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  1. No problem, need anything else let me know... Nice Casey never thought about doing it that way, if you need it that way let me know..
  2. Thanks guys, I've been keeping my eyes open but ultimately I have to clear anything I buy though him it's his build and money but I'm helping him on locating parts. I have a lot more than him but what I have is minimal. I'm doing some searchs on the ones you all have listed to price shop, you know how cheap us builders are LOL....
  3. I’ll add it to the list of possible donors... thanks the fronts are perfect, I don’t have that kit maybe he can buy one and I can buy so we each have the kit and the wheels.. lol I’ll have to see what I can pic the kits up for if not maybe a post in the wanted section for a trade...
  4. They are nice, but your right a bit deep for this...
  5. I will thanks, thanks for the tip on the S&H kit also...
  6. Thanks for the info, his car did not have the factory wheels but aftermarket one that were just like them. He picked up the kit somewhere and it is the AMT kit. It seems to have very little interior detail and we are considering picking up the new 007 71 Mustang for the dash and such. I never owned one and I'm sure the back windows were tough to see out of however I did have a 2dr Maverick which also had that flat back window and it was a challenge for sure...
  7. My brother and I are getting parts together to replicate his car from our youth. He had a 73 Mach 1 that had aluminum slots on it like in this picture (not his car but just like it) He had aftermarket wheels like this on it and the only set in my parts box are 4 lug so I'm looking to see what kits I can pick up to get a set.
  8. I drill holes as I believe most do.....
  9. I was in mine in Delaware today, no paints marked down as of yet...
  10. I have one of the releases of that kit I built quite a while back and the biggest trouble I had was trying to get the flip front to sit and flip properly.
  11. Good to know, I did finally find the color I wanted in the TS and ordered it, I will be staying away from the PS....
  12. This is an affliction that I don't have a bad case of surprisingly, don't get me wrong I have been know to pull wheels from another kit or hoods to get the effect I want or match a 1:1 I'm trying to replicate but probably 95% of my builds are done with what comes with it outside of BMF, paints and wires and such....
  13. The Lindberg 34 Ford truck has one in it, I usually just make mine out of part trees though...
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