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  1. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/2/3/3/1024233-82-instructions.pdf or https://www.round2corp.com/download/amt1005/
  2. If memory serves me right he did a 67 and a 69 Nova funny car. That would be a cool kit…
  3. Ok thanks, I don’t care if it’s the Camaro or the Vega I’m wanting a Jungle Jim kit. I was a fan when I was young and he is from not far from where I am. I think they released that kit as his car at one point…
  4. Thanks, I think would rather go up to 1/16th than down but I believe that tells me I probably don't want that kit.. Thanks
  5. I've been looking at this kit and thinking about getting it, anyone know if it's a decent kit or not?
  6. Done, thanks for caring what we do and think.
  7. I had a very had time with it, I realized the directions don't show where the radiator sits very well and had to move it out some...
  8. Thank you, I think it ended up a tad thicker than it needed to be but It's exceptable...
  9. Thank you, only thread on it is this one when I was questioning about the moldings. There is a pic of the Blazer I am doing at the beginning...
  10. I painted the Blazer a while back finally got around to putting some BMF on the moldings, came out ok I think
  11. I have that exact lamp the cord has a usb on the end and the thing you plug it into to plug it in went bad pretty quick but I replaced that with one from an iPhone and it has been great ever since, I’ve been using it about a year and a half now…
  12. Mike's carries them https://www.mikesdecals.com/richard-petty-1964-belvedere-powerslide-107-p-121.html
  13. Started building mine and you could basically build it without painting anything but when you look at the directions you will notice there are things you can paint to add even more detail. It even lists colors on parts that are not molded in that color. An example of this is right in step one on the engine where there is a part right on top (looks like a fuel rail maybe) the color code on it is M which in the key is Brass and there is nothing molded in brass color...
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