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  1. I was in mine today and picked up the Kenworth, International and the 55 Vette... I would love to get the Cutlass and the flatbed trailer...
  2. Starting in the 90's all chassis' are grey as stated, before that it was kind of up to them, examples- Dale Earnhardts Wrangler car had a blue interior and Mark Martins Folgers car had a white interior. It will probably tell you right in the directions the color they used but definitely search for info and pics on line. The chassis' are close but you will find little differences between the manufacturers mostly in the engine but I have noticed the floor on the Monte Carlo and the Grand Prix are a little different where the seat sits. As for trading I learned also unless you have odd kits there is not much want for them, I did learn however (I noticed you have 2 of the same kits) you can get decals from somewhere like Mikes and make them 2 different drivers cars or even a car they never made a kit for. I just recently did Rusty's 1989 Kodiak car that way.
  3. Would you be interested in any of these, 1 is basically a body and chassis and the other 3 are started but complete. I also have a der beetle bus that is missing the colored glass but still has the clear
  4. Nice!!! That’s an awesome idea, thanks for sharing...
  5. Interesting idea, how do you have it attached to the holder?
  6. Dupli-color is very humidity sensitive, I keep a small heater close by when spraying it. the hot air from the heater is dried out and will take the blushing out of the paint when still fresh. Just be careful not to have the heater to close... When I worked in the body shops we did our spot painting in an air conditioned area to help combat it
  7. Well it’s coming along nicely, definitely not my best work but surely not my worst. Little more detail work on the scribing and I should be in pretty good shape
  8. I unfortunately do not have one.......
  9. I unfortunately do not have one.......
  10. No problem, yes that is them....
  11. I would love to see anyone of those come back including the Comet
  12. Me 3, I've seen a few cars where bigger looks ok but the older cars really don't look good with them and really most newer cars too.
  13. Finished product looks great, I have some sheet styrene I may have to give it a try that way and see what I end up with, thanks
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