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  1. I need to watch that video when I have a chance, I have a Paasche air eraser that I have had for years, I've always used it to etch glass but never thought about using it for models...
  2. That has got to be the most accurate answer to something like this I have ever seen. You can certainly learn from videos and questions but you will learn the most by doing. I was a automotive painter for a little more than 10 years and had 3 years of school too but I still have issues sometimes. Best thing to do is practice and learn what to do when you do have issues... That was pretty bad for someone asking for advice...
  3. They were Lindbergh kits and mostly war planes so probably so but I did see one that look like a regular commuter plane….
  4. I was in my Ollie's here in Dover and they had some plane kits. I didn't get any I don't do planes but they had several..
  5. I think the foil (BMF) is definitely the way to go for the outside chrome, My hopes by foiling over the whole thing is to lose some of the depth of the transition between the outer part and the center since on the 1:1 it is not very deep. I did separate the molding per panel so I agree doing each panel at a time will be best.
  6. Ok I have the molding done and primed on the Blazer, I’m figuring cover it with BMF and painting the center semi gloss. What do you all think?
  7. Thanks, I glued it down with white glue and I’m hoping the paint will lock it down….
  8. Years ago when I was a car painter we were always told to use a primer most similar to your finish color. However like mentioned by others you definitely can use gray but I would recommend if you are not familiar with the difference you can get by changing your primer color I recommend you get some different color primers and some spoons and prime each one a different color then top coat with your red. You'll be surprised how different they turn out... , If you just want to get it done though the gray will do the job...
  9. Mine comes from one of my trucks, I have an 05 F150 Supercrew and when I was active in the truck forums and clubs they called the Supercrew a Screw so I am a Screwdriver so my name is that with no vowels... Looks like this now however I did take the cap off and went back to a tonno cover
  10. Got ya, yeah looks like I did go a touch to far forward...
  11. I don't always copy the receipt but I always make sure they have the tracking number and know when to expect it...
  12. I have about half of them in a rotating cabinet in my half of the basement where I build and the other half over my desk in single cases. I have one in our den that is of my wife’s dream car (so it was aloud upstairs) and I have one on my desk at work…
  13. I gave it a try today, what do you all think
  14. No problem Steve glad I could help….
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