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  1. I know somebody wants a chevy ll convertible 😁
  2. In very good condition with original box. Open to fair trades... Not intrested in common kits.. Things of intrest. Vintage funny car / dragster muscle cars mopars Javelin/Amx pro stock Just to name a few...Thanks
  3. I've had several do the exact same thing, the tracking would never update and they would just show up sometimes a couple days late. I've also had them arrive at my local dist. center only to be shipped across town and then shipped right back..
  4. Gotta love those mustangs, i recently picked this up and have taken on another project 😁 I'll post better pictures after i move it into my shop.
  5. Steve that dash is absolutely amazing! Wow!
  6. Nice car with a cool story.. Great job on the build.
  7. Absolutely stunning!! 60's gassers are probably my favorite drag cars... you absolutely killed it! Very nice job
  8. Got this today, it's a rebuilder but its complete and in good condition. The best part is i picked it up for a whole $10 😁...
  9. Great job, love the paint work.
  10. JJ is a good guy and an old street hustler but the Memphis cars are nowhere near the OKC cars. The no prep show is probably my favorite and i see it all going that way eventually.
  11. Very nice.. I've had a few of these cars in 1:1 very fun cars. Great job on your build.
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