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  1. Elvin it's greatly appreciated but I located one already. Thanks a bunch though
  2. Just completed a great trade with 1930fordpickup. Andy is a great guy to trade with , I'll trade with him anytime.
  3. Until the race dodging starts then I'm afraid it won't be nearly as good. JJ is a good guy for sure and his 2 and 0 against Ryan is something JJ can be proud of because not many can say that. Ryan has been mid 3's in the 1/8 mile and actually set the track record at my local track then came back a year later and broke his own record.
  4. Need the rear bumper, will take built up or parts car also as long as it has the rear bumper.. Have stuff to trade... Thanks
  5. Thanks Al, I actually got something that was on my list so it worked out well.
  6. Thanks Al but the Maverick has been traded..
  7. Yes he's driving boosted gt's mustang.. The camaro is Birdmans new car he just built.
  8. Before Americas list started i remember chief telling the okc guys that too many people were dodging races then i saw chief tell all the people on Americas list it was ok to dodge races. Im not sure i will watch this show. I watch the show to see car racing not people running and dodging races. Hopefully they can figure out something that works and keep the show interesting, im ok with some trash talk but im mainly intrested in the racing. Snake here is Birdmans new car, same setup as previous car a Hemi with single turbo.
  9. not sure if this has been posted already. pic from web
  10. That is great advice! When i stopped building in the late 80s i gave away everything i had, a decision i absolutely regret now.
  11. Impressive save Sam it looks great.
  12. ***This is a styrene body** alot of pms asking if its resin... post updated above with new pictures
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