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  1. Ah yes the 90s phantom dually craze. You represented it well with this build!
  2. WOW I had no idea this kit could build up that nice! Just goes to show what some extra effort can do for some of the dated kits in our hobby. Your work is greatly admired
  3. Tim, I love stories of special ordered smog era cars aimed to be rightful muscle cars. The ability to create a spot on replica is an enjoyment most people wont have. You did an outstanding job and I hope the build has good memories as the real car did, except this one wont rust!
  4. Dirt track cars tend to have shorter life spans anyway haha. Still a shame though it looked really great!
  5. Man that flat clear gives me goosebumps! Shortening the box was a great touch wish I had thought of that. Overall a beautiful build. I am also a big fan of these trucks
  6. Looks great! Sorry to hear about your mother
  7. I love H body cars, exceptional working this one
  8. Really cool! Love the cowl hood/spoiler delete combo
  9. Gorgeous! The heat shrink roll bar padding is brilliant
  10. Haha "Virus" I love it! It's a small reminder of the time she was built. Love the color combination
  11. You'll have to share your technique for painting that bed because it is perfect! Im rushed with memories right now, I had the same edition of this kit when I was young and remember very clearly the windshield and blinkers did not fit AT ALL. I was too impatient to let the glue dry and the box kept falling apart, I eventually threw it across my room as hard as I could. A conversation with my dad soon followed. Thanks for digging out this gem and giving it a proper treatment!
  12. That's a tough lookin truck I really like it. Good choice on the color and rust free!
  13. That looks fantastic! You pretty much nailed a dream build of mine, you did a great job start to finish. It's great to see a hearse done as a regular hot rod instead of a ghoulish halloween type thing
  14. Nice mods! I know on more expensive blast cabinets there is a valve in series with the dump and the hose to meter air to the mixture so the media moves smoothly to the gun. Covering the breather hole may be the reason you have to pulse the trigger
  15. Beautiful, my favorite color combo on a 56 and you got the black/white delray interior correct as well. I built one exactly like yours years ago raked up with wide cragars but my foil job didnt come close to yours. Congratulations on this great build
  16. I've never seen any but it's possible to make your own. You could use a strong adhesive and wrap your paper around some dowels or other round stock possibly
  17. I love your execution of this kit just as much as the knowledge about these cars I just learned from you
  18. I bet GM suspended Revells liscense after that mistake hahaha. Beautiful vette btw
  19. The last pic looks so real I keep going back to make sure it isnt lol
  20. And this years Ridler award goes to.......
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