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  1. Nice save on the cobras, they both look great. Some chassis ideas for the cobra would be the flipnose corvette gasser chassis or a Malco mustang chassis. You could possibly alter a rat packer nova chassis also.
  2. The competition has gotten alot better in the past couple years. Not really a huge disco Dean fan but that chevelle has been on a roll lately, he's pulled off some big wins.
  3. The Oklahoma guys are not running the show anymore like they once was, heck very few are even qualifying for the show. Ryan Martin is absolutely carrying the 405 crew without a doubt. I guess big chief just isn't fast enough to run the no prep circuit because you'd think he'd be helping the 405 out.
  4. I can't understand why these guys are crying about guessing the light that's been happening for decades. It's a 50/50 gamble but it's definitely not cheating. I definitely am no fan of Robin roberts and disappointed Brandon james gave it to him. Lizzy's new car seem to be better set up for no prep it's definitely a contender.
  5. You are doing a awesome job with this kit.
  6. I think it turned out very well, it has a 80s street/strip car look to it. Nice job
  7. Ryan has always been fast and consistent but I saw a few others that looked like they would also be tough this season .
  8. Yes that's him, very loudmouth but that corvette is fast. I think the Murder nova looks much better with the gloss black.
  9. I think the only person I've seen crash more than Jerry is Precious Cooper. I agree I think the Bird brothers need a new car. This looks to possibly be the best season yet I saw several contenders.
  10. Ryan Martin is definitely gonna be tough to beat this season. The orange corvette is definitely gonna be a contender also.
  11. I was not surprised to see Chuck fighting less than 10 minutes into the show but Jerry Bird was a big disappointment ... Ryan Martin, Kye Kelly, Lutz and the Swanstrom kid were all very fast. I noticed Ryan won 25k last night but it used to be 40k payout. I wonder why they lowered the purse?
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