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  1. Thanks. I'm a 80s car fanatic. This car is a 87 with 63k miles.
  2. I owned a 85 and a 89 years ago both were fun cars. Now I'm tinkering with this, it's stock at the moment with a few upgrades coming.
  3. I'm a supervisor and that is becoming more and more the norm nowadays.
  4. That is a nice trans am, gotta love the 3rd gen f body... what engine is in yours?
  5. As popular as these cars are I'm shocked someone hasn't bought it to either make a street brawler or race car. Too bad I don't live near it or I'd be trying to buy it.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving... hope everyone has a good one.
  7. So who has the maverick, cuda, sc rambler and comet molds? Wasn't the amt maverick the johan maverick? The cuda, rambler and comet were last seen as testors kits.
  8. What makes it even more impressive is they are a 2 person team!
  9. One of my favorite kits, I built so many as a teenager. I'm definitely tuned in.
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