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  1. Well that sure is interesting. I like it.
  2. one of my favorite body styles. Good job!
  3. I have to agree, that is superb!
  4. Looking good! I have been undecisive about trying these JR kits, I believe you have convinced me to give it a go.
  5. Look OUT Kurt Busch, Jimmy's coming through!
  6. I like them. I think they are neat. They would look at home on a short dirt track me thinks.
  7. My 57 Ford custom is done. Modifications include Shelby Cobra 427, electric fan for cooling, dual shocks front and rear, a 100 gallon fuel tank in place of rear seat accessed to fill from rear window, slightly tubbed rear wheelwells to accomodate a wider tire and a narrowed Ford pickup rear end.
  8. Agree, very nice, love the green finish.
  9. Looks pretty good. I have built a couple with that frame of mind. Surprisingly they sometimes turn out pretty doggone good.
  10. stuff happens. interesting the way you made the bedrolls, may have to steal that in the future.
  11. yes, very nice, matching surfboard and all
  12. Got this one for christmas from my youngest son. I really, really like this kit, plus its a change from muscle cars and fat fenders i usually do. Totally out of the box. comments always welcome.
  13. absolutely gorgeous!
  14. Here is my finished 1954 Hudson Hornet (AKA The Green Hornet).....comments always welcome.
  15. looks good. wife has been bugging me to do a station wagon, this looks like a good candidate.
  16. that IS a good looking car. Well done!
  17. This is the car I settled on for the build.
  18. I'm in with a car to be determined.
  19. I'm In. It shouldn't be too hard to find a model kit for 1957 year. 😁
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