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  1. Yes it was, makes you wonder what his career would have been like had he not passed away....
  2. I started this kit about 20 years ago and not all of the decals would stick so it was put away in a box. I pulled it out not long ago and with the help of Goozalot (thanks again George) with a set of decals and now it is finally finished. Monogram 1986 #25 Tim Richmond’s Aero Coupe Monte Carlo
  3. Picked these up over the weekend, the 85 is a rebuilder but the other 2 are untouched. Picked them up for 30, what a bargain
  4. That’s how I understand it Tom, interior tube and chassis from the revell and body from the Johan or AMT
  5. How far off is the wheel base? would I be able to trim the back of the chassis and move the rear axle or would I have to cut it in half and either add or subtract that way?
  6. Thanks for the info guys, I'm concidering try to go stock with it the 72 fastback is one of my favorite cars. I also picked this up the other day do you think the interior out of it ill work?
  7. I picked this up on Ebay today for the wife to give me at Christmas. Anyone ever built it or have any kit info I might want?
  8. The second battery for the camper makes sense that would explain it.... Good info on the kit, good place for parts if I need them I think in this case just filling like that is going to be the way to go...
  9. Yup that looks like it.... So square it out it is, I don't need 2 batteries this thing is not a diesel.... Thanks guys...
  10. Interesting I didn't know that and that would explain may be why I cut it to start with. The original build on this for me was well over 30 years ago so who knows what I was thinking LOL...
  11. I don’t what to do it hood closed I kind of like building the engines so I think then the best bet is just squaring it out as suggested. The battery is on the other side so it’s a lot harder to notice a missing washer bottle than the battery
  12. I have this old Blazer kit from my youth I’m rehabbing but I noticed part of the front of the fender well is cut out, not sure why I did that but now I need to repair it. I’m think there was a radiator over flow bottle there but what do you all think...
  13. Well if you ask what's best you will get about 60 different answers, a little exaggerated but you get the idea. I personally like using rattle cans for paint, I use mostly Dupli-color, for glue I use mostly red tube testors and I use professional sandpaper but these are the things I'm comfortable working with and fit my skill level.
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