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  1. thanks so much David. Well, she has some colour on her now and hopefully, she'll be finished by the weekend - or there abouts The new turrets also arrived today so that'll be good to get them on It's clearly evident the quality of some of my work is less than Ideal with superglue stains, missing and rough paint (remind myself never to brush paint again and just mask off the areas and spray them) and the not straight PE railings which I will have to try fix and hope to God I don't break them in the process. I need to stick to sci-fi me thinks Anyways, this has been fun and it continues to be fun, but I also think its time to go back to my Star Destroyer and try do more work on that once this is finished As always, thanks for looking Si
  2. thanks guys! Bill, in the PC version, it's applied to the Grosser Kurfurst (the one I'm currently building) but in Legends, it was on the Bismark. Of all the TF skins that were released, I felt this one was the coolest. The Commander skills are nothing special though and Megatron has come across as a bit of a Nazi with his animated "salute".
  3. hey David That's a very cool looking ship! Your Brother would've really loved the sentiment. Sadly, no such luck with additional parts. I know what will happen, I'll find it once the kit is done and by then it'll be too late Got some more PE work done - most of it really. There is still a fair amount more to do but I'm getting there. Very fiddly stuff That's me done for now
  4. thank you very much guys I have to admit, I really like the red as well. It was the same shade as the 812 Superfast was originally but sadly, had to be turned black due to not having anymore Pale Burnt gold to repair it at the time
  5. thanks guys! Dann - its great to see you back - haven't seen you around much lately. Hope all is well?
  6. thanks guys. I like AM - their subjects appeal big time to me but I'd like it if they had full engine details etc to make it have more bang for your buck but can't have everything I guess - or can you?
  7. Speaking of progress, here's some for you now The front Superstructure has had most of the PE added and almost ready for paint. The PE grid work will go on after I have base painted it as it'll be easier to keep clean that way The resin search lights are quite nice I have built up the secondaries and the tiny little quad guns but I lost one of the bases for the quads after it pinged straight out of the tweezers I've been making up a lot of the smaller sub-assemblies like the funnels etc and will start adding the PE to those shortly
  8. hey everyone Just finished my FH Bismark in the WOWS "Decepticon" camo skin. I did it in this scheme as I thought it was pretty cool and different to the usual pattern. I didn't add the Decepticon logo though and there was no way I could replicate the guns the way they are in the game. I did add fiber optics though for a little bit of eye candy. I haven't added any PE or rigging (yet - I may do down the line) as this was meant to be a fun build. I needed a break from super-detailing a build. Its a really nicely detailed kit straight out of the box and it will do me just fine. Anyways, that's it. I know it's not exactly my best ship ever - my Richelieu was better but I still like it. The Grosser Kurfurst will be better As always, thanks for looking Si
  9. hey David Goodness me no - I'm just using the upgrade set which is plenty. I needed a break from ultra detailing as it was burning me out big time, so this is meant to be a relaxer build It's moving along nicely too which is good
  10. hey guys I am currently on a WW2 Battleship kick of late - mostly thanks to World Of Warships Legends. As such, I joined a GB on another forum but will share here too. I'm almost finished the Bismark in colours you won't be expecting and I'll post pics of that in due course. In the mean time, I have started this one - the H-39. In game, it is called the Grosser Kurfurst (Großer Kurfürst). Whilst that is technically an H-44, there are no kits of that around - just the H-39 which is not that much different. The main differences are the aircraft launching system and the guns and a slight size reduction from the 44. TBH, in 700th scale, you'd not really notice. The bridge is also slightly different but there is nothing I can do about that My biggest question was what scheme to paint it in. In game it looks like this: But that's kinds boring in some ways. So, I am going to paint it in the Black scheme. It does not exist in game but it will be a variant of this type of Tirpitz camo: I've already designed the scheme and I think it'll be quite something. It's very likely I won't have a black deck as I have a nice detail set for the kit which would be a waste if I didn't use it. Given the ship never existed to start with, I am free to paint it however I like As for the kit itself, it is the Veryfire kit and the only plastic kit available of this type of ship. Previous to this, there was only a resin version that is long OOP Here's what you get inside: and here is the detail set - which stupidly cost more than the kit I forgot to add in the resin blast bags and the windlass etc that you get as well into the picture. I also have some 3D printed triple barrel turrets coming in from Shapeways to go with it to make it more GK in appearance I started the kit last night and built up the secondaries and they are ready for paint. I lost one of the 105mm Blast bags somehow, so I substituted one turret with the kit supplied bags and added the metal barrels to them. They still look the part though which is good So, that's all for now but will update very soon. cheers Si
  11. yeah sure I can. I'm in a GB on a different forum but can post pics from that here. I'll start a thread here shortly
  12. Hi Juergen Sorry my friend, I haven't touched it since the last update. I got a bit burned out with it and decided to take an extended break from it. If I didn't, the effort would just be less and it would show. I'm currently working on some WW2 Battleships as I'm on a bit of a BB kick right now, but I am intending to go back to the SD once I'm done. It sits right next to me so I can't forget it Thank you though for your enthusiasm at this project. I will finish it!
  13. thanks for the kind posts guys @David G. yeah mate, the lights do work. I just forgot to turn them on when I photographed it.
  14. thanks guys. This build feels like its a little out of place here in the general cars section - its not old enough when everything else here is from the 60's through to 80's
  15. Well, I am calling this one done. I am relatively happy with how it came out. The red turned out exactly as planned, - just the rest of it didn't. If you decide to get this kit there a few things you should know. 1) The PE vent covers in the doors and hood do not fit at all and are the wrong shape. At least, that was my experience and I sat there for AGES trying to work out how to get them in correctly. In the end I gave up and used some other material that I cut to fit 2) The rear tail lights do not actually conform to the body properly and I accidentally broke mine trying to get them to sit right. I tried for ages to get them in but no. I thought maybe it was at what stage in the build I tried to install them but no, even after I got the rear disassembled and tried again it still didn't work 3) The clear resin head light attachment point is terrible and I chipped the top corner trying to get it off (even being careful), so extra care needed there 4) The rear diffuser is incredibly fragile. Don't ask me how I know..... I had a lit display case turn up at my door that was rather boring in all out silver, so I painted the base black and kept the light poles silver. I also painted the graphic on the base as a slight homage to the tech that went into the real car. Overall, it's a nice kit that fits really nicely in most places. I wouldn't rush out and buy another one but Alpha Model are the only ones producing the subjects I really like. If Tamiya match the Senna with a regular P1 - then I am so in. I don't like the styling of Senna much so am not going to get it Interior pics: I totally forgot to take pics of the seats and belts etc and the windows are too glossy to get a decent shot through but you can kinda get an idea Anyways, that's it but as always, thanks for stopping in and having a look Si
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