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  1. Thank you for clarifying that, I’ve heard the terms but never knew what the reference was to. I wonder what year they changed them...
  2. I have the same set, I haven’t touched the Monte Carlo yet.... they are nice kits
  3. Looks great!!!! I am currently doing that Grand Prix also, it’s a nice kit...
  4. Aren't 96-99 basically all the same and 2000-2002 the same? I know there is a round side and slab side but I don't know whats what, I think I have some left I can look and see what I have....
  5. Thank you, I've always liked him as well. It always amazed me how little Kodak changed the paint scheme though the years also...
  6. Sounds like the tip is starting to clog up and your not getting the flow needed to get the chrome look...
  7. I've done the same, I've had people send me stuff and I've sent people stuff like said "pay it forward". I've also just paid shipping for someone to send me something as well as bought things from people also that wanted something for them. I would say your best bet would be post what your looking for and talk to anyone that has what you need though PM to make a deal.
  8. For glass I use Aleene's Tacky Glue, it drys clear and wipes right off if you get it in spots you don't want it. It's a lot like elmers white glue...
  9. I did google pics, some Grand Prix had the some didn’t but that would definitely explain it since this car is an 81
  10. I checked one of my Monte Carlo Aero coupes but it is different, Grand National is a definite possibility, thanks....
  11. I am currently working on a build of Earnhardt Sr’s #3 Wrangler Grand Prix, while working on it I noticed today I don’t have quarter glasses for it and looked at an old build of mine of Darrell Waltrips #11 Regal and saw it doesn’t have any in it. The Monte Carlo ones I have do have them. Am I right in thinking the Regal and Grand Prix kits didn’t have any?
  12. Thank you, AMT's decals really are not the best I think I would have been more surprised if I didn't have an issue with them. The chassis' definitely are some what generic since back then the dash like you mentioned didn't match but each driver had there own dash laid out the way they wanted it, I would be interested to find out what they took it from also. The paint is a testors paint I tripped across in Ollie's one day and it had the orange shade to the yellow like the Kodak color has and I thought that would be perfect. I'm not sure how close it is but I thought it was pretty good (especially for a buck lol) Thank you...
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