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  1. I agree Dick Hill is the best for Reacher I think and I like George Guidall also he is great as Longmire. I’m a Robert B Parker fan so I like James Naughton and Joe Mantegna a lot also I will keep an eye for him and check him out, thanks for the tip
  2. I've used it a few times, I've seen several people say to reduce it with windshield washer fluid or alcohol and I'm sure it works well but I honestly have had the best luck reducing with bottled water and nothing else...
  3. I really like Scott Brick but I like him as Johnathan Quinn in the Brett Battles books
  4. I have always wanted a 69 Cougar Eliminator, black with a red interior. Also I had a 69 Amx and a 71 Javelin when I was young and I would love to have one of them again…
  5. I have to agree, I currently own a 2005 F150 Supercrew thats lifted and some other mods and a 86 F150. I've been a Ford guy for a long time....
  6. I listen to audio books and have done a bunch of the Reacher books, I never cared much for Tom Cruise in the part but liked the movies. I always pictured Jim Caviezel when I listens to them. I always thought he would be the perfect Reacher especially after watching Person of Interest. I will definitely have to check this series out...
  7. I have always wished they would make a kit of them, I used to have a 2003 F150 Supercrew 2wd in Dark Toreador red and Silver. I have always wanted to build it...
  8. I have one I made years ago like Greg's but a few years ago I bought one of the Tamiya ones and I like it a lot, I liked it so much I just ordered a second one so I can do more than one car and not have to take the first off the stand and it gives me a second parts holder as I got the set both times...
  9. I was in one of our Walmarts last night, they still had some kits but nothing new, I was hoping to see some more of the cases but they didn't have any.
  10. I use Arleene's Tacky Glue but it is pretty much the same thing as Elmer's
  11. I've always loved Alice's Restaurant, so much so that I have that album on CD. It is a Thanksgiving tradition to me...
  12. I worked in body shops for years and use fine-line tape like above, there is also a blue version of it that I am not sure if is made by 3M but it is a little more flexible for those tough corners...
  13. I appreciate the offer but someone sent me a set, thanks...
  14. I’ve put many old ones on with no issues, I recently got these from someone that had them for a while but I have no clue how they were stored, I tried a small one and it just fell apart so I coated them with no luck… Just works that way sometimes I guess…
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