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  1. Love it. Decals look painted on. Nice paint and chrome work. Great job.
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind replies...
  3. Another open kit I bought. I deleted the spoilers, and the wheels and tires came from my parts box. Paint is createx orange pearl. In retrospect there are a few things I should have done different, or did not do that I should have like drill the exhaust tips. Not a great job by any means, but it does look good displayed in my work area. Comments welcome as always and thanks for looking.
  4. That's cool....needs a remote controlled M249 mounted on that front bumper😁
  5. I went yesterday and purchased one of the 50 Fords, a lindberg 67 Olds 442 and a Datsun 280zx, They also had about 3 different vettes, a Chrysler 300, ford crown vic police interceptor and a '37? ford roadster. Wish they had some trucks.
  6. In addition to cars, I like building military wheeled vehicles. I appreciate this post.
  7. good looking car. Slick paint.
  8. I Like it....Engine bay really looks great.
  9. Thanks. Sometimes I use the Tamiya panel accent, but all I have is black and brown, I thought the black would be too obvious. Maybe I should invest in some gray. Thinking about upgrading to an Iwata. I have been using the cheap brush for about a year now. Good suggestion...I test fit on chassis and engine but not so much on body stuff (which is the most visible). I shall start doing more of this. I'll have to give the exacto knife a try. I always fear I will make a mis-lick and then have a scratch to worry about. Thanks to all for the responses h
  10. I purchased this model kit as an open box. The windshield was cracked down the middle, the rear glass was also cracked. The passenger side A pillar was seriously bent, I was unable to straighten in completely. I made the windshield and back glass to replace the cracked ones. This is the first time using embossing powder for carpet, I think I got my glue too thin. Painted with silver metallic acrylic craft paint in my 20 dollar airbrush. Still struggling a bit with BMF but I am getting better. Anyhow this is the finished product, I am satisfied based on what I had to start with. Comments and tips for improvement welcome.
  11. That is one gorgeous rig. Incredible detail. Well done!
  12. fivesuns


    Looks like Todd might have had a little engine fire too.
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