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  1. Good lookin 66. Your first BMF attempt apparently went much better than mine. I still struggle with it. Congrats on a fine model.
  2. It is but the carb is a Carter from Fireball modelworks, and the distributor is a MAD. I'm still working on fitting everything.
  3. Dirty Mary Loco Larry Charger mock up for stance and engine tacky glued together.
  4. Thank you for posting that. My unsuccessful pursuit to improve and gain perfection has demoralized me. I need to back off and enjoy the fun of building again.
  5. I started on my project today. I will be using the body from the 68 kit and most of the other parts will come from the 69 kit. I did this to eliminate the vinyl top which is found on the 69 kit. I cleaned up mold lines, scribed panel lines and applied 1st coat of primer. I need to finish up another build before I really jump into this one. I will post progress periodically.
  6. OUTstanding builds. I cannot pick a favorite...but it would be one of the gorgeous Mopar builds.
  7. I like the way you roll Tim!
  8. My last big rig build was a personal disaster. I need to redeem myself. I also joined the cannonball, but I believe I can do both. Count me in, just have to choose and buy another kit.
  9. I like your car. I didn't know Jr Johnson passed away, thanks for letting us know. I am sure you will do a fine tribute car to him.
  10. Busy man. You haz skillz.
  11. I believe that is a Big Rig Build Off.
  12. I like it! Too bad the paint didn't work out to suit but it is a neat paint scheme.
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