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  1. I recently got a rotatory tool that has variable speed and I want to use it for polishing my paint jobs which I have always done by hand in the past. So I'm curious to see what and how everyone else does theirs. This is what I have and I'm not sure what polish I'm going to use with it...
  2. 54 Corvette

    Nice!!! awesome build, I hope mine looks close to that's
  3. 54 Corvette

    I’m looking forward to this one too.... should be a fun build... Doing it stock Scott but I’m hoping to use some of my newly learned tricks from here... I’d like to see your build as well... this generation of the Vette really does look beautiful in black.....
  4. 54 Corvette

    Ok so yes I know it is actually a 53 but I never liked the first generation of Vette in white but that was the only color it came in in 53. So I did some research and found the only mechanical difference between 53 and 54 was half way though 54 they changed the air breathers so the first half of 54 there was no changes other than colors. 53 came white with a red interior and black top, 54 was available Pennant Blue with a Tan interior (which accounted for 16% of the production models made that year), Sportsman Red with a Red Interior (which accounted for a mere 4% of the production models), Polo White with a Red Interior (which accounted for about 80% of the production models) and Black with Red Interior – accounted for as few as six cars and all of the 54 models came with a tan top. So this is now a 54.... Now some cure time then polishing
  5. Using Pledge Restore

    I agree, if you want to use the pledge I would use it after as a sealer But it is totally preference unless your using a setting fluid....
  6. Model Kit lot to trade

    PM sent
  7. Which model brand is best for NASCAR?

    I agree I’ve always thought the revell monogram kits were the better kits in all aspects and I have and have built quite a few...
  8. Paint Experiment

    Interesting that he uses washer fluid to reduce it, I wonder why....
  9. Stacked Workbench

    Definitely no right answer, I will paint 3 or 4 cars at a time but each one will be a different color picked for that kit, I only reuse a color if I happen to have something I think it will look good on, every one of the 8 on my desk are a different color. I don't get that assembling a puzzle thing either each one for me is it's own and these days really enjoy doing OEM cars that are not modified but I have start adding plug wires and such again
  10. Paint Experiment

    ok here is 3 different brands of that acrylic craft paint and I put dupli-color adhesion promoter on it and there clear as well. Next in a few days after it cures I'll see if it polishes ok
  11. Paint Experiment

    Nice, Looks good, I wonder if you could polish that like you do car paint....
  12. Stacked Workbench

    I agree I never set a time line, thats why they are in cases while I work on them so they dont get dusting when they sit. That way when I have time I can work on them for hours and not get board waiting for stuff to dry...
  13. Paint Experiment

    Interesting, post a pic of a painted kit I'm curious how it looks.... I want to use the dupli-color to get the shine and I know they have used water based color on cars so it's not a stretch to think it would work...
  14. I have dozens of waterbase acrilics for crafts and use it to do some detail work but am curious if you all think it would work as a body color and be able to be clear with say dupli-color.... I’m going to test it out but was curious what you thought
  15. Stacked Workbench

    That was why I started doing it mostly so I could let things dry that way I could sit there for hours working on them with never having to stop.....