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  1. 74 has the flat rear window while 75-77 has the curved rear glass.
  2. The kit comes with a bed cover so I'm gonna remove as much as possible and just cover it.
  3. I was afraid of that. Oh well good thing I got it cheap.
  4. I have tried soaking it in alcohol for a week and also tried purple power for a week with no luck. Anyone have a suggestion on how to remove this mess?
  5. Nice build , the paint work is amazing! Nice job
  6. I built this in 80/81 I was 8 or 9 at the time and I think I used a whole tube of glue on it.
  7. Definitely cool! You did a nice job with it.
  8. I like these cars, nice job
  9. Use a resin body on the 77 chassis.
  10. It's a good movie definitely worth watching imo.
  11. 96-01 ford explorers come factory with gt40 heads , 96 has the lll bar gt40s and 97-01 has the llll bar pete head and either is a great set of heads right from the factory. The sbf motors are great little engines and can make plenty of power. Very cool little project car you have.
  12. Does anyone offer a resin grill and bumpers? I've tried ebay with no luck. Thanks
  13. Some very nice and impressive scratch building.
  14. I plan on doing a few little things to it after I get it road worthy nothing serious just some small mods.
  15. Got this 87 corvette with 63k miles on it today. It's a 1 owner car that's been in a garage since 05, the previous owner had cancer and passed away. Will need some new parts before it's road ready.
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