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  1. All of these decals were on the mini sheets i bought from slixx. here are some of the above decals.
  2. I bought several sheets from there. If you go on the George klass site you will see alot of those decals are from cars.
  3. 😁 i got one.... it'll go in the purple pond when i get around too it.
  4. A local 4x4/ performance shop has one of those engines in the showroom, its complete with intake, carbs, and air cleaners. They have a 426 hemi complete but its got a hole in the block from kicking a rod out.
  5. that orange matches the wheels i sent you 😁
  6. i absolutely agree.. i enjoy restoring them a little more than a new build.
  7. The doors are very heavy on those cars, they wear out hinges which causes them to not latch.. The 403 olds was notorious for overheating. That engine was one of the biggest boat anchors to come out of detroit.
  8. Man if i had what you were looking for id be all over that valiant!!! if you don't find what your looking for maybe we can do some trading.
  9. Hood has been located.. Everyone that responded i want to say thanks its greatly appreciated..
  10. if you can use 1/24 this 39 chevy has a nice blown 427
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