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  1. Now you've done it....gotta go change me drawers!!
  2. I like it better without, just looks to heavy. maybe a flat ribbed bumper ?
  3. Pic not showing. Bears are pretty common around here, always into to stuff!!
  4. Thanks Bob. Yeah I got lazy on this one and decided to use the can, makes it feel more like 1966 before I even knew what an airbrush was!! That bed took quite a bit of cutting to get on there.. KK
  5. This is the build that is going to take all my bench time up till I finish it. Put together from various issues and a custom built bed {made from a 50 Chevy bed and a 50 Ford tailgate} Paint is Testors Met Green straight from the can, very hard to spray, cause it wanted to build up along the edges and body lines. Still out to lunch on wheels and tires but have narrowed it down to just a few that fit the early 60's style. KK
  6. Recently finished this one, still needs the door handles when I find them. Thanks for looking KK
  7. Thanks Mark, will do. Here is a small update, fitting the FE in place. I'll be putting this one to the rear of the build order, I want to finish my 34, and it's that time of year when model building times gets hit pretty hard, next years firewood to cut, and another million chores to do before winter. KK
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