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  1. They even made a child Mad Max chase pic.
  2. You can tiny tool chest some luggage small one, a small can of oil maybe .
  3. I post picture so people may have some idea for there try , you will post them when you will be ready.
  4. Only this thread , the rest is 98 % pure models stuff and on ….😁
  5. You can put also figurines around your car too , and some news pic.
  6. I wish prayer to you all scale modeler you see in Québec ( Canada ) we are Forced to stay for at least 3 week maybe more so i am not sick , i dont want to have it , so I'm on this more often than before. Sorry for my bad writing in English my birth speaking and writing is French-Canadian i try my best. If you can stay home at least 3 week it drop the amount of people who will contract that BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH VIRUS.
  7. Hi Mattilacken , I know what his snow driving you see i live the region of Québec in Canada we have a lot of snow this year almost 4 foots = 48 inches ,1 meter = 3,3 foots some time it cool some other time not.
  8. some new pics of different version of GigaHorse.
  9. Welcome and have fun , I'm new to this site and i have fun like hell so many thing too look .
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