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  1. Mike's carries them https://www.mikesdecals.com/richard-petty-1964-belvedere-powerslide-107-p-121.html
  2. Started building mine and you could basically build it without painting anything but when you look at the directions you will notice there are things you can paint to add even more detail. It even lists colors on parts that are not molded in that color. An example of this is right in step one on the engine where there is a part right on top (looks like a fuel rail maybe) the color code on it is M which in the key is Brass and there is nothing molded in brass color...
  3. I literally just sat down to watch the race and start my build and research on my Elliott car. Only thing I have seen so far is TS-93 is supposed to be a good match for the blue and I read that these kits the tolerances are so close that you should use a cement on it like testors and not a CA or like glue. Thanks for the link and info..
  4. Hey was a Philly guy, I'm from Kensington. Still have a lot of family there. Anyone from Philly knows that name... RIP....
  5. That would be exactly why when I was young we always called the Opel a poor mans Corvette.... I have to agree on the Chevelle's, I never noticed it honestly but very true..
  6. I believe they are based on these wheels but have never had a set...
  7. Yeah I told him he needs to start building more street cars, he started a Mustang of a car he used to own and is having a hard time building it too… He needs to find that thing that brings the spark back for him.. I started separating all the parts back into kits and I’m at 14 plus the 2 untouched kits so far…
  8. He has lost interest in it, Him and I both started building preteen and he never stopped. I took a 10 or more year break. I think he will start building again but I think it's more that all he was building was Nascar kits and he needs to go back to building street cars....
  9. My brother has decided to give up building and told me he would sell me his started kits and 2 untouched kits for $40 of course I couldn’t pass it up and let it go to someone else.. there is somewhere between 20 and 25 started kits all NASCAR stuff
  10. I’m hoping to make it to this show, I probably won’t show anything but I like looking and shopping..
  11. Had a great trade with RichCostello and would trade with him anytime. Thanks Rich...
  12. I used a cutter like that for my stencil for my 39, I have a build in the worked I plan to use it for lettering for my first time...
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