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  1. PM sent, thanks for help....
  2. I don't have the latch, gas cap or hub caps and hood and ornament. everything else I think can come from the 50. I could probably make the gas cap if needed. forgot to add the quote....
  3. I don't have the latch, gas cap or hub caps and hood and ornament. everything else I think can come from the 50. I could probably make the cap if needed.
  4. Count rivets, that's exactly what I wanted to know. Ok I can definitely make the cap but it looks like I may need to find a hood and ornament if I want it to be stock. Thanks...
  5. I’m building a 49 coupe by filling in missing parts from a 50 conv.
  6. Stopped by the Dover store over the weekend and the now had a 2009 and a 2010 corvette and the 67 cutlass so I picked those up as well...
  7. Oooooh ok. that might be a issue if I want it to look close to stock....
  8. where is the 49's, I don't see it on the body anywhere but I do see the door on the 50
  9. ok awesome good to know I'll look over the hood and see if it's still there, thanks guys
  10. I want to use the 49 grille with the 50 front bumper so as long as that works I should be good then, I do have the interior tub and chassis from the 49 so I mostly need the bumpers and hood from the 50.
  11. I picked up one of the 50 Ford conv. Kits at HL when they had there sale and saw it at Ollie’s too so I decided to get a second and look for a coupe body. I found a build up coupe on eBay but it didn’t have bumpers and a hood so I got it pretty cheap but after a little comparing I noticed the the coupe is a 49 not a 50 and hadn’t known that. I would like to keep it a 49 but does anyone know if the hood and bumpers are the same between the 2 in the kits?
  12. That is pretty cool and I agree definitely fits in the dioramas....
  13. I like the Maverick kit Johan put out, I have one I built probably 25 years ago and still have it thankfully... mine is missing a few motor parts but I just haven’t done the research yet to try to find them, I will someday... your build is looking great
  14. I started building as a kid I think most because of my interest in cars since that’s pretty much all I build. As I got older I built mostly what kind of cars I liked and when I got heavy into NASCAR all I built were cup cars, then the break, I didn’t build for about ten years where things in life just didn’t allow time. Now I’m back at it. I’ve always built for myself but I did enter one show when I was young, did ok but learned I needed to keep building for myself. I have my builds displayed in my model room but outside of that they are never seen except places like here with people I share the joy of the Hobby with.
  15. Yeah same for me, Got the trucks early and they had more out yesterday...
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