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  1. That looks like it has what I need, thanks Casey
  2. I looked though the sources I have saved and looked here and didn't find any but could have missed it. I'm looking for a set of directions for this Monogram Chevy Blazer Kit, scans will work just fine don't have to have them in hand. Thanks
  3. New kit, open box but sealed inside. It’s a release from I believe 1987ish but says 1989 on the box
  4. Thanks Charles... I’ll let you know when it arrives
  5. I’ll take the Fairlane and offer up these to choose from...
  6. I enjoy the restorations better too, for me I think it’s all the years of schooling and years working I had in the 1:1 auto restoration field. I always enjoy that work and the satisfaction of what I accomplished and doing the kits brings that back for me...
  7. It's all good, the info is just what I want. Having seen that I understand what you mean but the kit I'm doing the headers are more traditional and apparently not accurate. I don't have that much in parts to be able to correct it..
  8. You are right, I don't know why I thought it said 454 on it...
  9. ok thanks, I'll do a search for some pics to try to route them better, thanks
  10. I have an older version of that I'm going to rehab and I'm pretty sure it says 454 on the valve covers...
  11. lol no your good info is what I wanted thanks all for the tips, cudos and critiques
  12. I can understand that, I built I believe 10 kits last year mostly box stock so I do expect that number to drop some as I get more detailed, although it does seem like I'm spending more and more time at the bench...
  13. Ok I got you know thanks for the tip... That does make it easier for sure, I'm hoping to find a reasonable way to do these without the added expense. Not that they are that expensive but it all adds up and I have to watch my dollars and sense lol...
  14. Oh ok sounds easy enough, those aren't glued in yet so I will have to try that. Thanks. I'm not off by much in size then, I think I have an old cat5 cable I'll have to see if it fits mine, thanks Thanks, do you mean you use it to make the wires fit tighter?
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