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  1. very cool build and a great movie
  2. nice score Steve.. I have the 65 amt barracuda and the 64 valiant.. The 71 duster chassis is close but will require some work to fit.
  3. I've got a rebuilder thats in pretty good condition and i think it's about 95% complete. I think it's missing the front axle and front wheels.
  4. Just completed 3 great trades with some very good guys.. Tom99 Ranma Gseeds All these guys are fantastic traders.
  5. My friend deals with Mike Coleman, He wants $40 to do the decals. Im checking with a couple others first before i get a set.
  6. I won't know until after work today, i don't use Facebook and my friend can't text at work. I really just need the lettering decals a friend on here is gonna do the paint.
  7. Thats what I'm planning on using them on.
  8. I don't do facebook but I'll get my friend to check with him.. thanks
  9. I'm hoping someone here has seen them or maybe knows where i can get them. Thanks
  10. Yeah one would never think that is the same car. Very nicely done!
  11. wow!!!! beautiful build!!
  12. Pictures don't do this car justice...It's absolutely beautiful in person and Gary's paint work is simply amazing...
  13. you should get the front wheels on and post some engine pics. looking good so far.
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