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  1. That's a beautiful build! Very nice work
  2. People die on the track just as easy when your dealing with high powered cars... This show got alot of people intrested in drag racing again and has brought new fans out. I watch the show because im a drag race nut but it has never influenced me to race my car on the street. Personally they could show an hour of nothing but cars racing for an hour without a word being said and I'd still watch. The reason these roads are being closed off is simple because everyone wants a piece of that cash cow. I agree with you i could live without the extra hype but its tv and thats what alot of americans want nowadays. At the end of the day it's a money game and street outlaws has done for drag racing about what ufc done for boxing and put a little life back into it.
  3. Alot of FAST cars in this cash days.. Larson is a dragweek legend and for sure one of the heavy hitters.
  4. The show has done alot for drag racing. I have been around drag racing since the 70s and smack talk and even fights have always been a part of racing. When these guys travel to local dragstrips they draw insane crowds, go on youtube and have a look. I hear alot of people saying the show promotes illegal activity but anyone that watches knows the roads are closed and safety crews are on the scene so it's not being done illegally. Street racing was happening loooong before this show was even a thought and will continue long after this show is off the air. Do these guys put a little extra hype into the smack talk? Sure they do! I've personally seen Ryan martin run a 3.70 @ 220 mph in a 1/8 of a mile thats 660 ft. 😉 so they are legit! These guys pack the stands and generate big time money...
  5. I've got this 56 nomad wagon, the box is open but sealed inside. I'd consider trading it depending on what you have to trade. pic is from web i can send pics after work this evening.
  6. The bodies on those pro stock cars were a little different than the production bodies, thats one reason they were able to get them so low. Your build is very nice, you did an outstanding job replicating this car.
  7. I can't say nothing that hasn't already been said.. Wow those hinges are works of art. Once again you have outdone yourself. Absolutely amazing skills.
  8. 65 impala/biscayne 63 impala 67 Plymouth wagon 64 impala 64/65 ish lincoln 61/62 olds not sure about the rest.
  9. Nice improvement to the seats. I can't wait to see this finished.
  10. Very nice save it looks fantastic!
  11. Not a 100% sure but i think they are some differences.
  12. I've got same version except mine is built. Very nice job Phil it looks awesome!
  13. Not to mention it can get costly, I've got several cars that i used parts from 4 to 5 kits to build.
  14. chief and Brent self both and they looked to be the fastest 2 in the losers bracket.
  15. Yea i really hated that for kamikaze Chris but he already has a new ride and is back racing.
  16. Nice job! The color looks great on it.
  17. Absolutely some great scratch building! If you need any other nova parts let me know I've got plenty.
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