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  1. That looks like it, I’ll PM you
  2. I do it all in one day unless I need to sand the primer a lot to get out imperfections in fact all 3 in about 2 hours sometimes, many years ago when I was an automotive painter I had a rep tell me I could primer let it tack and put color right on it and it would chemical bond. Of course that was primer and color made to go together like if you were using all duplicolor or something like that.
  3. I'm needing a few parts for up coming and a current build, let me know if you have any hopefully I'll have something you want... 1 Monogram 39 Chevy front suspension 2 Monogram 76 Blazer rear seat 3 Monogram 81 Regal nascar rear spoiler 4 Fireball Roberts 57 Ford decals 5 Revell F&F Dom's 70 Charger Supercharger Thanks for looking......
  4. I have them both, the one for the Mustang (white) has a little damage where it attaches I cut it off of a glue bomb I have. The one for the Cuda was painted but never used
  5. Thanks Chris, good trading with you…
  6. I am sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this rough time... I know we are states away but if I can do anything at all even if as little as a friendly ear on the phone in the middle of the night don't hesitate to contact me.
  7. Not sure if this helps but when you right click on the item your saving on the pop up menu you click save as it should allow you to pick where it goes. I it just saves it then you can change the settings in your browser to have it always ask where to save the files that way you can pick where it goes...
  8. I think it's because they do not pay for size or weight like if we were shipping something as they are doing there own and it allows them to have fewer sizes... Only logical answer I have come up with...
  9. I was in a local Walmart today and for the first time they had kits, I picked up the 72 Jimmy, 77 Ford Coke van and the Peterbuilt wrecker...
  10. I need to watch that video when I have a chance, I have a Paasche air eraser that I have had for years, I've always used it to etch glass but never thought about using it for models...
  11. That has got to be the most accurate answer to something like this I have ever seen. You can certainly learn from videos and questions but you will learn the most by doing. I was a automotive painter for a little more than 10 years and had 3 years of school too but I still have issues sometimes. Best thing to do is practice and learn what to do when you do have issues... That was pretty bad for someone asking for advice...
  12. They were Lindbergh kits and mostly war planes so probably so but I did see one that look like a regular commuter plane….
  13. I was in my Ollie's here in Dover and they had some plane kits. I didn't get any I don't do planes but they had several..
  14. I think the foil (BMF) is definitely the way to go for the outside chrome, My hopes by foiling over the whole thing is to lose some of the depth of the transition between the outer part and the center since on the 1:1 it is not very deep. I did separate the molding per panel so I agree doing each panel at a time will be best.
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