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  1. Monza does good on that concrete road but struggles with asphalt. Ryan is the king of the 405 now he has mastered tuning his car. Yep I think that is Lutz crashing the 57 next week.
  2. I strongly believe that's the reason for the entire front being cut off the car. Seems someone didn't want this car ever being identified. Here's the thing that seems a little odd in 68/69 a 67 gt 350 was not a big money collector car. Could have been someone bought this car as a wreck and stole another car to swap vins? No one knows for sure but I'd almost bet those vin tags are on a car somewhere today.
  3. You are correct, I live in Georgia and tampering with a vin # is a felony crime. Most salvage yards in my area want a title with anything being sold for scrap.
  4. It's a real Shelby no doubt. I'm hoping someone comes forward to tell the cars story.
  5. I'd get it running and leave it as is for shows. I would like to know what Dennis Collins paid for it 🤑
  6. They have proven it is a shelby or the remains of one anyway. Someone probably has a high dollar fake GT 350 in their collection sporting this cars vin tags.
  7. It's possible this car was wrecked early in It's life and someone used the vin tags for a clone.
  8. That's Tommy Lee Byrd he lives about 20 minutes from me, him and his dad have some very cool cars.
  9. Was there a FF/X class? I have searched high and low for that class in IHRA and AHRA with no luck.
  10. The first thing is lack of rubber under the car, they said it has none and that's pretty much impossible even if you clean it. It really doesn't fit any class but that doesn't mean it couldn't have been raced at some local track just for fun. The lack of any lettering or stickers. I do think someone was building the car and for some reason stopped. I absolutely love the car it is probably one of the coolest drag cars I've seen in awhile.
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