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  1. You need to clean out the back seat before you take your mom for a ride. Just saying. Great model!
  2. That is one fine looking charger. Excellent.
  3. Lookin good. Nice engine detail and I love the purple.
  4. I messed up my hood decal for the Yenko Nova. Anyone got the hood decal in white? I have various decals/parts I could trade if needed. Thanks. Howard
  5. Very cool. Love the color combination and the special effects.
  6. What a hunk of junk!. I mean that in a nice way.
  7. Cool. I have been thinking about doing the same since the AMT kit leaves a bit to be desired IMO. I like what you did, especially the interior.
  8. That will be gorgeous I am sure.
  9. I think you had a great plan and executed it nicely. Well done!
  10. fivesuns

    Revell 67 GTX

    One of my favorite kits.....I'm liking those red line tires. Nice job.
  11. fivesuns

    66 Fairlane

    One of my favorite Ford body styles. Can't go wrong with red either.
  12. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. The mercury was inspired by the movie "Moonshine Highway" I watched on utube a while back.
  13. In no particular order...None perfect, but Good times building. Comments/constructive criticism welcome.
  14. I also like it. I always did like red heads though.
  15. I generally work on one model at a time. I am retired so I try to do something most every day unless I am in a slump. On average I finish one model about every two weeks. I am not nearly as detailed as some are, I try to enjoy without getting too frustrated.
  16. Buddy of mine had a ford Capri when I was stationed in Germany in the 70s. Cool car. Thanks for posting, brings back memories.
  17. fivesuns

    34 Ford Coupe

    yes, very nice. I have never built one of these, I think now I will have to give it a go.
  18. I think after reading all of your responses I will give the Mr. Hobby primer a try. Sounds like Hobby Lobby is phasing out the tamiya,
  19. I think I saw this truck on the road the other day here in rural Mississippi. Nice Job!
  20. At hobby lobby the other day and I noticed that the tamiya gray and white primers have been replaced by Mr Hobby primers. Any one else seen this? Are Mr Hobby primers as good as the Tamiya?
  21. I agree, that turned out very, very nice.
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