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  1. greg133

    Munsters Koach

    Thanks everyone!
  2. greg133

    Munsters Koach

    Hi, I am looking for a Munsters Koach, does NOT have to be original, I just want to build one. Everything I've found is outrageously expensive; if anyone has one or knows anyone who does please let me know. I would list a price range but don't want to insult anyone who has a pre-determined value in their mind. Thanks!
  3. Wow. I sold an SMP 1911 Chevrolet, which is supposed to be one of the rarer kits out there (missing a part or two) for less than that.
  4. Thanks for the great start, guys, I just needed a launch point and you've done that. Much appreciated.
  5. I realize this is an extremely broad topic, but as I'm getting back into modeling, I've been directed to many sources of information, most notably Donn Yost. However, at this time, I have neither the time or the resources to build up a "collection" of tools or setup like Donn has, though it is awesome. I guess my question is, would any on here have any advice for me that would suit what I guess I would say would be an "intermediate" modeler (stole that from Revell)? Obviously, I can figure out some things on my own, but I'd appreciate any input for some essentials. As I type this I realize that IS a super broad question, as everyone has their go to brushes and glues and what not. Still, any one out there that considers themselves somewhere between beginner and Donn (haha) let me know what you think. A "for example" is, I don't have or need a crazy compressor setup like Yost. I can spend some money to acquire supplies, but I just kind of want to have fun, do a pretty good job without putting myself into the poor house. Sorry again for the wide scope of this post.
  6. YES! This site is very good! Thank you.
  7. Yep, probably be after Xmas, but if I get a chance sooner I'll post em up
  8. Thanks again everyone, all very useful and helpful info.
  9. Thanks to all of you; Burghers and Staters and everything in between.! Bill, I live in E-town, we're practically neighbors. I lived in York for a few years as well. Do you have a site of FB page? If not, let me know and I'll see if I can make a meeting.
  10. Hey all, I've talked to a couple members and I am looking to trade two old Hubley metal cars that have been built. My dad and I built them in the 80's, bought from a local hobby shop in Lancaster, PA (home of Hubley!). They are missing some paint, parts, but are pretty sound overall. I can post pics if anyone is interested. I really don't know what they are worth to anyone, but I'd definitely be willing to trade them for certain plastic 1:24/1:25 car kits, preferably American, classic or muscle, ambulance, van, police. New or vintage is fine; like I said, I don't know if a vintage kit is comparable to these cars, but right now, I'd love to see someone who restores these get a chance at them and whatever I can get in return is fine. Thanks.
  11. No, I guess I'm asking if anyone is interested in buying them for a few bucks if it's something they like doing, because at this point they're just sitting around and collecting dust. I'd like to get them into the hands of anyone who wants to bring them back and appreciate them. I'm not trying to peddle them or make a bunch of money, as I just joined tonight I didn't check if there's a buy, sell or trade forum.
  12. Sorry Nick, I intro'ed myself on the welcome page but not on here. I'm in PA
  13. Just wondering, I have two that my dad and I built in the 80's that I still have---I think one is a Model A Town Car and the other is a '32 Chevy convertible. They are beat to heck and have missing parts. I have had them forever, and while the nostalgia is great, is there anyone that might be interested in restoring them? I really don't know what to do with them at this point. ***NOTE: I see there is no buying on here, so I posted a trade inquiry in the appropriate area. Also the site that is listed to sell on is no longer available.
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