheels.
  5. Hey Mark My team - Detroit Red Wings, and they are bringing home the cup so there.
  6. Hey blue logger Zup

  7. hey bud, you ready for 2morrow ??

  8. Good Job I like the little details
  9. Terry I have a blood clot in my leg also. A piece broke off and ended up in my lungs. An ambulance trip to the hospital! I was laid up for 3 months. I now take warfarin every day for the rest of my life. I have my INR checked regulary.
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