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  1. thanks very much everyone for the kind posts. I won't lie, I actually really like it. It more or less looks like the idea I had right from the start. I am also in love with that hue of blue (Mr Color - GX-204)
  2. I was lucky to get some free time this afternoon, so I took some pictures of where I am currently up to I have been working on this as well as the Batmobile and have actually got quite a bit done. I have cemented my base plans and I'll show you a picture later on of what I have in mind. So, I have been casting multiple copies of my very expensive 3D printed DS tile ready to layout on the sheet and that has consumed a fair amount of time so far, but TBH, it's not hard to mix up a batch of resin and make a copy while waiting for the spuds to cook or what have you. The surface detailing is coming along nicely. The main concentrations have been finished and now its just time to fill it out and then crack on with the side walls (what I have also started but not got very far with) And this is rough layout of how the base is going to go: Well, that's it for this update, but the next one will likely be the completion of the lower hull and more work on the base As always, thanks for continually coming in here and having a look Si
  3. thanks guys It was just a fun little side project to distract myself from the ever ongoing SD build which I have now returned to yet again. Mind you, the rear wing installation is not fun and very confusing. The instructions are not clear at all regarding how they go in.
  4. Hey everyone Here's my latest side project - the BM V SM Batmobile - without the guns and in a more fun paint scheme. I bought this a few years ago with this idea in mind to turn it into something less sinister and more interesting. I was going to do it in red and black, but I felt the metallic blue was better. I've always liked the basic shape of the Batmobile but prefer it without all the fenders and guns - and the roof. Anyways, it was just a fun build - except for the rear wing: that was a nightmare to get on. Oh, and ET cement ran right down the inside of the windscreen as I was putting it in, so I had to sandpaper it all out and then get is clear again - which I think I did a pretty good job of doing Excuse the dust that managed to get on the surface right before I photographed it. Anyway, that's it but as always, thanks for looking Si
  5. While I wait for my new 3D printed tile to arrive, I have been quietly working away on the ship and have finally finished one side. Now I just need to start the other side.... Trying to get a shuffle on this one as I want it done for Expo next year (providing its on of course) Well, that's it for now, but as always, thanks for looking! Cheers Si
  6. awesome - thanks for the info. I think I'll wait for the Mono to be released and for the price to drop I have some projects in mind that will require a larger printing volume than the Photon S
  7. As always Dann, your work is extraordinary! Can't wait to see this completed. Between this and Kong's amazing targa version, I am now looking for a Countach kit. I shouldn't visit these sites as they are a constant source of funds loss
  8. that 3D printed body looks awesome! I have one question though, would the Anycubic not print a body of that size? I'm seriously considering buying one, but if it won't handle a car body, I'm not sure if it'd be worth it.
  9. Hey Steve - it's Simon from WSMC: long time no see! Hope lock down has been keeping you busy? I was perusing this section of the forums for the first time and came across this one from you. I didn't realise it was you until I saw your name at the bottom. I had no idea you were on here As always mate, your car builds are spectacular and this is no exception. I haven't seen to many of these but then I also wasn't looking. I'd like to make a street version of this car - one with a normal interior but using the race body kit, however, I'm not sure if there is a kit of the standard car out there that isn't a diecast I'm going to have to check out your other works now and see what else you've been doing with your time
  10. Ha - I do like that actually! Very true - especially in my case
  11. Sadly the casting didn't work due to the resin being too old. I've had to buy more resin today so am now waiting for that to arrive. However, I'm also going to cheat and am scrapping the original base and have ordered a 3D printed tile in 1/2256 scale which I will take a mold of and cast numerous copies. This will give me a much more detailed base than I can make by hand.
  12. hahaha - yeah it is fast for me lately. I'll be making the mold today so will see how it goes from here
  13. Hi everyone Well, my replacement grid sheets finally arrived last week and I have now finished my master which I will make a cast of tomorrow and hopefully, will be able to produce enough copies to cover a large area. Started off with this: Ended up with this: Yeah its not perfect but I'm still happy with it Will post the results of the casting even if it fails Thanks for looking Si
  14. thanks Joe! I'm waiting on delivery of some more styrene sheet so I can get the master finished ready for casting. Should be here early next week.
  15. thanks guys! I am really not happy with that rear wing and how it sits etc, so I'm going to remove it and remake the struts so that they sit lower and be more raked
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