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  1. fivesuns

    Some of 2020

    Quick snapshot of most of my builds for 2020. Probably 3 or 4 more I didn't get in the pictures. Thanks for looking. h
  2. yup, good looking mopar.
  3. I need Just the grill for the 1971 Ford Ranger pickup. Thank you for any help in finding.
  4. I like them all, quite a variety. I'm particularly impressed with the chopper, I need to try my hand at one of those.
  5. fivesuns

    My 2020

    Love the duster and the old chevy....
  6. My condolences also. That is a beautifully built mopar.
  7. pretty sweet shoebox you got there...I like it.
  8. Looks like a well deserved win. Beautiful model.
  9. Nice job....IMO Kenny wasn't a great driver but he had a great personality. I loved to see him banter back and forth with Rusty.
  10. If you love car chase movies, then you must have seen Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry at least once, if not a dozen or so times like I have. My rendition is mostly stock, the engine is detailed a bit with some wiring (MAD distributor), scratched fuel lines, Fireball Modelworks carburetor, wheels and tires. CB radio is of course included with a scratch built antenna. Paint is Vallejo Yellow/Green acrylic and depending on the lighting the car will look one or the other (kinda like the car in the movie). Decals I think were from Mike's decals. Turned out to be one of my favorite builds. Hope you like it.
  11. I need the powerslide decals for the 1988/1989 season dale earnhardt aerocoupe.
  12. Great looking build...Love the engine detail.
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