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  1. It appears to be restorable and pontiac stuff is getting tougher to find nowadays, I'd probably sell it while it's still buildable.
  2. Odds are it will donate it's id tags to another car that'll be sold as a "real deal" gto.
  3. It's in good condition but does have a crack in the a pillar that looks to be an easy fix and one headlight will need replacing. Does have some scratches but should polish out. Will trade on other vintage cars or possibly a 2 for 1 on more common stuff. Drag cars (door cars only), muscle cars, land yachts, rebuilders or ??
  4. And my newest project car. 89 lx coupe 5.0 5 speed. I will be doing alot of changes to this car over the next few weeks. That giant hood has been removed since these photos were taken.
  5. I recently bought this 63 nova and drove it 40 miles home. I sold it last week to a gentleman who will be restoring it to look like his high school hot rod.
  6. I've been extremely busy lately since covid seems to be slowing down. Here is my 92 lx street/strip car I recently finished. I will post before and afters. Best time so far at my local 1/8 dragstrip is 7.02 @ 93 mph all motor.
  7. You always nail these vintage drag cars. Very nice job
  8. Scott8950

    AMT Mustang AWB

    Are you restoring the awb car back to stock by using the amt coupe as a donor?
  9. Who made your decals? I have been trying to find someone to make them.
  10. Hopefully he can do something with it or cut parts off of it.
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