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  1. Hi. I placed a order for some of their great products in mid summer. Did not see any response from them as a few weeks went bye. Eventually , I did noticed a refund in my paypal account for the money I sent them for my order. Not sure what may have happened. Really wanted their parts but special thanks to them for giving me a complete refund. Have had times where I did not get my order as well as no refund what so ever , just kept my money .
  2. Thanks to Fred and Gerry for doing this, this is very cool. Hope to buy a couple much sought after Gems that I never thought I would have the chance to .
  3. Wow, you guys are all super great for the awesome help even adding reference pics. Thanks everyone for our time,
  4. Hi, I picked up a small box of junkyard parts thrown in from a yard sale purchase.There are quite a few engines not complete so I was trying to salvage some stuff to make dirt track engines. I am not to great at engine detailing but do know the basics between the big three makers,. I cant identify the one block with two side pics.There is a small crease /dip on the right side. The third pic is top view of intake manifold of different block altogether. If anyone can please help with info on these two pics that would be great. Thanks. T82
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys. I work the all night shift so not on as much as I like.
  6. Hey There. Finally signed up to the forum after enjoying a few months of reading the forum board. Sure have received helpful tips on various topics here. I build dirt trackers not really exact replicas of cars I watched from Minn/Wisc and the Lakehead , Canada.I do try to incorporate some things from those areas such as sponsors of car or driver cities but my own spin on builds.Have a lot of stuff in the works right now. Enjoy doing own decals and not to great at fine engine details but trying to add a bit more . Was going to add a couple pic of old builds but the pics seem cut into these comments.Looks like a great group of guys with a lot of talent. Thanks. Tundra82
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