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  1. Nice job, i notice something different each time i look at it.
  2. Wow that's absolutely beautiful. Steve you are a talented model builder with some serious skills.
  3. Very nice job. The gold looks great on that car.
  4. You got those from my local buddy Jason Vandergrif, i had that truck awhile back. Do you watch his YouTube channel Hot Rod Model Cars?
  5. Thanks but that's a little too old for me, i don't usually build anything older than the 1940s.
  6. Still in the bags... Interested in Vintage kit or rebuilders especially a 62 galaxie hardtop but im open to offers...
  7. I saw almost the same hinge on a4 garage awhile back.
  8. This guy is absolutely amazing and this build is jaw dropping.
  9. Nice little Fairlane
  10. I've never owned one so i wasn't sure about charge times or pricing. Hopefully hydrogen vehicles are not too far away, that would be a nice alternative to evs for the people who'd rather have a combustion engine.
  11. I think it seems to be a better solution because it seems like the electric car has been pushed a little too fast and we're not ready for that yet. I read this article yesterday and it seems more and more people are having similar complaints. https://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/man-forced-ditch-115k-ford-ev-truck-family-road-trip-chicago-biggest-scam-modern-times.amp THIS IS NOT TO START ANY KIND OF DEBATE OVER EV OR HYDROGEN VEHICLES.
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