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  1. I will put some pic of my job but no engine pics be available because there is no engine.
  2. Welcome back and have fun you see i have both fb n here , the fb it related to Post-apocalyptic thing i have put some rules , if they dont follow the rules i simply delete the guy = 1 warnings , 2 got delete or banned .
  3. Welcome , your picture are good quality but your skill are amazing to do this intirely in metal .
  4. We have to past are knowledge to the future génération for those who dont want share they knowledge they rot in hell my opinion.
  5. Welcome , i have built a lot but never see a model with screw like the GTO may worth some money are much ??
  6. In case you want can put you stuff in this thread it all about post-apocalyptic build , Home The Community Community Builds Post apocalyptic community build 4
  7. They even made a child Mad Max chase pic.
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