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  1. This one was a longtime work in progress, and it feels food to say that I am pretty impressed with the way it turned out. I am 26, and I started modeling in late 2017. I think this build was a milestone for me in terms of patience and how it impacts the final product. I love this hobby. I rent an apartment in the Boston area, and I commandeered a space in the shared basement to put a 6 ft. table, along with a few shelves, and build my plastic. I haven't been building much lately since it is summer time, so finally finishing this feels especially nice. I ordered the Fireball F250 upgrade kit and I was not disappointed. Chassis assembly was a breeze and the detail on the parts is pretty astonishing. Moebius created a great kit, and Joseph allowed us to build the truck on the box. I wish I took more shots during assembly, but it tried to get a shot of the accurate tranny on the finished truck.
  2. Many of these kits from the moebius ford truck line have some unignorable similarities to the 70s AMT ford truck kits in the design of some parts. I specifically the 69-72 moebius kits. When compared with the AMT ford firestone kit, it would be easy to believe that some tooling was shared. I know that model king was involved in both the moebius kits and later verions of the AMT kits. But I am by no means a knowledgeable source of information relating to this hobby. I'm saying this only based on my own comparisons and things that I have read on these forums. For the record, I am a HUGE fan of these moebius trucks, regardless of the tooling or inaccuracies. But will say, that hinge is funny looking. I never even noticed it
  3. I took this photo when i got the utility bed. It is the fireball kit and a 67-72. The 65/66 cab can fit with the fireball frame as well, I just didn't get a photo. Hope this is helpful.
  4. I sat down today and really moved things along with this build. Its great to have a better grille option for the 67-69 trucks. Thanks to Bill at Rookie Resin. Going for a slightly tuned up, slightly weathered look. I was waiting for the right chance to use these AMT ford wheels, and I am glad I still had them sitting around for this one. Still a lot of work to be done here, photos are just test fitting. I'm excited about the PE set from MCG, it looks REAL nice. Those will end up on the highboy as well.
  5. I glued the '67 grille to a cab today and I'll tell you, it was a pretty exciting moment for me. Great work on these Bill. I am sure that I speak for many when I say thank you for your efforts to create these. As suggested, I cut up a pharmacy bottle and used it for the turn signals. They are the perfect depth, and I got them in snug without using glue. Headlights from the kit fit perfectly. I am excited to get this finished up and share the completed photos.
  6. I am excited to get my hands on these! I will order one of each type, when they are ready. Please keep us posted. They look terrific so far!
  7. I threw another body in the mix for the highboy chassis. Still totally undecided as to how i'll finish that one. I do really like it as a red '69, despite the grille inaccuracies. Anyone think we'll ever see that corrected? I went with a yellow two-tone on the white '70 body. Got some testors dark red on the '66. I'm having fun with these.
  8. I pasted them directly into the text. I think they may have been too large. Are you able to see them attached here?
  9. First time posting on this forum. Forgive me if I uploaded my photos incorrectly. Anyway, these are my latest truck projects. I'm having a lot of fun with these Moebius truck kits. Still alot of work to be done on both. The 70 is beefed up with the full upgrade from FIreball Modelworks. Both are great kits IMO.Highly recommend the fireball upgrade.
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