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  1. Really liking that engine stand! I'll have to figure something like this out for myself.
  2. Thank you for all the replies. I'll have to get one ordered if someone local doesn't have one.
  3. Please move if not in the right place. I was looking at my local Hobby Lobby and couldn't find even a label that showed that they still carried the 51 Chevy convertible. I'm not up to model news and was wanting to get this one. Anyone know if I'm too late to get it in the stores or if it's discontinued or maybe where I could find this information?
  4. Nicely done! I have this 40 ford as well given to me by my father in law a couple of years ago that I need to finish. I'll be keeping it simple though.
  5. I'm not a model builder. More of a model tinkerer. I'm hoping to improve as I've never actually successfully completed a model. I hope to learn the skills needed to be satisfied enough to actually complete one and mover onto number 2. I'm a Chevy guy by nature and mostly want to find 51 Chevy kits but will be practicing with others as well as trying to build the 69 Nova (I'd actually want to build a 70) . I missed out on the 51 Fleetlines and so will be looking to build those as well as get some resin 51's in other body styles. I'd like to also build a Christine 1958 Plymouth. I've been into model cars before and watch several youtube channels but I just never seem to stick with it enough to improve. I can look over ones I've started in the past and see where I could have done better so I guess that's progress.
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